Friday, August 04, 2006

About the Teeth, and Some Other Exciting Stuff

Okay, yesterday somebody asked me why I was so concerned about the teeth. The truth is that YES I have run across some fellas with REALLY BAD TEETH!
I'm not a completely insane person about teeth. I don't carry a toothbrush 24/7, and I don't have floss everywhere I turn. I don't picket on the streets reminding people of the importance of flossing.
But I do believe in CLEAN teeth. I'm not saying that teeth have to be the straightest movie star teeth that are glow in the dark white, but if a guys teeth are brown or black or not there at all, I can't get past it! So that's my thing about a guy having good teeth! They must be clean!
Okay, onto other exciting stuff. I made the decision this week to move out of my parents house and share a house with my baby brother. I think it'll be great, but I'm stepping out with a bit of trepidation. Currently there is only one TV in our house, and it belongs to my brother, and it is in his bedroom because he's been living there alone for a few weeks, and he didn't like hanging out in the living room alone.
So today I'm gonna go buy one of these:

Plus I might spring for a DVD Recorder (I'd put a picture of that, but DVD Recorders aren't really that pretty, so it wasn't really worth the trouble!). Right now we have no cable or satellite, but I'm thinking of doing local cable just so I can watch the news and the weather and all!
Hope you all have a great weekend!


Peggy said...

I think its great you are going to share a home with your brother.You will have fun decorating so post lots of photos.

Mandy said...

Heather, I agree with the teeth thing. It is not about being superficial and only concerned with looks - it is a hygeine thing. I get it.

Good luck with your move! I just got done moving. I am so glad the move is done, but it is nice having a new home to decorate. It is also a great time to do some major "stuff" purging.

kontan said...

That will be a great connection time for you guys! Good luck.

Tammy said...

Good luck with the move! :)
(And the tv looks great!)