Thursday, December 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Christmas Traditions My Family Has (or Had in the Past!)
1. Our whole family loves to sing, so we always go Christmas caroling with the church. Love it, love it. It's so nice to spread Christmas cheer to those who aren't able to get out and enjoy the season.
2. For as long as I can remember I've been a part of the Christmas play or cantata at my church. I even wrote a few of the plays. This is something most of my family takes part in as well. It's fun to see it all come together after all the practice.
3. On Christmas Eve we all go to my Grandma and Grandpa Cockman's house. These are my mom's parents. The family on that side is huge (Mom has 2 brothers and 4 sisters. Plus all of their kids which comes to 16 grandkids in all, plus the grandkids children which stands at 3 right now, plus all the spouses/boyfriends/girlfriends. Just put it this way, there are a LOT of people there. But we always have a fun time catching up with each other.)
4. Sometime on Christmas Eve my brother and I get together with our cousins Scott, Tracy, Will and Chris to do our gift exchange and to watch, "One More Sleep" better known to the rest of the world as "The Muppet's Christmas Carol."
5. When we were younger and still lived at home, my sister and I shared a room. My brother had his own room because he was a boy (bum!) But on Christmas Eve mom always made him sleep in our room because he was sneaky, and he would try to get a peek at the presents.
6. When we'd wake up on Christmas morning we'd all sit there and talk about what we thought we'd gotten. The rule was we had to wait until at least 5 to wake our parents. As soon as the clock struck five we would all yell together, "Mama, Daddy, wake up. IT'S CHRISTMAS!!!"
7. Mom always passed out the gifts. Basically because she was the only one who knew who was supposed to get what. See she'd write names on the packages in tiny print where no one could see it. We spent the weeks before Christmas trying to find our names written on the packages. Sometimes even she couldn't find where she'd put the name on Christmas morning, and she'd give the gift to the wrong one of us. But it just made for more Christmas laughs.
8. After we had opened all of our gifts, mom and dad would open their gifts to each other. Of course they always said, "I told you not to get me anything." But they always appreciated the gifts.
9. After all the gift giving hullabaloo was over, mom would cook breakfast while we cleaned up all the wrapping paper and put our new stuff in some semblance of order. She usually made fried tenderloin and eggs and biscuits. YUMMY!
10. Dinner has always been at my Grandma and Grandpa Smith's on Christmas day. Between 12 and 1. A huge group of us gather there as well. And lots of laughs are had as we retell stories on one of my aunts and uncles, like the time my uncle went hunting in WHITE jeans, or the time my aunt sat on the porch swing and it just collapsed. Then we all get calm, and my grandpa (who is also my pastor) reads the Christmas story.
11. Christmas afternoon my dad and my brother always go hunting together, usually with my Uncle Joel, my dad's brother.
12. Mom and I usually watch Christmas movies and just veg out watching the Christmas tree.
13. Then we have Christmas at mom and dad's house when my sister Crystal and her husband RJ join us with their two little ones Raegan and Trace. It's so fun to watch little ones open up their gifts. Mom has passed the gift handing out onto me, and she has started using gift labels, but I miss the days of searching for my name hiddens somewhere in the Christmas writing on the paper!

What are some of your family traditions on Christmas? Whatever they are, I hope you enjoy the Christmas season, and take the time to think about the true reason for the season, Christ!

Merry Christmas everybody!!

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Reasons Santa Might Have Picked Elves to Help Him Instead of Humans
1. He was obviously on a power trip. He wanted to stand head and shoulders above his entire work force.
2. He felt sorry for the elves who made the shoes and wanted to offer them something more fun and less stinky to do.
3. He figured elves wouldn't eat as much so there would be more food for him to eat. After all, you can't stay the big, jolly guy if you are hungry all the time.
4. He knew that the elves wouldn't expect health insurance or a retirement plan.
5. He figured no human would want the thankless job of cleaning up after the reindeer.
6. He knew that if he hired humans they'd be playing with the toys instead of building them (especially if he hired men!)
7. He figured he'd have a lifetime supply of cookies since the Keebler elves were the experts in cookie making.
8. He didn't want anybody the same size as him in the North Pole because they might try to overthrow him.
9. He figured it would add more mystery to his existence and make more people question, "Does he exist or not?"
10. He decided he'd never get in trouble over affirmative action because he had hired a complete minority.
11. He had tons of extra doll clothes and needed to hire someone who could wear them.
12. He wanted to feel important since he was the only one tall enough to reach the top of the Christmas tree.
13. Too many of the humans he had tried to hire were hunters in disguise trying to kill the reindeer.

Merry Christmas everybody!!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Things Tracy and I Did to Decorate Our House for Christmas
1. Do you remember a few weeks back where I told you about the giant Buddy the Elf cutout that was standing in my bay window? Well, he is now taped to my front door trimmed in pretty green garland. (This was Tracy's work)
2. One of my dad's deer heads that was left hanging above the mantle now has a green garland and red Christmas bow, bow-tie thing going on. (Also Tracy's work)
3. There are candy dishes full of candy (Tracy again)
4. There is a Christmas tree in front of the bay window with about 2500 white lights on it (This one was me)
5. There are Christmas knick-knacks on the mantle below the deer. (This was half me/half Tracy) One of these knick knacks is a picture of our cousin Scott last year at Christmas time wearing my nephew Trace's "My First Christmas" Santa Clause hat. It's a really funny picture in a Christmas frame.
6. There is also garland hung from the mantle with lights strung through it. (My doing)
7. There are lots of Snowman and Santa candles placed around the house. (1/2 Tracy, 1/2 Me)
8. A glass nativity scene is setup on the bar with garland and lights surrounding it.
9. A Christmas village is on our entertainment center on the shelf above our TV. (Thanks to Tracy's mom for the loan of the village!)
10. There are wreaths hung on several walls, making the place look festive.
11. There is another nativity scene on my dresser, and another one on a bookshelf. After all Jesus is the reason for the season, so you can never have too many nativity scenes.
12. There are lights strung from the canopy on my bed. This is one of my favorite things.
13. And last of all there is a Christmas wall hanging that spells out JOY, a bit of what I hope to spread this Christmas season to all that I see!

Merry Christmas everybody!!

Monday, November 27, 2006

Just a Few Things to Brighten Your Day

Hey Everybody! I know that I haven't posted on here in a while, so I wanted to give you a few laughs for the day.
First's a link to a Pickles comic strip that I read yesterday:
Pickles Comic Strip
I thought it was so cute. Kinda reminded me of my grandparents!!
And here's a Peanut's strip to give you a little smile on this "Blah" feeling Monday after Thanksgiving!
Peanuts Comic Strip

I just love Charlie Brown!
And to really make you smile here's a little story about my niece on Thanksgiving. My grandma's table is packed out on Thanksgiving with delicious food. Turkey, stuffing, honey-baked ham, homemade macaroni and cheese, gravy, and the list goes on and on and on.
My niece however couldn't find anything that she found appetizing I guess because she went over and whispered into my grandpa's ear, "Can I have a piece of cheese?"
Man, if we all had her taste we sure could save a lot on Thanksgiving meals! LOL!
Hope you all had a great one!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Random Thoughts I've Had This Week
1. Aren't dogs supposed to be the ones that chase cats? This thought went through my brain when my cat proceeded to chase my new roomie's dog through our house.
2. Why is it that one drop of rain turns every NC driver into a brainless person who knows nothing about driving a car? Thought this while driving to work this morning in the rain.
3. If sweating is good for you, why do you feel so icky when you sweat? I thought this while walking on the treadmill yesterday.
4. Why can't they come up with some invincible materiel that can't be scratched to make CD's with? Thought this when my favorite CD started skipping on my favorite song!
5. Why don't they give receptionists training classes on how to pronounce the names of the people that they have to page? I thought this when the receptionist paged a lady in my department and pronounced her last name "Aarvark" when her last name is actually "Admire."
6. Why isn't there a chute from my desk to the receptionist's desk? I thought this when I took like the 10th art disc of the day down the stairs to the receptionist. (But hey going up and down those steps is good excercise, so I shouldn't complain.)
7. How come that vegetable plate only cost me $4.27 tax included when the prices is supposed to be $4.99 before tax? I went to a restraunt to get a veggie plate twice this week, and both times the cost with tax was less than the advertised price without tax. I'm not complaining though!
8. Why don't cubicles have doors with locks? I thought this when my co-worker came into my cubicle with yet more artwork to take downstairs.
9. Why would the Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman DVD be in the case for Aladdin? I thought this yesterday when I was home sick looking for a movie to watch. I just watched Dr. Quinn because I hadn't seen it in forever!
10. Why haven't we come up with some technology that helps you dress yourself in the morning without thinking about it? I thought about that this morning while I was trying to find some clothes for the day when I really just wanted to lay back down in the bed and go to sleep!
11. For that matter, why haven't we come up with something where we can just think about where we want to be and be there?
12. Why is it that number 12 is always the thing that I get stuck on when I'm making these lists?
13. How come God decided to bless me with such an adorable niece and nephew? I thought about this when I was looking at this picture:
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Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Memories From My High School Days
I posted on my devotional blog about a local high school burning down yesterday. This sad event made me think back on memories of my high school days and how sad I would have been if I'd had to miss out on events with my friends. So here are some high school memories I'm thankful I can look back on.

1. After prom my junior year my friends and I went midnight bowling at a place we called "redneck lanes" because the place was run by some rednecky guy. The guy pretty much let people do whatever they wanted. Two of my friends slid down the lanes in their tuxes. We laughed a lot that night!
2. My friend Leah I (now Leah F) and I shared a lot of double dates my senior year. Her boyfriend (now husband) had an old Nova that was gorgeous. We had so much fun riding around in that car!
3. We had a Spanish teacher that was just awful. She spoke Spanish with a slow, drawn out Southern accent (slower than any other Southerner I've ever met!) Anyway, she wasn't well liked, and she was known to smell up the upstairs restroom. Well one day my friend Christa and I were in there. I was standing there waiting for Christa, and Mrs. Hewitt walked in. Christa said from the stall, "It doesn't stink in here yet today. Mrs. Hewitt must not have been in here yet." Then she walked out, and I pointed to the other stall and mouthed, "That's Mrs. Hewitt." We ran like the wind out of there, and we hid. We had different classes, but I later found out that Christa hid under the computer table in the computer lab. Fortunately for Christa, Mrs. Hewitt never found out who it was. And we have a hilarious memory!
4. There was a guy in my class that was hilarous. His name was Josh, and his fingers on his left hand were really short. (I'm not making fun of him, he said it was his mark of greatness.) See, he had held his left hand in a fist the entire time he was in his mom's stomach and the fingers didn't grow like the others. So his right hand fingers were really long and his left hand fingers were really short. In our senior year speech class we had to make a speech about ourselves in third person. He wrote about "His mark of greatness" and how when he realized he had it, that he knew he was destined to one day rule the world. We laughed so hard in that class!
5. Speech class was the class where we did the senior play, "A Hillbilly Wedding". We had so much fun. I got to be "Ma Belsnickle" a backwoods woman with five daughters (the oldest of which was terrified to take a bath and loved rattlesnakes) and a lazy husband. The whole point of the play was getting the smelly, weird daughter married off. It was a lot of fun.
6. Choir was another favorite class of mine. I got the "Female Vocalist" of the year award my senior year. The thing was that I didn't expect it. I had thought it would be another girl, and when he said, "And this years Senior High Female Vocalist of the Year is..." I mouthed the other girl's name and almost didn't hear mine. My date was like, "Get up there." And I was like, "He said MY name?" It was funny, and I was shocked!
7. I was the salutatorian in my senior class which meant I had to make a speech at graduation. I promised myself I wouldn't cry. Yeah, that didn't happen! I don't think any person has ever had more family attend their high school graduation though. Seriously my friends and family filled up almost an half of a section of the church!
8. We went to Schroon Lake, NY for our senior trip. I was sick most of the time, which isn't too good of a memory, but I was better the day they went to the Olympic Park, and I got to go bobsledding. It was SOOOOO much fun!
9. We took that trip on a tour bus. 16 hours on a tour bus. But we made the most of it. We laughed and talked a lot. We screamed for our lives when the bus driver BACKED down an off-ramp in Philadelphia when he realized he'd taken the wrong exit. Then we finally settled down to sleep. One of the guys in my class was so little that he could fit up in the luggage rack, and that is where he slept!
10. Puffy, marshmellow coats were the fashion during my senior year. My friends and I all got one for Christmas. The funny thing was that there were four of us that hung out all the time, and two of us got blue coats and the other two got pink coats. We became known as the pink and blue crew.
11. I was in the National Honor Society, and we had the lovely job of running the break room. We served sodas and candy bars to the high school kids during break time. But for us that meant we didn't really get a break, which our English teacher thought wasn't really fair, so he gave us our own break (my friends were all in NHS too.) We got to be late to English everyday. I aced the class anyway though!
12. We got to go out to eat lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays during our Junior and Senior year of high school. My friend Leah I and I made more runs to Cook Out for an Oreo milkshake than I can count. And we'd sing along to the radio to the "evil" country music while we drove down the road.
13. We also took a trip with the entire Junior High and High School my senior year to a camp called "The Wilds" which is a great Christian camp here in NC. The Wilds has like a million steps from the bottom of the hill (where the dorms are) to the top of the hill (where the cafeteria and the chapel area are.) Well, we went every other year. So I went 8th, 10th, and 12th grade. Well, the Junior and Senior girls got the privelege of staying up in the lodge at the top of the hill! It was so fun to laugh at the guys who still had to climb the steps! I know, it was mean, but it was still funny! Another thing that was funny about the Wilds was that they would wake you up each morning with crazy songs like, "Don't Step on that Bug" or "Happy Trails to You!" Yeah, there are a lot of great memories we made there!
These are just a few memories I have!! Do you have any memories from your high school days that you'd like to share?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Living With An Elf-Lover

This week I'm getting a new roommate. My cousin Tracy is in the process of moving in. Hopefully she'll have everything moved in by next week.
Now, Tracy is a really funny, outgoing type of person, so I always knew that living with her was going to be interesting. And fun I hope! But when I got home last night I saw something I didn't quite expect.
Standing in my bay window was a life-sized cardboard cut-out of this guy:

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That's right folks. I'm living with an elf-lover. This may be more interesting than I expected.

Friday, October 27, 2006

A Friday Chuckle

So, my sister has been complaining that I haven't been sharing on my funny page as much lately, so I figured I'd share a little story on here to appease her! LOL!
Have you ever slept on an air mattress? I've had this lovely opportunity several times in my life. And every air mattress is different. When I was younger I slept on a very thin air mattress one time, and I felt like I might as well have slept on the floor because the mattress had no support.
I've also slept on an Aerobed and it really felt like a normal mattress. (No, this isn't a commercial for Aerobed, but really if you ever have the need for an air mattress, I'd suggest you get one of those!)
Anyway, this past weekend, I stayed with some friends of my brother's when I went to visit him. And I had to sleep on an air mattress. This thing was HUGE. It was like a double decker air mattress. I figured that would mean it would be really comfortable and all.
Well, it probably would have been, but it was lacking a bit of air I think, so I had to lay sideways to keep from sinking down into the depths of the air mattress. The laying sideways is an important part of this story.
This air mattress had a pillow section at the top. This section had a bit more air than the rest of the mattress. I decided to lay across that part of the mattress. Yeah, that wasn't a good idea. Once I got on top of the pillow section I rolled right off of the mattress and onto the floor slamming my back into a table they had by the window. Fortunately I didn't break anything in their apartment (or on myself for that matter.) I decided to sleep somewhere other than the pillow section, and I made a mental note to myself to bring my own air mattress the next time!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Random Things I've Been Known Say A Lot
1. Foolishment - same meaning as foolishness
2. Schmidty - I don't know where this started exactly, but now it's something that we yell when we're going down hills on roller coasters.
3. Hawthorne Heights is for Lovers - This is something that I saw on a shirt at Carowinds. Since then, we've yelled it while going down hills on roller coasters (we like to yell random things rather than just do the boring old "AAAHHHHH"!)
4. You Stink On Yourself - This is something my brother and I say to each other as a joke, it usually goes back and forth for a while.
5. BROTHER! - this is what I call my brother usually rather than calling him by his name. If I call him on the phone I'll say BROTHER rather than hello.
6. Charlie Chill has hit the air - this is what we say when it gets cold. If you get hit in the face by a cold breeze, we say that Charlie Chill smacked you upside the head.
7. Riiiiiiiiiigghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttt - This is my sarcastic way of saying that people are lying!
8. I don't drink beer in the day - This is what I say to my brother everytime he tells people (jokingly) that I do drink beer in the day. (For the record, I don't drink beer at anytime, or any alchohol for that matter!)
9. The wheels are turning, but the hamster is dead - this is something I say to an "airheaded" person who doesn't really get things even though they're trying really hard to get them.
10. Jippity - this is our word for nothing, for example when you call and ask somebody what they are doing, they might say "I'm doing jippity."
11. Could you use your turn signal??? - this is a bit of road rage slipping in. Nothing bugs me more than people switching lanes like crazy and making me slam on my brakes because they didn't use their turn signal. I need to work on the road rage thing.
12. Jesus loves you - I say this when I'm trying to make someone smile if they look a bit down. It's true, and usually people start smiling when I say it!
13. CASH!! - When we are doing sound checks when we go to sing my brother always leans into each mic going, "Check, check, check." Finally I'll scream, "CASH!" or if he goes, "Testing 1, 1, 2, " I'll go, "3, the next number you're looking for is 3!" Yeah, we joke around a lot!!
What are some random things you say?
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Funny Things I've Seen Lately

1. I saw a woman who had to be at least my grandma's age wearing a RED LEATHER MINI SKIRT. I laughed out loud while I gagged!
2. I saw a guy riding a Harley in a 3-piece suit, complete with tie. It was a funny site.
3. I saw a sign that said, "HUGE LADIES RING SALE." I guess they're discriminating against all the skinny ladies.
4. I saw my cat chasing a ball around the living room and then right out the front door. When he realized that he wasn't inside anymore he abandoned his toy and ran as fast as he could back inside. He then stood in the bay window whining for his toy that was trapped out there in the scary outdoors. It was really funny.
5. I saw a car yesterday that had lots of bumper stickers. But they had two together that just made me bust out laughing. The top one said, "I Love my German Shepard" The one just below it said, "Pope Benedict XVI." So reading it all together it said, "I love my German Shepard Pope Benedict XVI." People really ought to pay more attention when they put these things on their cars! LOL!
6.I saw my niece prance in front of the screen door in only her panties while the Bell South guys were talking to her dad on the front porch. For some reason she has decided she hates all clothes besides her panties and strips down to them constantly!
7. I saw my nephew decide that he just didn't want to be in his high chair (which is one of those that hooks onto the table) So he figured out how to unstrap himself and climbed up onto the table. My sister now has two toddlers, this should be fun!
8. I saw my friend Ari ride up the road from her house to mine (a several mile trip) on a lawn mower. She said, "Just call me the water girl." Seriously I'm really glad that she let me borrow the mower since mine broke down, but it was a funny sight to see her riding that thing up the road!
9. I saw an episode of "Little House on the Prairie" where the bratty girl, Nancy, gets put into the dunking booth.
10. I saw one of my youth fall and knock over a shelf (this didn't seem funny at first, but she was fine, and I had already told her to stay off of the shelf several times!)
11. I saw my cousins Tracy and Will do the feet beat, a funny little dance where you throw your feet up in the air and slap them with your hands. I then saw my two year old niece attempt this dance. Let's just say that a two year old doesn't have much coordination which is needed for the feet beat. It was hilarious.
12. I saw a sign on my co-workers box 0f Mountain Dew's that said, "Stop stealing my drinks!" Apparently the cleaning crew has been stealing Mountain Dew's from him at night, and he's fighting back with a sign!!
13. I saw my cousin Christy's boyfriend Josh wearing my niece Raegan's green hat with a flower on it. It was him I tell ya!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ahhh the Dreams of the Medicated

I am normally a very light sleeper. I hardly ever reach that REM state of sleep where I dream. (Not a good thing probably)
But last night I was medicated. So I slept deeply. And dreamingly. Good thing about the dream...I was apparently getting married. Bad thing about the dream...I was a klutz even in my dreamy state.
I never actually saw the guy I was gonna marry (don't you just hate that?) I was getting ready for my wedding (which was going to be a double ceremony where my brother was getting married too.)
Thing was that just before I put my snowy WHITE dress on I ate tacos. Tacos, one of the MESSIEST foods known to man. I go to put the dress on only to realize that I still had taco juice on my fingers, and I got it all over my dress.
I don't really believe in omens and all that, but I can promise you this, there will be nary a taco in sight on the day that I get married.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Do You Get My Meaning?

The other day Laurel Wreath did the Do You Get My Meaning MeMe. She offered up the following words to anyone who wanted to play along. So here's my meaning on her words!

Daisy - Apparently the flower of choice for weddings this year. I carried a bouquet of just daisies in one of my friend's weddings, and in one of my other friends weddings, I carried a bouquet of daisies mixed with other flowers. Both were really pretty and simple looking. But just let me tell you, DO NOT forget that you have a live bouquet in a vase and let the flowers die in it. Trust me on this one!

Helpful - This word brings to mind my 2 year old niece Raegan. She wants to help with EVERYTHING. Yesterday I walked out of the kitchen for just a minute because her brother had escaped and was making his way up the steps as fast as he could go. She tried to help me by dragging a chair over to the microwave and starting it up for me. Of course she put it in for like 45 minutes, much more than my enchiladas needed. Good thing that I wasn't gone long!

Green - This word brings to mind my grass right now. We've gotten plenty of rain over the last several weeks, and my grass is green. And tall. It really needs to be mowed. My intentions were to mow it today, but it's raining again. Oh well. There's always tomorrow...or next week...

If anyone cares to play along with this one, I'm offering up these words:

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

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Thirteen of My Favorite Animals
1. Monkeys - not the big really ugly ones, the cute little ones people have as pets.
2. Koala bears - seriously one of the reasons I want to go to Australia someday. I just think they are so cute.
3. Tigers - I just think they are gorgeous.
4. Chihuahuas - call them yippy dogs if you want, but I have three and I love them to death (well actually they live with mom and dad now, but they are still my babies)
5. Panda bears - another gorgeous animal.
6. Meerkats - I've liked this since the first time I saw "The Lion King"
7. Pugs - I just think they are cute with their little smashed in faces.
8. Polar bears - gorgeous, the polar bear exhibit is my favorite at the zoo.
9. Tropical fish - They are so pretty. I love the tropical fish tanks at aquariums.
10. Lions - I've always been a fan of "Narnia." Just love Aslan, so when I see a lion, I think of that.
11. Piglets - realize I didn't say pigs. I just think piglets are so cute with their curly little tails.
12. Horses - they are so graceful, I just love to watch them run.
13. Baby hedgehogs - They are the cutest little things.
Next week I'll do my least favorites. Do you guys have a favorite animal?
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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

A Birthday Shoutout and a Damsel in Distress

First off today I have to wish my mom a happy birthday! I love you mom! You're the best!
Secondly, I'm going to share a funny story about my niece because well, she's just cute!
Sunday night after church my sister took my niece, Raegan, to McDonalds to let her play in the play place for a bit. This wasn't their normal McDonalds but one that my niece had said she wanted to go to because the play place was "better."
Anyway, not only was this play place "better" it was bigger. It was higher, and I'm sure it was more fun. A few other people went with them to McDonalds, my cousin Tracy, my cousin, Christy, and Christy's boyfriend Josh.
Well, at least Christy says that Josh is HER boyfriend. Raegan, however, feels differently. She has claimed Josh as her own, and tells everyone that Josh will one day marry her.
So, it was no surprise to them that when Raegan reached the top of the play place tower that she shouted down saying, "Josh, you my boyfriend. Help me. Help me!" And you know what, he did. He climbed to the top of the play place and slid down with her several times.
Yeah, she's got that damsel in distress thing down pat. Maybe I should take a few lessons from her!

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Weird Little Facts About Me

1. Before I get into bed I have to set my pillows in the right order. Two behind me, two under my head, one to hug and one at my knees (Yes, I have a lot of pillows!!)
2. I can't sleep with my back to any doorway. I guess if anyone ever breaks in or anything I want to face them head-on. I don't know.
3. I always set my alarm to about 45 minutes before I actually HAVE to get up so that I can have that joy of getting to sleep longer.
4. I can't drive with the steering wheel all the way down. I'm a short person so I have to drive pretty close to the steering wheel, so I think that's why.
5. I make random calls to my friends about the funny things I see driving down the road (They do this too, so I'm not the only one!!)
6. I like things to be symetrical (Pictures, candles, etc)
7. I alphabetize my movies.
8. I HATE to shop. Especially during the Christmas season. Give me online shopping anyday.
9. I usually eat burgers, sandwiches, etc by first eating the top piece of bread, then eating what's in the middle and ending with the bottom piece of bread.
10. I never trust oven timers. My mom and dad have a gas oven, so things would cook quicker in there, so I now have the habit to double check what I'm cooking like every few minutes.
11. If I'm reading I can zone out the rest of the world. I learned this by having an annoying little brother who was NEVER quiet. (I love him now though!)
12. I like being alone. No, I'm not depressed or anything, but I'm a writer, and I love my solitude. (Not that I want to be alone 24/7 or anything, but I don't mind being by myself if I have to be.)
13. I won't eat sliced tomatoes because they look GROSS on the inside.
14. And here's a little extra one, I can't touch foam rubber. It sends chills up and down my spine if I do. Seriously, I even ran from my 2 year old niece once when she was trying to touch me with a piece of foam rubber.
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Tuesday, September 19, 2006

A Toddler and the Rodeo

I spoke yesterday on my other blog about going to the rodeo this past Friday night. Over there I talked about the blessing I received while I was there. Over here I'm gonna tell you something funny that happened. Well, several funny things really.
See, we made a girls night of it. It was me, my sister Crystal, her daughter Raegan (who is 2 1/2) and our cousin Tracy. Raegan had talked for days before the rodeo about going to "see the cowboys." It even became part of her play. See, she has this pink stuffed dog that she named Oreo, who eats pink Oreos and lives in pink dog house inside of her pink playhouse. Yes, the child has an early obsession for pink.
Well, she started to say that she was going to watch the pink cowboys ride the pink bulls and horses. (Wouldn't that have been a sight?)
She talked and talked about it, but a few times she got mixed up just a bit. Instead of saying that she was going to see the cowboys ride the bulls, she would say that she was going to ride the cowboys. Then she asked my cousin Tracy if she was going to ride the cowboys with her. We couldn't help but bust out laughing, but Tracy quickly informed her that she wouldn't be riding any cowboys.
I believe my sister has quite a few things to teach my niece before she gets to the teenager stage!

Friday, September 15, 2006


Okay all you computer savvy people out there I really need your help! If you don't help, I may become the guest that no one wants to come visit their blog. See over the last couple of weeks things have been triplicating when I hit the enter button. Comments, posts, Mr. Linky links. Everything. And I don't know why? Any suggestions to help me figure out why this is happening? Any would be appreciated.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Movies or TV Shows I Loved As A Youngster

1. Mr. Rogers - I didn't really care about the part where he visited people or anything, I thought that was kind of boring, but I loved the trolley and King Friday and all his loyal subjects
2. Fraggle Rock - I loved this one so much that I bought the first season on DVD.
3. Full House - "How rude!" is a statement I used for a long time! I also have these seasons on DVD.
4. Beauty and the Beast - Still one of my favorite movies to this day.
5. Aladdin - Also still a favorite
6. The Lion King - Loved it when the monkey hit Simba upside the head and said, "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!" Too funny!
7. Family Matters - I laughed and laughed at Urkel's antics (see prime time television used to be family appropriate!)
8. The Bluebird - An old Shirley Temple movie, two little children followed a bluebird and the picture went from black and white to color kind of like in the Wizard of Oz. They went in search of better parents only to find that they already had the best parents for them.
9. Rock-A-Bye my Baby - A Jerry Lewis movie where his friends triplets get left on his doorstep, funny and sweet!
10. Geisha Boy - Also a Jerry Lewis movie. There was a rabbit in this movie named Harry, and my brother always called the movie, "Harry"
11. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers - I've always loved musicals, and this has always been one of my favorites.
12. An American Tale (also the second one Feivel goes West) I thought the mice in these movies were so cute, but my favorite was the cat who made friends with the mice!
13. The Sword in the Stone - I loved how the boy became a fish and a bird, and I thought Mad Madam Mim was funny!
What are some shows or movies you remember from your childhood?
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Wednesday, September 13, 2006

So I Caught a Bouquet...Or Was the First to Get to It Anyway

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See that really pretty purple and white bouquet in that picture up there? It's the one I caught at my friend Leah's wedding. Well, I was the first to get to where it fell on the ground.

But I'm wondering if I should feel guilty about it. See, the second closest was a little girl. A little girl who probably would've loved to have a really pretty bouquet.

I just grabbed the bouquet unthinkingly, though. See, since I've been in three weddings this summer, I've been using the bouquets as pretty decorations in my house. Two of the weddings used real flowers which lasted a while, but this bouquet is something that I'd be able to keep, and it would stay pretty in the nice vase that I keep flowers in.

Believe me, I have no hopes that since I got the bouquet I'd be the next one married. I mean after all, I don't even have a boyfriend much less a fiance!!

So should I feel guilty that I got to the flowers first? Would you have given them up to the little girl?

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Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Forever Friends

"Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another, "What! You too?
I thought I was the only one!"
~ C.S. Lewis ~

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Friendship is a precious thing. See those girls in that picture up there? They've been my friends since junior high. In high school we were inseperable. And last weekend was spent seeing one of them married off.

These are the girls that I share all of my crazy high school memories with. These are the girls who knew about all of my crushes on guys, and of course I knew about theirs. These are the girls who cried with me when I was upset. These are the girls that I shared snacks with when our school went to camp. These are the girls I saved a bus seat for on our senior trip. These are the girls that I try my hardest to get together with at least a couple of times a year (two of them have moved away.)

Over the years these are the girls I've grown to love as some of my dearest friends. And it's hard to imagine that two of these friendships started because we all liked the swings at recess! And the other one started because one of my friends played volleyball and became friends with this other girl.

Swingsets and volleyball, not very deep, life-changing things, but these two things gave me friends that I would never trade! I think C.S. Lewis had it right on this one. It's our similarities that bring us together, but what grows from that becomes a tie that binds us even through our differences!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Things I've Been Doing This Week

1. Working, gotta earn a living because I haven't found a millionaire that wants to support me yet! LOL!
2. Trying my hand at a little blogger design, not sure if I'll be any good at it yet, but it's fun to try.
3. Cooking, gotta stop eating out and spending so much money.
4. Going to church, love my church.
5. Spending time with my little brother before he goes off to school
6. Watching my sister cry because my brother is going off to school (it makes me sad too, but I probably won't cry a lot until he's actually gone, right now I'm just spending time with him and having fun times!)
7. Trying to make sure I have a roommate for when my brother leaves because I really don't want to live alone even though I could afford it.
8. Watching the Lord of the Rings movies with my brother, these are our favorite movies, and we try to watch them together every so often, since he's going away, we wanted to watch them.
9. Starting the 90 Days Through The Bible again, last time I got messed up in the middle because my dad got sick and life went kind of hectic.
10. Practicing the song that I have to sing at my best friend's wedding on Saturday.
11. Making arrangements to get my hair done for Saturday.
12. Jumping for joy because gas prices are going down a bit.
13. Being glad for the rain because we really needed it!
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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fresh Cat Anyone?

Let me just clear something up. I do not eat cat, so if you're thinking that's what my title implies and you were grossed out, don't worry, none of that will be said here!
No, this story is about one of my fears coming true. Remember in
this post how I talked about being afraid that I might shut my cat up in the fridge? Well, my fears came true, sort-of. Actually, I didn't close the cat in the fridge.
Sunday when I left for church, the cat was playing with one of her toys, and I told her to behave and shut the door and left for church. I spent the afternoon at my sister's house because she lives just down the road from my church, then I went back for Sunday night service.
So there was a huge gap of time that I wasn't home (like 12 hours.) Anyway, when I got home, I heard the frantic meow's of my cat. So I went in search of her. At first I thought she was BEHIND the fridge, but she wasn't there. I opened the door to the fridge, just in case, and there she was between the door and the bottom freshness drawer, trying to claw her way out, mewing for all she was worth.
I picked up the mischievous little thing, glad she was okay. I mean, I may not have wanted a cat at first, but she has become part of daily life now, and I definitely wouldn't want her to die in my fridge.
I'm assuming that I just didn't close the door tightly enough Sunday morning and she was playing with the door and got it open. I'm hoping that anyway. I sure wouldn't want to have to get a refrigerator lock just to keep the cat out, though she hasn't gone near the fridge since Sunday, so maybe, just maybe she learned her lesson!

Friday, September 01, 2006

A Few Little MeMe's

I don't have tons of time this morning, so I'm gonna do a few meme's and leave it at that!
First off Aggiejenn did "The Pizza Box" Meme yesterday and tagged anyone who hadn't done it. Well, I haven't so I'm gonna!

1. What was your favorite thing about being a kid? One of my favorite things about being a kid was spending time at my grandparent's house. I loved to spend the night over there. I think one of the reasons was because I love to read so much and my brother had a way of being very noisy that hindered reading! So grandma and grandpa Smith's was a great place to go and read. I also loved hearing them pray every night. My grandpa has been the pastor at my church for over 40 years, and honestly when they prayed at night I would hear them go through all the church members and pray for their specific needs. It always made me feel loved and cherished to know that they were lifting me up each night.
2.What was your favorite subject in school? Choir and speech, I'm not much of a public speaker as far as giving speeches, but I LOVE to be in plays and write plays and such. So the performing arts were always my favorites. After that I'd say yearbook.
3.Who was your best friend when you were 10? Jennifer Carriker, we had the best times. We'd make picnics of toaster strudel and kool-aid and carry them down to a cleared out place in the woods where we could get away from her brothers and from mine! It was great, and one day when I sprained my ankle, she carried me back to the house, now that's a friend!
4.What would you change about your school, occupation, life right now? Right now I am where God wants me, so even though I might be tempted to change things, I know that God knows better than I do, so I better just leave things the way they are!
5.What's your favorite type of crust and topping on a pizza? My favorite pizza is a pan crust cheese lovers pizza from Pizza Hut, as far as pizza I can readily get, But I LOVE New York Pizza!

Now for the 2nd MeMe, Susan did this little meme on her blog the other day, and it looked fun, so I picked it up!

1. YOUR ROCK STAR NAME: (your first pet and the street that you live on): Smokey Dairy

2. YOUR MOVIE STAR NAME: (grandfather/grandmother on your mom's side, your favorite candy) Lina Toblerone

3. YOUR "FLY GIRL/GUY" NAME: (first initial of first name, first two or three letters of your middle name) Hdaw

4. YOUR DETECTIVE NAME: (favorite color, favorite animal) Lavender Koala

5. YOUR SOAP OPERA NAME: (middle name, city where you were born) Dawn Greensboro

6. YOUR STAR WARS NAME: (the first 3 letters of your last name, first 2 letters of your first name, first 2 letters of mom's maiden name) Smiheco

7. SUPERHERO NAME: ("The", your favorite color, favorite drink) The Lavender Pepper

8. NASCAR NAME: (the first name of both your grandfathers) Bennie Lloyd

9. FUTURISTIC NAME: ( the name of your favorite perfume/cologne and the name of your favorite shoes) Lauren Strappy Sandals

10.WITNESS PROTECTION NAME: ( mother/father's middle name and the next name you hear on the tv/radio/talk) Kay Phyllis

Thursday, August 31, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen Header Courtesy of Goofy Girl
Thirteen Actual Names In My Family That I'm So Glad My Parents Didn't Feel Obligated to Pass On!
1. Alti - This was my great grandfather's name. No middle name, just Alti.
2. Lesley, Wesley, Kesley, Fesley - Lesley and Wesley aren't really that bad, but these are the names of four brothers who are my mom's cousins, and all of them's middle name was Neil. Had their parents had another boy, they were going to name it Mesley (I honestly think that some of my mom's family may have been on crack!)
3. Bunk - Yet another of mom's cousins
4. Bayzalbie - You guessed it, my mom's cousin, Not really sure of the spelling of this, but it sounds like I spelled it!
5. Cleater - The wife of Bunk
6. Olita - Cleater and Bunk's child, don't you think that if you had to suffer through life with a name like Cleater or Bunk you would have given your kid a more normal name like May or something
7.Thomasedaby Northewe - I'm not so sure of the spelling of this one, but this is how it sounds, this was Alti's daddy, may explain why Alti got such a short simple name
8. Talmadge - my mom's uncle, I have heard this one before, but still it isn't a name I'd really want
9. Posey - my mom's other uncle, that's right I said uncle, they named a BOY Posey, I guess Talmadge would've been much better than this. Talmadge and Posey also had a sister named Ruperta (a name which I'm also thankful didn't get passed to me) and a brother named Bennie (my grandpa) Thankfully grandpa got the normal name of the lot!
10. Ossie - yet another of my mother's weirdly named cousins
11. Rosey Emmerinnis - My mom's grandmother, the one who named her child Posey
12. Delilah - my mom's sister, all of my mom's other brothers and sisters have normal names, but for some reason my grandpa and grandma decided to name my aunt after a Biblical harlot, actually I think it was a family name, probably the least weird one that they could find to give to one of their children! My aunt dropped this name when she got married!
13. Rudolph - This was my dad's uncle who died as an infant, and I put him in here simply because I couldn't let you think that all the weird names were on mom's side!

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Works for Me Wednesday

This is my first time participating in Works for Me Wednesday. And since this is a funny blog, I'm gonna keep my advice on the lighter side. After all, I can't have word getting out that I'm making this blog too serious.
So I'm gonna share what works when you are living with your single brother. First, you must teach your brother how to boil things. This shouldn't seem so hard, but if you read this post you will see that teaching this skill is an absolute necessity. Second, you must remind said brother that there are other shows that are "preacher friendly" other than Sponge Bob Square Pants. (Full House has been a good diversion for us.) And thirdly, and this is most important, you must teach said brother to take the garbage out on Tuesday night (if you figure out how to accomplish this one, get back to me.) So far living with my brother has been great. Unfortunately, he's gonna leave for college before I get him fully trained. Too bad for his fiance, she probably would have really appreciated the help since they're getting married December of 2007!
To find out more serious things that work hop over to Shannon's!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Panty Fairy...God Bless Her

Okay, I know what you're probably thinking, but yes, that title said the panty fairy. See, my niece is potty training, well she is pretty much potty trained, but last week she had a bit of an accident.
My sister was at Walmart with my brother and my niece and nephew shopping for groceries. Well, my brother had gone off to another part of Walmart to get something when my niece informed my sister that she had to GO.
A search for my brother ensued since you can't take the buggy into the bathroom area at Walmart (what is up with that, don't they know people have little kids that are potty training) and my sister had a ton of stuff, so she needed my brother to stand with the buggy. She didn't find my brother before it was too late. My poor niece cried because she hates having accidents, though this one really wasn't her fault. Anyway, my sister lived just around the corner from Walmart, so they quickly bought the groceries and took my niece home.
My sister cleaned up my niece and was cleaning the panties and accidentally flushed them. You would have thought my niece had just lost a million dollars. She cried for an hour, screaming "The panties are NEVER coming back!". After all, it was a pair of Cinderella panties, a terrible loss to a two year old.
Well, my sister saw a pair of panties in the diaper bag just like the pair she'd flushed, so she pulled them out and said, "Look Raegan, the panty fairy cleaned your panties and put them back into the diaper bag." Fortunately my niece bought it, and she stopped crying. Thank God for the panty fairy!

Friday, August 25, 2006

The Nicest Drive Thru Guy Ever...And The Worst Cook In The World

Now, I don't think badly of drive thru workers. I mean they're probably paid minimum wage to get people (who are generally pretty ungrateful) their food as quickly as possible. So at fast food restaurants I don't expect to be served like I'm at a nice restraunt.
But yesterday I was very pleasantly surprised. I got to the place where they take your order and instead of hearing the ususally half-mumbled, "Can I take your order?" I heard a very chipper voice that said, "How can I help you?"
I gave my order and drove up to the money window where I was greeted by ANOTHER very chipper person. This Burger King must have been paying their employees right because they were all so nice, but to top it all off I got to the window to get my food, and I met the man behind the voice on the intercom. He asked me how my day was then he asked me if I was wearing contacts, and I said no (because I'd forgotten to put them in yesterday morning, don't worry my eyes are only like 20/30, so I'm not blind without them or anything.) Anyway, he said you just have beeee-autiful eyes. That was all I needed. I mean I almost tipped the guy. I have a new favorite fast food joint. And guess what, I didn't even have on mascara or eye shadow! How awesome is that?
Now to go from the best to the worst, I'm gonna tell you a little story about my brother and his meager cooking abilities. Last night I called him and asked him to put two pieces of chicken on to boil because I was running a little behind, and I wanted the chicken ready to throw into the pan with enchilada sauce when I got home.
So he says, "So I put the chicken and water in a pot and put the pot in the oven right?" He swears he meant to say stove rather than oven, but seriously, I'm glad that I'm the one cooking for him and not the other way around!
Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen Header Courtesy of Goofy Girl
Thirteen Movie or TV Phrases That My Friends And I Use A Lot
1. "Oh my lucky stars" (from the movie Blast from the Past)
2. "Dear tiny baby Jesus..." (from Talladega Nights, the Ballad of Ricky Bobby)
3. "Well that's good." (from Lord of the Rings - what Pippin says when Treebeard says that the Ents have decided that Merry and Pippin aren't Orcs)
4. "Business, you will love business" (from The Muppets Christmas Carol, my brother can say this just like the guy in the movie)
5. "Could we BE more white trash?" (This is what Chandler says when he comes into his apartment to see that Joey has replaced their stolen furniture with lawn chairs)
6. "My mop!!" (from UHF)
7. "They don't KNOW that we KNOW that they know we know!" (From Friends. What Phoebe says when Chandler and Monica's relationship is found out.)
8. "I don't know!" (From the Chronicles of Narnia. What Lucy Pevensie says when Mr. Tumnus asks her why people shake hands)
9. "Inkin, blinkin, nodimus, nex, save us from the man with the hex" (from the Andy Griffith Show)
10. "Could you bring me some chapstick? My lips really hurt!) (Napoleon Dynamite)
11. "If you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a dodgeball!" (Dodgeball)
12. "I'm a tornado of anger, swirling about!" (Kicking and Screaming)
13. "Santa's coming?? I KNOW him!" (Elf)
What are some funny phrases you've picked up from movies?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tagged Again

I've been tagged by Stacey at Broken Spirit for a meme. I must list 5 weird things about myself or my pet and then I must tag 5 people to do the same. I am going to list five weird things about the new little kitten my brother brought home last week!

1. The poor kitten still doesn't really have a name. I've been calling her Kit Kat or KK for short. That'll probably stick.
2. The cat has an obsession with the refrigerator, seriously I'm gonna end up closing her up in there by mistake one of these days.
3. She is strangely attracted to me, though my brother was the one who rescued her. I'm allergic to cats, so I tried at first to stay my distance, but when I get home, she comes straight to me and hops up into my lap. So I've resigned myself to the fact that I'm just gonna have to take allergy medicine!
4. She also loves my closet. I don't really know why, there is NOTHING on the floor of my closet, it's just a floor with carpet.
5. Lastly she loves cell phones. I learned this last night while I was trying to catch up on reading blogs (I don't have a computer at my brother's house yet.) She kept trying to get my cell phone out of my hands. I hate to tell her this, but if she thinks I'm giving her my pink razr phone she is badly mistaken!

So there's 5 weird things about the pet that I really had no intention of having but have become friends with none-the-less! I'm gonna tag Susan (since she's finally back to blogging!), Dawn, Shalee, Aggiejenn, and Susanne.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

A Weekend at Hotel GiBee

Okay, I have to say that I give Hotel GiBee a 5 Star rating. My stay there was absolutely excellent. Not just because she is one of THE SWEETEST PEOPLE you will ever meet. No, if it had been based on service alone my stay would have been great. My room, the yellow room, was gorgeous. And she even had towels on my dresser that MATCHED my room, and of course they were folded in a fancy little way that just screamed GiBee. And she says she doesn't have it all together. Let me just tell you, I would have never known.
As soon as we entered the house we were offered SWEET TEA. And we could smell the lasagna and garlic bread that she had prepared for us to eat at her church before we setup our sound equipment. Seriously she treated us like royalty.
And her hubby was just as nice as he could be too. Watching the two together, I could tell that they have an excellent relationship with Christ in the center.
And little Hunter, well let me just say that he is one of the cutest little guys ever. I couldn't resist taking several pictures of him with my nephew Trace
The people at GiBee's church were just as nice as GiBee. I was hugged so much I could have sworn I was at my own church. Seriously, if you are ever in GiBee's area and you need a church to visit, I would highly recommend hers, but of course she'll have to tell you the details about it. Those are her details to share!!
Anyway, let me just say that getting to meet GiBee and her family and her church family makes me very glad that I started blogging. Meeting her in real life just solidified my thoughts that she was one of the sweetest people on the face of the earth!
And Hunter takes after her too, considering he didn't have one problem sharing his pacifier with my nephew Trace!

A MeMe to Start the Week

Susanne tagged me for a fun little meme, so before I tell you about my weekend at GiBee's I figured I'd do this!
1. One book that changed your life: The Bible of course, but other than that I would have to say the book Prayer the Great Adventure by David Jeremiah
2. One book that you've read more than once: The Christy Miller Series by Robin Jones Gunn, The Love Comes Softly Series by Janette Oke, actually I've read lots more than once
3. One book I'd want on a dessert island: Hmm, the Bible because I'd need it to keep from going crazy! After that I'd have to say a boy scouts or girl scouts guidebook, so that I could know how to build a fire and what berries I could and couldn't eat, that kind of thing!
4. One book that made you laugh: Love Comes Softly by Janette Oke, the scene where Marty makes biscuits for the first time is particularly hilarious!
5. One book that made you cry: ANYTHING by Karen Kingsbury, seriously, I haven't read one of her books yet that didn't make me bawl like a baby
6. One book you wish you had written: The Redemption Series by Karen Kingsbury
7. One book you wish had never been written: The Satanic Bible
8. One book you are currently reading: When Heaven Weeps by Ted Dekker
Now to tag someone: I tag Christy and GiBee for this one!

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Would You Eat It?

I was reading this post on Holymama's blog, and it totally made me think of something hilarious that I haven't shared with you guys!
It's not about something being dropped, but about something questionable being eaten. So here's the deal, my cousins Christy and Tracy and myself were at an outdoor concert. (I want say where to protect the innocent bad-toothed emcee!)
Anyway, the emcee for the event was walking by and he was eating one of those yummy, strawberry shortcake bars from Good Humor. Everybody was like, "Hey, where'd you get those. The emcee guy pulls two out of his pocket and threw them to random people in the audience."
Those I would have eaten. Those were in the packaging, but what came next blew my mind. Some guy, maybe 17 or 18 years old yells out, "Hey can I eat the rest of yours?" And the emcee guy GAVE it to him, and the kid ATE it!
Now Christy and I were grossed out, for multiple reasons. First off, the kid didn't know ANYTHING about Mr. Emcee guy. He could've had some contagious disease or something. Secondly Mr. Emcee guy had bad teeth. I mean seriously, I wouldn't have eaten anything after him. After all, I've told you how I feel about bad teeth. So anyway, Christy and I were sitting there thoroughly grossed out, and Tracy says, "Man, I wish I had spoken up before that kid. I really wanted one of those."
Christy and I were like, "Are you crazy?" I mean it was really hot out there but still!
Of course, we shouldn't really have been shocked, I mean she talked here about how she was tempted to pick up a gatorade bottle from the side of the road because she's so addicted to Gatorade.
Seriously though, my question to you fellow bloggers out there is this, Would you have eaten the strawberry shortcake ice cream bar that had been half-eaten by a bad-toothed stranger?