Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wednesday's Word

Today I am going to talk about one of my favorite words. This word is actually the name of a month. It's actually the month that will start tomorrow. Today's word is "June."

Actual meaning - the sixth month in the calendar year

Meaning to me - The month of my birthday

That's right. I have a birthday coming up. On the 25th of June. I have always said that I have the perfect birthday because I was born exactly six months from Christmas. It's perfectly spread out so no one can have any excuses about not buying me gifts because it's too close to a major holiday.
I will be 24 this year. Nothing really exciting happens at 24, but I'm gonna enjoy my birthday anyway. So anyway, that's my word for the day. I'm sure I'll do a really big post on the 25th (or sometime near there), but I really didn't know what to post about today.
Let me know what month you were born in. If you're a June baby, we can celebrate together!!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Tuesday Toss Up - The One With The Fun Times

Well, I hope everyone had a good Memorial Day weekend. I did. It didn't go quite as I planned because I didn't get to Carowinds yesterday. But it was all good because my brother, my sister, my niece, my nephew and I all went to see "Over the Hedge." It was so good! I highly recommend it!
My Tuesday Toss Up question to you today is, how did you spend your Memorial Day weekend? And did you take any time to remember those who fought and died for the freedoms we enjoy everyday?

Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reason I Like Taylor Hicks, and I'm glad he won American Idol.
1. He's original. They've never had an Idol Winner like him before.
2. He makes every song his own. He doesn't just mimic what others have done.
3. He stayed true to himself and wouldn't let them die his hair.
4. I think he's cute.
6. He says, "Whoo!" when he gets excited! I just think its funny!
7. He has original dance moves.
8. He seems genuine.
9. He sang a lot of my favorite songs on the show.
10. I know this is mean, but I just didn't like Katherine, so that's one reason I'm glad Taylor won!
11. He isn't afraid to wear crazy outfits (like the jacket Simon called hideous on Tuesday night.)
12. He's from the south! We southerners rock!
13. He's the reason for the SOUL PATROL!!
Leave your link here, and I'll post you if you're playing along with the Thursday 13!

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Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Wednesday's Word

Okay, this is gonna be a very short post, so I'm going straight to the word today. The word is "Hicks."

Actual meaning - people regarded as gullible or provincial

Meaning to me - The last name of the next American Idol, Taylor Hicks! At least he better be the next American Idol. He's the best!!!


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Promised Story

Okay, I promised a funny story about being tied up in knots. So here goes.
Imagine 5 teenagers making a crazy movie. (Okay, yes, I admit it. I was one of these teens. It was fun, and it kept us from doing stupid things we shouldn't have been doing.)
Anyway, there we were with our video camera making our first ever movie. (Unfortunately my video camera was stolen, so we'll never see this movie again, and it could never be done again in quite the same way. You'll understand in a minute why.)
We had started the movie at Tracy's, but her dad got home and was ready to go to bed, so we had to move to another location. We recorded along the way, using the car scene as the "robber's getaway" with the duck statue that was supposedly "full of diamonds."
The next location was mine and Ben's garage. We made it a restraunt scene where the two eccentric (okay, crazy) old ladies confronted the robbers. See, the two ladies had tricked the robbers by switching the ducks, and the helped the policewoman (It was my friend Stacey, and she insisted on being called policeWOMAN) capture the robbers.
Okay, you're probably wondering how in the world this has to do with being tied up in knots. Well, when the two old ladies (yes, I was one of them) captured the dumb robber (there was one smart and one dumb, isn't that always how it is?) Anyway, when we captured the dumb one (played so well by my cousin Will), we acted like we were tying him up in a rope. Except Tracy was also tying herself up, and she tripped and fell on her butt. The next thing I know Will was pointing at her and going, "HA!!!"
So everytime I think of being tied up in knots, I think of that, and I laugh! Man, I wish I had that tape!!
Oh, and Aggiejenn, we used to play that game at church during youth. It was so much fun! I hope you enjoyed my funny story and don't now think I'm too weird!! LOL! Have a good Tuesday!

Tuesday Toss Up - The Human Knot

I'm gonna start going along with GiBee on her Tuesday Toss Up. I'm gonna start next week on my other site, but I thought I'd do a fun one on this site for this week because I had a devo that I wanted to post on the other one today. So the deal with Tuesday Toss Up is that I give you a quote, and you give me the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of the quote. Whether it's long or short or whatever. I want to see those comments people!! So here's the quote:

"I'm all tied up in knots."

Later on today I'll post a funny story about what this quote means to me!

Monday, May 22, 2006

You're Too Loud, Brother

Yesterday morning we had to sing in Lynchburg, Va. It's about an hour and a half drive, so we had to get up pretty early to get there in time to do sound checks and all. (Fortunately my brother had set up all the equipment the night before saving us from getting up even earlier) Anyway, we had a pretty good service, but we were all a bit tired on the way home.
My niece, Raegan, who has it made because she's two years old and can sleep anywhere, fell asleep on the way home. Seriously, she was out in like 5 seconds. She slept until we got off on the exit to Ruffin which is maybe 5 minutes from my house, if that.
What woke her up? My nephew, Trace. See, he had been sleeping the entire way home too. But he suddenly woke up and realized he was a bit cold and that he was tired of his car seat. So he started to scream.
This screaming woke up Raegan, and she told my friend Melissa to do something about it. Actually she said, "Melissa, Melissa, brother's crying. Give him his passy. Give him his passy. Give him his passy." in a very panicked voice.
Melissa informed Raegan that she couldn't reach the passy, and that we were almost home so Trace would be alright. This didn't appease Raegan. She proceeded to tell Trace that he was "too loud."
Seriously, my 2 year old niece covered her ears and looked at her screaming 9 month old brother and said, "You're too loud, Brother."
This of course didn't stop the screaming. So we heard the screams of a 9 month old and the admonitions of a 2 year old for the remainder of the trip. Good thing they didn't wake up until we were almost home!

Friday, May 19, 2006

A Friday MeMe

Susan tagged me for this MeMe, and I figured I'd make it a Friday Post.
What is your favorite word? Schmidty (Yes, said in the loud obnoxious way like the commercial.) I don't know why, but several years ago my cousins and I developed a love for this word. We now scream it when we go down hills on roller coasters.
What is your least favorite word? Fold (as in folding clothes, or certain curse words that I won't mention because they're curse words. You know what they are!)
What turns you on spiritually, creatively, emotionally?
Spiritually - a good message, a room full of prayer warriors
Creatively - I usually get creative sparks from my dreams
Emotionally - Just a slight gesture that shows someone really cares
What turns you off? Dishonest people
What's your favorite curse word? I don't curse. Favorite replacement word, freakin' or crackhead
What sound or noise do you love to hear? I love to hear my niece sing and my nephew jabber, also love to hear my entire family singing together
What profession other than your own would you like to attempt? A writer (I'm with you on this, Susan) I'd also like to sing Gospel music professionally.
What profession would you NOT like to do? I would NOT like to be a bouncer. I'm short, I don't like bars or clubs. I'd pretty much get beat down, so I know it isn't the profession for me!
If Heaven exists (HELLO! What do you mean "IF"?), what would you like to hear God say at the pearly gates? Heaven totally exists, and everybody has a chance to go there. I want to hear the words, Well done, good and faithful servant. I'm totally with Susan and Minnie on this one!
I tag Sherri, Pink Chihuahua Princess, and Berrymom.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things in My Purse (I know its unoriginal, I don't have much time today!)
1. A checkbook w/ no checks left
2. Tanning lotion and eye protectors for the tanning bed (I know, I know, but I have to be in 3 weddings this summer. Do you know how bad bridesmaid's dresses look if you are pale?)
3. The "Il Divo" CD. I'm not much into opera, but these guys can sing.
4. A Pen that says "Jesus Loves You! John 3:16" on it.
5. Sunglasses
6. My keys
7. My Pink Razr phone
8. Trash (what purse is complete without it!)
9. A small notebook
10. Glucose tablets and Advil
11. My camera
12. A brush
13. Recordable DVD's for my handycam

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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Good Ole Days!

Okay, I'm only 23, (24 next month), so the "Ole Days" aren't so, so long ago, but I miss them none-the-less. You know the days where I was in kindergarden, and I had no responsibilities. Things like that!
But what this post is really about is "Galaga." What's that you may ask? Well, it's the best arcade game of all time. See, I'm not really into the games of today. They're either about sports or killing. And since I really don't watch a lot of sports on TV (except for Tarheel basketball) and I don't particularly like the idea of killing people, I don't go for the more modern games.
But "Galaga" is a great game. It's a space ship, and you shoot these bugs. (I know, there's shooting involved, but there isn't blood or gore or anything like today's games!)
Well, at Ham's they have an old arcade game with "Galaga" and "Donkey Kong" and "PacMan" and lots of other old school games! It's so much fun. It reminds me of when I was but a youngster, and my sister would play and play and play, and I'd never get a turn because she was so good! Now I'm better at it, and I can play and play and play!
How about you? Is there anything that you miss from your youth?

Monday, May 15, 2006

Take a Little Walk (In Your Sleep!)

I don't know what it is, but I have an overwhelming amount of excitement today. Well, I guess I kind of know. I had a really awesome weekend. (See my other blog for more on that.)
Anyway, Monday mornings usually drag for me. I am human after all, but this morning I'm just happy and excited. So I wanted to share some funny stories with you to hopefully brighten your day as well. These are some stories that were shared at dinner last night at Ham's about sleepwalking.
The first was about my dad. When he was little he used to sleepwalk all the time. He once made up their kitchen table as his bed. That's where my grandma found him in the morning.
Then there was the night my grandma heard a thump, thump, thump. She went into my dad's room to find him sitting on the top bunk yo-yoing in his sleep.
The next was about my friend Melissa's brother Bradley. He used to wake up and walk into Melissa's room when he was a little boy and stand beside her bed thinking he was in his mom's room. He scared her more than once.
The last and the funniest was told about one of my friends, who will remain nameless because it was an embarrassing story. He peed down the steps in their house while sleepwalking because he thought he was in the bathroom!
I hope you had a little laugh today! If you have any sleepwalking stories, please share them!

Friday, May 12, 2006


My friend Susan did this meme on her site, and it looked here goes...
Accent: Well, I live in Ruffin, NC. You can't say the word Ruffin without a southern accent. So what do you think?

Bible Book that I like: Psalms, Isaiah, All of Paul's Epistles

Chore I don't care for: Folding laundry, yuck!

Dog or Cat: Dogs, especially chihuahuas

Essential Electronics: Cell phone, computer

Favorite Cologne: for girls: Lauren by Ralph Lauren, for guys: Drakaar Noir

Gold or Silver: Silver, don't really like gold on me unless its white gold

Handbag I Carry Most Often: I only have one. I use it til it falls apart and I'm forced to buy a new one. My current one is a summery bag with shimmery sequins on it (small sequins, not big ones)

Insomnia: Sometimes, if I have this I just turn the TV to some boring channel, and I fall asleep

Job Title: Specifications Coordinator

Kids: Someday, right now my baby is Lexi my chihuahua

Living Arrangements: With the 'rents in the middle of nowhere!

Most Admirable Trait: I have a crazy sense of humor, seriously, if you intercepted half of my calls, you'd think I was insane because if I see something or hear something funny, I have to call my friends and tell them about it so they can smile too!

Naughtiest Childhood Behavior: I used to hide Children's Chewable Tylenol my mom gave me behind my dresser because I thought it was gross. I'd hide it under my tongue then spit it out. My mom found this hiding spot and started just giving me half of an adult tylenol that I could swallow with water. (My brother did this too, I think he learned it from me!)

Overnight Hospital Stays: When I had my appendix out, when I had chiari decompression surgery (The ICU is the best place to stay at the hospital,hands down!)

Quote: "The Bible can keep me away from the bad things in the world, or the bad things in the world can keep me away from the Bible." (I've got this written in the front of my Bible)

Religion: I'm not religious, really. I'm a Christian. (I agree wholeheartedly with this, Susan, so I'm keeping it here!)

Siblings: 1 sister (older), 1 brother (younger) That's right I'm stuck in the middle!

Time I Wake Up: 5:45-6:15 during the week. 7 or 8 is the latest I can sleep on weekends.

Unusual Talent or Skill: I can curl my tongue 5 times.

Vegetable I Refuse to Eat: Cauliflower, yuck

Worst Habit: Soft drinks

X-rays: Yeah, that battery thing I talked about yesterday, then. Then a chest x-ray after the chiari surgery

Yummy Stuff I Cook: Fiesta Lime Chicken, see recipe from last Friday

Zoo Animal I Like Most: The polar bears and the kangaroos

Now you know MY ABC's, next time Christy, Tracy, GiBee,and Aggiejenn will sing with me, in other words, they are tagged!

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen of the Most Memorable Days of My Life

1. The day I was saved. The most important decision I ever made.

2. The day my mom and dad told me I was going to have a little brother. I don't remember every detail of this day because I was very young, but I remember mom, dad, Crystal, and my Grandma and Grandpa Smith being there. I also remember thinking, "What's so great about that?" I eventually learned!

3. My first day of kindergarden. I was really small for my age then, and this other little girl in my class who looked ginormous because she was like a foot taller than me picked me up. Kind of scary.

4. The first day I rode a roller coaster. I rode The Vortex at Carowinds. After that my addiction to them wouldn't be stopped.

5. The first day of my first job ever. I cried. Seriously, I worked at a food place, and they trained me on a Friday night. I got so much stuff wrong, and I was scared they'd fire me. They didn't, and I learned everything and got to the point I could handle Friday nights easily.

6. The day I went bobsledding in Schroon Lake, NY. I went on my Senior Trip. One of the funnest things I've ever done.

7. The day I had my appendix out. This wasn't the funnest day, but I remember it was a Sunday, and half my church came to see me after the morning service. My best friend Josh tried to make me laugh. I still haven't gotten him back for that. If you ever have to be cut open to have your appendix out, don't laugh, trust me!

8. The day of my high school graduation. Of course this was a pretty important day to me. I was the Salutatorian, and I had to make a speech. Where did that brain go?

9. The day I surrendered to God about His will for me to be a writer.

10. The day I swallowed a watch battery. Don't ask, just know that this was a very embarrassing day. And I'm thankful I didn't die!

11. The day that I had to have chiari decompression surgery (a surgery on my brain). Okay, well I only remember like half of this day because I was drugged for half of it, but I remember distinctly that my brother hugged me and wouldn't let me go and told me to come out of there. I also remember that it was at this point that I started crying...A LOT!

12. The day that my niece was born (January 28, 2004) and the day my nephew was born (August 5, 2005). I can't remember life without these two cuties!

13. The day my dad had to have chiari decompression surgery. God was so near to us that day!

Other Thirteens. Leave your link, and I'll post you here!
Mrs. Cranky Pants
Melanie Morales

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Wednesday's Word

Today's word is a fun word from when I was but a youngster. The word is Fraggle. That's right I said Fraggle.

Actual meaning: Well, there is no actual meaning for this word apparently

Meaning to me: a lovely little creature on the show Fraggle Rock that made me smile many times in my youth

I know this word seems weird, but I'm really excited about it today. Why? Well because I just bought the first season of Fraggle Rock on DVD. Not entirely for myself, really, though the show still does make me smile. I really bought it for my niece and nephew. I mean, they can't grow up without knowing about Fraggle Rock. It's one of the best kid's shows of all time. Seriously I don't know why it's not still on TV.
So how about you? What shows do you remember from your youth? Or maybe it's not a show, maybe its a game or a book. What were your favorite things as a youngster?

Monday, May 08, 2006

You Underestimate the Sneakiness

Well, Kelly was upset with me because Friday wasn't funny. I'll be sure in the future to share a funny story with my recipes. Actually though, her need for funniness (is that a word?) reminded me of a time I was grilling chicken with The Pinecones. Yes, with them even grilling chicken is an adventure. Well, maybe not the actual grilling, but the preparation.
So, there we were at the DuShane Cabin in Cosby, Tennessee (near Gatlinburg). It was time for dinner, and we had planned to grill out chicken. (The cabin was really nice and had a grill and all) The problem was this. What we had thought was a full bag of charcoal that had been left at the cabin had only about 5 pieces of charcoal and had been fluffed up to make it look like a full bag. The previous tenants had a joking nature apparently.
Well, Walmart was a good drive away, and Tracy and I really wanted to get started on supper preparations. So Scott came up with a brilliant plan. We could check out the cabin next door to see if they had charcoal. The cabin was vacant for the week, we'd already been told that, and it was owned by the same people we were renting from, so it didn't really matter.
So it was our mission impossible. Tracy pulled out the video camera. She had to get this down. The snuck through the trees to the cabin. Tracy remained hidden and tried to record Scott, but she lost sight of him for several minutes. Finally he came back, but he didn't have charcoal, just charcoal lighter fluid, which really didn't do us any good considering we didn't have charcoal, but he figured we'd need it once we got charcoal.
So, Scott and Will had to take a drive back down to the store at the bottom of the mountain anyway, but Tracy decided that she and Scott could definitely make great secret agents. (Making sure of course that they'd only be sneaking up on empty houses in the middle of the woods where the possibility of running into another person is like 1 in 1 million!)

Friday, May 05, 2006

Food for Friday

Well Dawn got upset with me the other day for not sharing the recipe of my delicious fiesta lime chicken, so here it is.

Boneless skinless chicken breasts
Chipotle Lime Marinade (whatever brand you like best)
1 or 2 cans of Rotel tomatos (hot or mild depending on your taste)
Hidden Valley Spicy Ranch
Kraft Mexican cheese
Mexican rice - whatever brand you like
Corn chips or tortilla chips

I always cook a lot when I cook this, so I can't be sure how much of each you will use. Just get enough marinade for your chicken. Pour the marinade in the bowl and add a can or two of Rotel tomatos (also dependent on how much you are cooking)
Put the chicken on the grill and baste it in the marinade/tomato mix. I guess you can also marinade it, but I like basting it better.
Once the chicken is grilled, add the spicy ranch and some cheese to the top and put it in the oven until the cheese melts.
Once the chicken is done, lay it on top of some mexican rice, throw some corn chips on the side, and you'll have a meal that melts in your mouth. (If you like lime chicken that is) It's not tough or rocket science. I just really like it!
So Dawn, there's your recipe. If you try it, let me know! And if anyone else tries it, you tell me too!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Random Things I've Heard

1. Anthony and Jeff from The Wiggles used to be in an 80's rock band in Australia called The Cockroaches.

2. Alaskan snow crab fishing, like you see on this show,is one of the most dangerous jobs in the world

3. Only 6% of listeners cover the cost of keeping Klove on the air.

4. Today is the National Day of Prayer. (**Update**Check out Praying for Your Prodigal's post on this!)

5. Rebecca St. James is performing for the President and his family in honor of the day.

6.NC State men's basketball still hasn't found a coach. **Update on this - they are announcing who they've picked on Saturday. I've heard it was Sidney Lowe, but I'm not a big State fan, so that isn't official.**

7. I've heard that Stick It is a funny movie. I'm hoping to get to the movies to see it.

8. Zacarias Moussaoui received life in prison for planning a terrorist act on 9/11. (I totally disagree with this decision but this isn't a political site, so that's all I'll say!)

9. The Anchormen are going to be at my church on May 14th. Yay!

10. Greensboro, NC is supposed to have a warm sunny day today with isolated thunderstorms overnight.

11. Paris was voted off of American Idol (I did agree with this!)

12. Chris Young won Nashville Star.

13. Massachusetts wants My Space to raise their minimum age limit. (I agree with this to a point, but I also think that if you keep an eye on your kids they won't be seeing things they aren't supposed to.) **Okay, an update on this one. I think I'm coming across that there are just a bunch of sorry parents out there. That wasn't my intention at all. What I was trying to say is that if My Space raises the age, young teens will probably just lie and say they are older and stay on My Space. In order to keep them off of My Space, it would have to be the parent's responsibility. And I know you can't watch them 24/7 though you may try. My Space should not have offensive things, but I really can't see how changing the age limit would help anything if the kids are looking for that sort of thing. Sorry if I ruffled any feathers!**

Other Thirteens. Leave your link, and I'll post you here!
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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Wednesday's Word

Okay, today's word is something very funny to me. I'll explain it.

Today's word is pinecone.

Actual meaning: The cone of a pine tree. (pretty obvious, huh)

Meaning to me: The connection between my cousins and I that will make us best friends for a lifetime

Okay, well, the "Pinecone Connection" began about 10 years ago. It hardly seems possible that so many years have passed, but I guess that's about right. I went on vacation with my cousin's Tracy and Will and their parents and our other cousin Scott. We had always gotten along pretty well, Tracy and Will's parents figured we would be safe people to take on the trip.
I should also say that we all like to joke around. A LOT. So we picked on each other the entire way down there, and then we unpacked, had dinner, had a bit of fun, then it was time for bed. Or so Tracy and I thought. We were just about asleep when our door opened, and Scott and Will burst in throwing pinecones at us. That's right, pinecones. See, the condo had this huge basket of pinecones.
Well, pretty soon the war was over, and Scott and Will went back to bed. Tracy and I immediately started to plan our retaliation. Unfortunately we had no convenient weapons like a basket of pinecones in our room, so we made a plot to steal the pinecones to at least hide them so we could protect ourselves in our sleep. (We tried to lock the door, but it was weird and Scott and Will could still get it open.)
So we came up with a plot. I was going to go in the living room where Scott and Will were on the couch bed. Our plan was for me to tell Scott and Will that Tracy and I had a fight. I was going to say, "Tracy slapped me, and I'm not sleeping in there with her."
Amazingly Scott and Will believed me. (To be honest this made me a bit more afraid to sleep in the room with Tracy, but she never did slap me, so I guess they were just dumb boys!)
So I went in the living room armed with a pillow and blanket, and I laid down on the floor. Strategically beside the table with the pinecones of course. Scott and Will eventually went to sleep, and I grabbed the pinecones and ran. (Other stuff happened between there, but this story could really get long, so suffice it to say we got the pinecones!) And you know what, they never suspected us the whole week. The pinecones sat in our windowsill (it was one of those high arch type windows), and Scott and Will said something about the maintenance guy stealing the pinecones. We put the pinecones back at the end of the week right before we walked out the door to leave. Scott and Will had a good laugh and gave us credit for being good at stealing pinecones. So since then we have been the "Pinecone Connection" and it has been us four and no more.
There have been lots of trips since that one, and lots of scheming went into them all. I think Tracy and I are currently ahead because on the last trip Will fell down the stairs. We didn't plot for that, but still he did the dumbest thing of the week, so Tracy and I are up on them! We need to plan another trip, and Tracy and I need to work on scheming!!
Hope you enjoyed my explanation of pinecones! It's one of my fondest memories!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Another MeMe

I saw this one on another site, and it looked fun, so I'm gonna try it out.

I am a Christian girl who loves Jesus with all her heart.
I want to find a Christian guy with the same heart for Jesus.
I wish I had more time to write.
I hate walking through wet grass in flops.
I miss the care-free days of youth, no job, no responsibilities!
I hear my boss on the phone and people chattering in the hallway.
I wonder why people don't use turn signals.
I regret not going to college when I got out of high school.
I am not tall (at all) but neither am I a midget.
I dance with one hand in the air.
I sing all the time.
I cry every time I hear Jeremy Camp's testimony.
I make the best fiesta lime chicken.
I write songs, blogs, books, anything God lays on my heart.
I confuse people with blonde brains :)
I need to get more focused
I should go to singing school this summer
I start writing books
I finish writing devotions
I tag whoever wants to play along because I'm not sure who hasn't done this one!!

Monday, May 01, 2006

My Family's Problem With Keys

I'm sure this problem isn't limited to our family. After all, someone invented those alarms to make your keys beep for a reason. But my family seems to have a chronic problem with losing keys.
The first time I remember this problem occurring was when I was but a youngster. My brother had taken a set of dad's keys. (He was probably about 2 at the time.) They weren't found for like 10 years. That's right 10 years. Ben had put them in a pair of boots in the very back of dad's closet. The boots had been moved and moved, but they'd never been worn. (I don't know why they weren't thrown away. Seems my family really likes to hold onto stuff too! Or maybe we just really love our shoes. Either way, we need to change the habit!)
So mom went into a rampage of cleaning one day. She was throwing stuff out left and right. She gets to this pair of boots and just happens to hear them jingle when she lifts them. She turns the jingling boot upside down and out falls the long-lost pair of keys. We all had a great laugh at that one.
Unfortunately, that's not our only incidence of lost keys. We had one just last night actually. It wasn't quite so lost as the set of keys that was lost for 10 years, but the key was a little more important. That's right "key." One key. One solitary key. Why it wasn't put on a keyring we don't know, but it wasn't, and we were up late last night searching for it. Finally we learned the hiding place of the key (At my brother's friend's house.) We were glad, but I'm really worried that the curse lives on. For right now I'm keeping my keys close by!
So what about you? Do you often lose your keys? If so, do you have a story about the worst time you ever lost them?