Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Butt Beans

Alaena has reached that nice chatty little age. Some of it is recognizable language, and some of it is jibberish, but she's getting really good at repeating things you say. Well pretty much.
She repeats body parts. If you say nose, she'll point to her nose and say, "NNOOOOOSSSEEE"
If you say belly, she raises up her shirt and says, "BEELLLLLLYYYYY!" This turned out to be pretty funny the other day because she had a one piece outfit on. I said belly, and she spent 5 minutes trying to pull up her outfit so she could get to her belly and point to it. She couldn't get to her belly, so she refused to say the word.
We'll get her to repeat the things she is eating as well. However today mom got her to say butter beans, and it came out "BUTT BEEEEAAANS!" Somehow it doesn't seem quite as appetizing that way.