Thursday, June 29, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen Header Courtesy of Goofy Girl
Thirteen Weird Little Fears I Have or Have Had In the Past

1. Everytime I walk by one of those grate things that catch water runoff in a parking lot, I hold my keys a little tighter because I'm scared I'm going to drop them into the grate, never to be seen again.
2. I CAN NOT touch foam rubber. It sends chills up and down my spine. I don't know why, but you better not come near me with the stuff.
3. I've always been terrified that I'm going to rear-end a policeman. That to me would be the worst.
4. I hate the chain saw people at haunted hauses on Halloween. Anything else I can handle, but keep your chainsaw out of my face.
5. I'm always afraid I'm going to step on a snake when I walk down to our lake. (This one isn't really irrational because my mom has done it, but still, its a fear)
6. When I go to the doctor, I always think they're gonna tell me I'm not sick. Even when I have a hacking cough and a high fever. I'm always afraid they're gonna tell me there is no reason for it. I really don't know why.
7. Until I get inside a concert or an amusement park or something, I'm always afraid they're gonna tell me something is wrong with my ticket or something and I won't be able to go in.
8. I don't like to stop at out of the way stop signs late at night when there is someone behind me because I'm afraid they'll rearend me, and I'll be stuck there in the middle of nowhere with a stranger.
9. Then I'm afraid that if I don't stop at the stop sign that I'll get a ticket because it would be my luck that the person behind me was a cop.
10. I'm always nervous about singing in weddings and funerals. Those are two things you really don't want to mess up.
11. When I used to have bad dreams as a child, I was terrified to move. I would lay in my bed and try to be as quiet as I could, hoping that whatever was in my room wouldn't know I was there.
12. When I was younger if someone got home later than they were supposed to, I always thought the worst. I'm a little more positive about things now, but there are still times when the worrier in me takes over.
13. I'm terrified about going near woods at night. I don't like it, and I won't go alone if I have to go anywhere near them.

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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Wednesday's Word

Well, once again it's Wednesday, the wonderful day where I give you a word. This weeks word is a word that has been plaguing me. Today's word is "livestock"

Actual meaning: Domestic animals, such as cattle or horses, raised for home use or for profit, especially on a farm.

Meaning to me: The animals that apparently have it out for me and my cars and are trying to cause me to wreck (Yes, I'll explain!)

Okay, once upon a time I drove a little bit car. It was a Hyundai Tiburon that looked a little something like this (except it was blue and a few years older model than this one:)

Well, one night I was driving my little car home. Scooting around the sharp curves in typical sporty car fashion when all of the sudden one of these just stepped out in front of me:

Don't worry, I didn't hit the horse, but it about gave me a heart attack. Thank God that little Tiburon had good breaks, but I got to thinking that it wasn't so safe, and if I ever was to be in a wreck, I'd probably get hurt pretty bad. Plus, I was just really sick of a teeny-tiny car, so this year I bought one of these (except in fire red:) Well, being that my brother-in-law is a policeman and he told me that people rarely come upon horses in the road, I had gotten my confidence back that my car and horse troubles were behind me. I was wrong. The very first night that I drove my car home I ran up on this guy standing in the street:
Thank God once more for good brakes. Well, its been several months since then, and I hadn't run up on anymore horses. I think they all had a convention and told each other that I had gotten a bigger car and they better not mess with me anymore. I thought that would be the end of it, but NO, they got this guy, their bigger friend to walk out in front of me:
Well, it's pretty obvious that my brakes worked well once again (yeah, my guardian angel is working overtime!) Otherwise, I'd probably be in the hospital this morning rather than giving you Wednesday's word. But seriously these close calls have me wondering if all livestock have it in for me! Because I'm the only one in my family that has ever almost hit a horse or a cow, much less TWO horses AND a cow! How about you guys, any bad luck with livestock out there?

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Tuesday Toss Up - The One About Gifts

Okay, I'm not a superficial person, and I seriously do believe that its the thought that counts in gift-giving. A well-meant card is better than a begrudged gift, but I must share about a gift that I got from my sister and brother-in-law.
They gave me an XM radio for my birthday. They gave me the gift of constant song with no commercials! Heavenly, just heavenly!
So my toss-up question to you today is this. What is the best birthday present you can remember? Expensive or cheap, it doesn't matter. Just the one that you liked the best. (The XM radio is not really the most sentimentally special gift I've ever gotten. It was just a gift I really appreciated this year!! So don't think I'm materialistic or anything!)

Sunday, June 25, 2006

Thanks You Guys!

You guys are so sweet! Thank you so much for all of your birthday wishes. I spent my birthday singing, which is what I love best!
Sunday night after church I went out to eat at one of my favorite Mexican joints where I was sung to in Spanish and had whip cream rubbed on my nose. And my cousin Tracy rapped her "birthday" rap for me. It went like this:

If it's your birthday and your happy
Let me see your hands (And she waved one hand in the air)
See your hands

If it's your birthday and your happy
Do a dance (and she danced a little jig!)
Do a dance

The 25th of June was the day of Heather's birth
24 years ago is when she was born onto this earth

Repeat chorus

So, needless to say, I had lots of happy, fun times in honor of my birthday. Thanks to GiBee for the party, and thanks to all those who stopped by to wish me a good one! I am truly blessed!
Hope you all have a good one!

Friday, June 23, 2006

It's Not the Heat, It's the Humidity That'll Getcha,

Well, I must say thank God for humidity. Why you may ask. Well, the humidity finally caused my mom and dad to cave about the air conditioner. It was 84 degrees in our house at 2 this morning.
I know this because I couldn't sleep in our sweltering sauna of a house. Apparently my parents couldn't sleep either, and as each hour went by, their resolve sweated away. So we have AC!

Okay, now I'm gonna do the "Four Meme" because my friend Marc forwarded it to me, so I figured I'd just put my answers on here:

This is kinda a cool idea!
A)Four things you may not know about me:

1. I once wanted to go around on Halloween as a Christmas Caroler. Actually there were four of us, and we had a song all written and everything, but we had to sing. Maybe I'll do that this year...
2. I was the salutatorian of my high school class.
3. I love shoes, they are my weakness. Okay, that's a lot of women, but I don't talk about my love of shoes on here so you probably didn't know it about ME.
4. The mall is my least favorite place to go in the whole world. Honestly, I'd rather go to the DMV.
B) Four movies you would watch over and over:

1. The Lord of the Rings Trilogy
2. Ever After
3. The Chronicles of Narnia
4. White Christmas
C) Four places you have lived:
1. Gibsonville, NC
2. Ruffin, NC
That's it, no more, pretty boring huh?
D) Four TV shows you love to watch:

1. American Idol (I can't help it, I'm addicted!)
2. House
3. CSI (The Original)
E ) Four places you have been on vacation:

1. Myrtle Beach, NC
2. Williamsburg, VA
3. Gatlinburg, TN
4. Orlando, FL
F) Websites you visit daily:

1. All my blogging buddies listed on my sidebar (I may not always leave comments, but I at least like to stop by!)
2. Yahoo mail
3. My Space
4. Vnet (Our work website)
G) Four of my favorite foods:

1. Fiesta Lime Chicken
2. Prime Rib
3. The bread at Rock Ola w/ the cinnamon butter
4. My grandma's biscuits
H ) Four places I would rather be right now:

1. Australia
2. Canada
3. Hawaii
4. Ireland
I) Four friends I'm tagging:

1. Tracy
2. Christy
3. Aggiejenn
4. GiBee

No pressure though!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things About Me
(In Honor of My Birthday. Hey It's My Blog, I Can Do What I Want!)
1. I was born on June 25, 1982.
2. I weighed exactly 9 lbs. My poor mother only weighed 127 lbs when she went to the hospital to have me, and she had me naturally. My mom is truly a hero!
3. I was supposed to be born on June 10, which is my parents anniversary, but I decided I wanted my own day. So the doctors finally induced labor on June 24. That's right my mom was in labor with me for over 24 hours. I was holding out for MY day. (Once again, I really think my mom is a hero)
4. I have always had big eyes and long eyelashes. My eyes were the biggest part of me for a long time.
5. I only weighed 13 lbs at a year old. They took me to Chapel Hill to check me out, but they said I was healthy and that I was just going to be petite. Well, I kept the short part of petiteness, but the underweight thing went right out the window!
6. I grew up in a Christian school. Most of my classmates were in my class from kindergarden through 12th grade (some I was glad to be with, some not so much, but you get what you get I guess!)
7. I started singing when I was just a little kid. There are videos of me singing at church plays when I was like 3 or 4.
8. I still sing every chance that I get.
9. I have loved to read for as long as I can remember, and I actually pretty much taught myself to read before I ever started school. The first book I ever read through on my own was "Go Dog Go"
10. I also love to write and I'm hoping that one day someone will love to read the books that I write!
11. Even if I'm never published, I will still love to write.
12. I'm currently single, and I'm holding out for the hero that I know God has for me!
13. And last but not least I will be 24 years old on Sunday, and I must say that I can hardly believe it!

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Wednesday's Word

Today's word is a reflection of how I'm feeling. Today's word is "sleepy."

Actual meaning: Ready for or needing sleep.

Meaning to me: The reason that I can't seem to focus and the reason that the drive to work this morning seemed to last an ETERNITY!!

Okay, my brain is mush this morning. I'm so sleepy. I just didn't rest well last night. See, mom hates air conditioning, and since his surgery air conditioning makes dad stiff. So we still have our windows open and fans going.
This is usually okay, but yesterday one of our neighbors was burning leaves or weeds or something, and the smoky smell wafted right into our windows that are open to not only the fresh air, but also the not so fresh air.
Well the smell gave me a bad headache. When I get a bad headache, sleep doesn't come easily. So this morning I'm sleepy (and I'll admit a little snappy!)
So if you'd offer up a few prayers for me that God would let me wake up, I'd be appreciative. Otherwise I really feel sorry for these people I have to work with!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday Toss Up - The One About Borrowing

Okay, most of you know I have a brother and a sister. I talk about them a lot on here. Family is pretty important to me. Well, yesterday I was pretty perturbed at said brother. Why you ask? Well, he stole, okay, "borrowed" my phone charger without my permission. Not just my house phone charger, my car phone charger. Now normally this wouldn't have mattered, but my cell phone was DEAD. I mean no life at all. I don't like going without a phone because I have an hour commute. But I got my charger back, and I got over it, and nothing happened where I would need my phone, so he's fortunate!
Anyway, this is my toss up question to you. Do you have siblings (or any family members for that matter) who think that just because they're related to you they don't have to ask when they take your stuff?

Monday, June 19, 2006

Sing It!

Well, the wedding went off without a hitch. Actually it was beautiful, and I must admit that I shed a tear or two (especially when the groom surprised the bride by singing a song he wrote for her!)
The rehearsal dinner was especially fun because there was dancing. Now I must tell you that this Baptist girl CANNOT DANCE! I mean I love to jump around and act crazy at concerts, but when it comes to actually dancing, I can't do it! I just don't have lots of rhythm. But the good thing is that most of the people out there didn't either, so I could just have fun!
But the most fun (and kind of funny) part was when the DJ had a little competition. He called four guys up first and had them lip-sing one of the Four Tops songs. It was cute because one of the guys who was pretty much quiet the entire time was made the "lead singer" and he got all into it. He even did the slide thing and landed on his knees at the end.
Then it was the girl's turn. Thanks to my friend Christa, I got chosen to be in this group. Since I was the oldest, I was made the "lead singer" of the Dixie Cups. Well, we girls had to beat the guys! So I did what I do best. I got a real microphone and belted it out! The girls got a huge round of applause! Because we're the best of course!
What crazy things did you guys do this weekend?

Friday, June 16, 2006

My Dad, The Protector

Since Sunday is Father's Day, I decided I'd share a funny little story about my dad! Sunday night I got home a little late. Well, it was only like 11:30, but my mom and dad were already asleep.
Dad woke up at like 1 in the morning and went to the bathroom. On his way back from the bathroom, he checked my room to see if I was there. Only it was so dark he couldn't see me! He didn't want to turn to light on to wake me up so he reached out and touched my foot at the end of the bed to make sure I was there.
This woke me up and scared me to death! And when I woke up, it scared him pretty good! We had a good laugh about it! At least I know he's watching out for me! Don't I have a good daddy?

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Will Be Doing This Weekend
1. I will be going to a bridal luncheon for my friend Christa on Friday.
2. I will be going to the wedding rehearsal on Friday for Christa's wedding.
3. I will be going to the rehearsal dinner after the rehearsal on Friday where we'll be dancing the night away before Christa's wedding (do you see a trend)
4. I will be spending the night with my friend Ari who is going to do my nails, hair, and makeup for Christa's wedding. (Isn't it nice to have a friend who can do this stuff?)
5. On Saturday I will be going to the church where Christa's wedding is to be held for lunch at 11:00 am.
6. At 11:45 am I will be getting dressed in a VERY pink dress. I admit pink isn't really one of my colors (at least not something totally pink) but its for a best friend's wedding, so I can handle it for a day!
7. At 12:15 I will be having my picture made with Christa and all her other bridesmaids.
8. At 2:00 I will be walking down the aisle as the wedding begins.
9. At a little after 2:00 I will be listening to my friend Christa say her vows and feeling very old thinking that all my friends are actually starting to get married!
10. At 3:00 I will be at a wedding reception congratulating Christa and her new hubby Mitch
11. By 5:00 I hope to be at home vegging out and in a much more comfortable outfit than the pink dress!
12. On Sunday I will be going to church, and I'll tell all my friends how beautiful Christa's wedding was.
13. By Sunday afternoon I'll be thinking, Oh my goodness I've got to do all of this two more times this summer! AHHHHHHHHHH!

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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Wednesday's Word

Today's word is one that my mom used a lot as I was growing up. She still does actually, and I've picked it up from her because I caught myself saying it last night! The word is "Meanness"

Actual meaning: A spiteful or malicious act

Meaning to me: The description for any bug bite or rash or bump

Okay, I know this is gonna take some explaining. I think it must be a southern thing because pretty much everyone understands it, but here goes!
When I was little and I had a mosquito bite or anything, I'd go to mom and she'd say, "Awww, it's just the meanness coming out in you."
That always took my mind off the bug bite and onto the fact that I was not mean, so it couldn't possibly be the meanness coming out in me. She always said it with a smile, so don't think she was just being mean or anything. She just helped me focus on something else! She's a pretty smart woman!
Anyway, last night she asked a guy about a bump on his head and before I could stop myself I said, "It's just the meanness coming out in him!" (He's a good friend of our family, so it was okay!) I guess we all turn into our mothers eventually! Good thing mine is so great!!
Are there any words or phrases you picked up from your mom?

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Tuesday Toss Up - The One With the Sneakiness

This weeks Toss Up is an article. Go read this and then come back here and post your thoughts on what these kids are doing!

Monday, June 12, 2006

Well, Here's What I Did

Okay, I asked you guys your opinion on the lingerie thing. So I figured I'd fill you in on what I ended up buying. And how I approached it so that I wouldn't feel weird about it.
I bought her an Amish looking gown. No really I did. And I put a note on it that said, "For when you're mad at him."
Okay, I also bought a TASTEFUL little slip gown and put a note on it that said, "For when you aren't."
But hey, it came across as funny, and I didn't get those EWWWW GROSS feelings! About my gift anyway. Now two people, who I will choose to leave nameless to protect, bought outfits that were honestly better suited for a street walker than my dear friend Ari.
Those did send me a bit into the EWWW realm, but it was all in fun I guess! We're only three weeks away from Ari's wedding now, so I guess she needed a little stress relief!

Friday, June 09, 2006

So the Weekend's Here

Well, it's Friday. Thank goodness! Though I'm thankful for my job, I must admit that I look forward to weekends! A lot.
However for the next several weekends I'm pretty much booked.
And it all starts tonight!
Tonight I have a lingere party. Now, this one is a little weird to me. I mean, I know it's a tradition before a wedding, but I really don't understand the desire for other people to buy you sexy lingere for your honeymoon. Maybe I'm just a really private person. But this one is even weirder because its for my friend Ari. Ari is like my little sister. Seriously, so thinking of her an lingere in the same thought is weird. Not to mention the fact that she is marrying my cousin Will, who is also a best friend, so it makes it even weirder. I think I'm gonna go with the joking Amish gown and just buy her a gift certificate. I have no desire to pick out a honeymoon wardrobe for her!
How about you guys? What are your thoughts on the sexy lingere parties? Maybe I'm just a prude or something, but I just don't understand!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Can Do (You guys asked for this after I posted last week about the things I can't do. So here they are!)
1. I can sing alto, I've gotten better over the years at hearing parts
2. I can make my niece and nephew smile by just walking in the room. (This makes me feel really good!)
3. I can drive. I may not be the best, but hey they gave me a liscense!!
4. I can read pretty fast. (I'm not a speed reader, but I can get through books pretty quickly when I'm motivated to read.)
5. I can cook. My brother told me this, right before he told his fiance she should learn from me. Yeah, brightness is not his strength.
6. I can draw on Adobe Illustrator. If I ever get time, I may redesign my blogs. If only there were more hours in a day!
7. I can sing in front of thousands of people (just don't make me talk!)
8. I've been told that I can write pretty well.
9. I can curl my tongue 5 times. I don't know how I discovered this, but I can.
10. I can swallow pills. I know this doesn't seem very important, but I know several people who gag on one tiny advil. With the surgeries I've had, I'm glad I don't have that problem!
11. I can pay for my own stuff. My parents never handed me or my siblings anything on a silver platter. We earned stuff, and I'm thankful that now I know the value of a dollar.
12. I can ride any roller coaster. I like thrills, a fact which drives my mom crazy. There's no roller coaster I won't ride if I get to the park it's at!
13. I can make up an entire Thursday 13 about the things I can do!!

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Wednesday's Word

Today's word is one that is funny to me, and I'll explain why. The word is "Admire"

Actual meaning: To regard with pleasure, wonder, and approval

Meaning to me: The last name of a lady I work with that the receptionist can never pronounce correctly

Now I know what you are thinking. Admire is a normal, everyday English word. Nothing difficult about saying it, but for some reason, when our receptionist pages the lady in my department, she never says it right.
In fact its nowhere near right. She pronounces it ARD-MAR. Which sounds very close to ardvaark. So everytime this lady gets paged, we all get a good laugh. Actually there are lots of people whose names that our receptionist gets wrong, so I pretty much stay in stitches all day long. Our poor receptionist...

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Tuesday Toss Up - The One Where I Ask Advice

Okay, this toss up is a cry for help, literally. See, I have this problem. I have a stalker. Seriously. I mean, he doesn't come to my house and peek in the windows or anything, but that's probably just because he doesn't drive.
See, he goes to this church that we sing at, which happens to be my brother's fiance's church. And he isn't right in the head. Really, he had some mental issues. Well, back at Christmas he started buying me gifts. And not normal gifts. We're talking socks (I now have a lifetime supply of men's socks, women's socks, children's socks, even diabetic socks), dog bones for my chihuahuas (except for they were the really huge bones like you give great danes or something), a cat litter pan, deoderant. All sorts of random things.
Well, he kind of scares me, so I tried to just ignore him. But now he has sent me a card telling me that we should get married, so I really think I've let this go too far. So my toss up question to you today is this,what do you say to let a mentally unstable stalker down easy?
And I'm being serious here!! I need advice. All comments are appreciated!!

**Updated to add: Okay, so I think I left out some important details. First, he doesn't mail these gifts to me. He sends them through my brother, who is at the church quite often due to the fact that his fiance goes there, and her father is the pastor. So he doesn't have my address (Thank Goodness!)
Second, he isn't a friend of mine, he just seems to have fixated on me, for some reason unknown to myself. I guess his obsession progressed when he started seeing my brother more so he thought that through my brother he could "woo" me (Yeah, nothing says I love you like a pair of diabetic socks.)
Third, he has made comments around me like, "If you don't behave I'll give you spank spank." These comments make me feel VERY awkward around him. I'm seriously trying to treat him as nicely as I can especially since he is mentally challenged, but it's gone too far.
I believe I'm going to have his pastor talk to him. The first reason being that I believe his pastor will be the one who understands him best. The second being that he only has a sister, and she is challenged as well. So I believe that is the best route to go! Thanks for your opinions!!

Monday, June 05, 2006

Can I Take Your Order?

My niece has discovered a new game she likes to play. She loves playing "Restaurant." She'll come around to us and take our order then act like she cooks the imaginary food in her imaginary kitchen. It's just too cute.
The funny thing is this. She doesn't realize that when she says, "Can I take your order?" that she has to wait for a reply. She says, "Can I take your order?" then immediately says, "I'll be right back."
So she'll run to her kitchen (wherever it may be setup) and she'll make the food then come back and hand it to us and wait for us to eat it. Of course we always tell her it's good. But there's no telling just what her two year old mind has in her imagination that we're eating.
When we say, "What did you cook today?" She never answers, so I guess it'll remain a "mystery meat" from now on!
All I can say is that I prefer her imaginary cooking to the real cooking of some people. At least I can depend on the fact that my niece's imaginary fare is never gonna make me gag!!

Friday, June 02, 2006

"H" Is For Heather

Pink Chihuahua Princess gave me the letter "H" and my job is to list ten things about me with the letter H. Here goes....

1. H is for Heather, the name that I'm really glad my parents gave me (I can actually thank my sis for this.) See my parents were going to name me Tiffany, and there's nothing wrong with the name Tiffany. I'm just not a Tiffany, so I'm glad they named me Heather.

2. H is for Heavenly Vision. This is the name of the group my family and I sing in.

3. H is for Hair. This is something I have (Thank God, baldness not good on a woman!) Mine is black and thick. In the summertime this equals hot.

4. H is for High. On Jesus that is. Had you going there for a second there didn't I?

5. H is for Humorous. I think I have a good sense of humor, albeit a sarcastic one at times!

6. H is for Heart. Whatever I do, I put my heart into it. I don't like to do things halfway.

7. H is for Hobbit. These little creatures are the main characters in The Lord of the Rings Trilogy which are three of my all time favorite movies.

8. H is for Home. This is where I live with my family. It's a place of love and laughter.

9. H is for Hero. I plan to hold out for a hero for marriage. I'm not just gonna settle on the first jerk that comes along!

10. And last but not least...H is for Happy. This is what I am right now. It's Friday. Need I say more!!!

If you would like to play along, leave me a comment, and I'll give you a letter! Have a good one!!

A Get Well Card

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Can't Do
1.I can't work on a computer when my eyes have been dilated (which is actually why I didn't blog last Friday.)
2. I can't pat my head and rub my tummy at the same time.
3. I can't sing the really high notes like Mariah Carey. If I try my voice just disappears. It is impossible for me.
4. I can't lie to my brother. (I try not to lie to anyone, but it is seriously not possible to lie to my brother, even if I'm joking around because he always gives me this goofy look, and I bust out laughing, which blows my cover.)
5. I can't reach really high things b/c I'm really short.
6. I can't put on makeup while I'm driving. (More power to those that can. If you do this, please make sure you can stay in your lane while you do so. If you can't stay in your lane, you are not talented enough to do this either!)
7. I can't drive with my knees. I think this also has to do with being short and that my legs aren't really long enough to do this. However, I'm also kinda scared to do this because I feel really out of control.
8. I can't watch a really gory movie without turning away from the screen several times.
9. I can't listen to opera music for extended periods of time. I know the people are talented, but I just can't stand listening to it.
10. I can't go into a store and buy whatever I want. (This isn't something I'd mind doing. I'm just financially challenged, so I can't do this.)
11. I can't be near my niece and nephew without giving them tons of hugs and kisses.
12. I can't touch foam rubber. It sends chills up and down my spine to do so. Yes, I know this is weird, but if you try to touch me with a piece of foam rubber, you better be prepared for a fight!
13. I can't play any instruments. Not even one. Not even a kazoo. It's sad really considering my brother can play every instrument known to man it seems. But such is life!
Well, those are the things I can't do. Leave a comment telling me a few things you can't do, and leave your link here, and I'll post you if you're playing along with the Thursday 13!
Karen 1
Karen 2
The Shrone

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