Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Would You Eat It?

I was reading this post on Holymama's blog, and it totally made me think of something hilarious that I haven't shared with you guys!
It's not about something being dropped, but about something questionable being eaten. So here's the deal, my cousins Christy and Tracy and myself were at an outdoor concert. (I want say where to protect the innocent bad-toothed emcee!)
Anyway, the emcee for the event was walking by and he was eating one of those yummy, strawberry shortcake bars from Good Humor. Everybody was like, "Hey, where'd you get those. The emcee guy pulls two out of his pocket and threw them to random people in the audience."
Those I would have eaten. Those were in the packaging, but what came next blew my mind. Some guy, maybe 17 or 18 years old yells out, "Hey can I eat the rest of yours?" And the emcee guy GAVE it to him, and the kid ATE it!
Now Christy and I were grossed out, for multiple reasons. First off, the kid didn't know ANYTHING about Mr. Emcee guy. He could've had some contagious disease or something. Secondly Mr. Emcee guy had bad teeth. I mean seriously, I wouldn't have eaten anything after him. After all, I've told you how I feel about bad teeth. So anyway, Christy and I were sitting there thoroughly grossed out, and Tracy says, "Man, I wish I had spoken up before that kid. I really wanted one of those."
Christy and I were like, "Are you crazy?" I mean it was really hot out there but still!
Of course, we shouldn't really have been shocked, I mean she talked here about how she was tempted to pick up a gatorade bottle from the side of the road because she's so addicted to Gatorade.
Seriously though, my question to you fellow bloggers out there is this, Would you have eaten the strawberry shortcake ice cream bar that had been half-eaten by a bad-toothed stranger?


aggiejenn said...

ummm...a big NO from over here. That's just utterly disgusting. I would eat a half eaten ice cream if it were from a family member, but definitely not a stranger. He might as well have picked one up off the sidewalk for all he knew about that emcee guy. GROSS!!!

Emily said...

umm NO. definitely no. i'd also eat it after a family member. but NOT a stranger. :)