Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Tuesday's Top Ten

My cousin Christy started something on her blog a few weeks back called Tuesday's Top Ten. So, I'll go with her on this one, and today I give you the top ten things that will bring certain death to your cell phone!!

1. Dropping a phone in a swimming pool. Now, one of the great things about cell phones is that you can use them anywhere, but if you happen to put your cell phone in a towel, be sure to tell someone it's there before they pick up the towel to use it and sling your cell phone into the pool. (This happened to my mom's cell phone.)

2. Dropping a phone into an electrical pipe that holds wire. Now the phone may still be usable, but you will not get it back. Due to the fact that you could possibly be electrocuted in the retrieval. (This happened to my brother's cell phone)

3. Dropping a cell phone into a man-hole that is filled with rain water. The nasty gross rain water will surely ruin your phone quickly. (Also, to my brother)

4. Snapping your phone in anger over something the person you are talking to said. (My brother, again, do you see a pattern here?)

5. Dropping your cell phone into a toilet. Now this is completely avoidable, NO ONE should talk on a phone in the bathroom. (My brother however doesn't adhere to this rule. Hence the toilet water ruined phone.)

6. Dropping a phone in a dog's bowl. This doesn't cause immediate death, but it will shorten your batteries life, and you will barely be able to get one call through without recharging your phone! (My niece did this to my phone)

7. Throwing your cell phone against a brick wall (my cousin did this.)

8. Allowing a three year old that your are babysitting to remain alone in the room with your phone. Especially if said three year old has anger issues and didn't want you to leave the room. (This happened to my sister in law's phone.)

9. Washing your cell phone in the washing machine. Again, no immediate death, but a short life is predicted for your phone. (My sister in law did this to my brother's phone)

10. Spilling corn on your phone. This results in immediate button death. Apparently corn juice has more lethal powers over phones than water. (This happened to my phone last week)

The upside of cell phone death? Getting a new cell phone. Thankfully, I got a really good deal on mine. Have any of you ever had a cell phone ruined somehow?

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Friday, November 14, 2008

A Bloggy Giveaway

Well guys, in the spirit of the soon approaching Christmas season, I have decided to do a bloggy give away. I will be giving away a Beauti Control Snowflake Set. It will include the Snowflake Body Wash pictured above.

The Snowflake Body Polish

The Snowflake Body Creme

The Snowflake Lip Conditioner

And the Snowflake Show of Hands

All you have to do for a chance to win this giveaway is go to my Beauti Control Page and come back and leave a comment about one item you might like! Also, if you mention this giveaway on your blog and let me know, you'll get two entries! Entries will be taken until November 30, and I'll announce the winner on December 1!

Added note, also, if you could leave your email address in the comments so that I can contact you if you win, I would appreciate it!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Today I present to you Thirteen random thoughts:

1. I'm really into the Biggest Loser this season. I DO NOT like Vicky though. She is EVIL. I really hope she gets voted off soon.
2. Alaena has recently learned that she can put her arms through her crib and reach the Diaper Champ. I'm trying to double and triple check that I don't leave any diapers sitting in the top because apparently 9 month olds don't know you shouldn't play with diapers (thank God she hasn't gotten any dirty ones!!)
3. I just found out that my friend Christa is having a little boy. So exciting, a future hubby for Alaena! LOL! Seriously though, I'm really excited for her.
4. Not only that, but my friend Allison is having a girl so Alaena gets a best friend and a hubby all within a couple of months!
5. I'm seriously glad I have friends having babies because that means I have someone to share the baby wealth with. People were seriously generous when I had my baby showers for Alaena. But now that she's outgrowing stuff, I am quite short on storage space. So they are getting the mother load of stuff, Christa will get the neutral stuff of course. For some reason she didn't feel her little boy needed a pink swing! LOL!
6. I went the other day to buy my dress for my friend Leah B's wedding in June. We're on a downswing of the bridesmaid thing I think. Only a few single friends left. But this actually was a pretty dress, AND I got to buy it 2 sizes smaller than the one in the wedding I was in BEFORE I was pregnant, so I'm very excited. That means all those salads are paying off!
7. Not only have I been eating salads, but I have been working out on the Wii Fit which really makes working out fun, but I have been bad this week because when Alaena was sick I got out of the groove of daily workouts. I've got to get back in the groove.
8. Speaking of groove, for Christmas I asked for the Dance, Dance Revolution game, so that I would have a variety of work out options.
9. I also asked for the Jillian Michaels game because after watching her on the Biggest Loser, I seriously think her workout would really whip me into shape!
10. Of course, I may not need all of these workout things because chasing Alaena around is becoming quite the workout in and of itself. She is pulling herself up walking around stuff, and she is INTO EVERYTHING.
11. Because she is into everything, she has learned the words, "No, no!" And she is doing her part to teach them to my dog Colby. She chases him around going, "no, no, no, no, no, no, no!" Poor Colby, but he loves her!
12. Because my child is so hyper, I am looking for active toys for Christmas, in order for her to put her energies into something that it's okay for her to get into!
13. And believe it or not, it's not even Thanksgiving yet, and I am almost done Christmas shopping. Now this may not be amazing to you in any way, but I have never finished shopping before the week of Christmas. This is truly a momentous occasion!!
So, what's been going on with all of you?

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Thursday Thirteen

Being that I'm trying to get back into this funny blog thing, I figured what better way than with a Thursday Thirteen? So here is a Thursday Thirteen about trying to hook three car seats into the back seat of one small sized SUV...if ever you have to do this, well, GOOD LUCK!

1. My niece Raegan and nephew Trace went to mine and my parent's house last night because both their mom and dad had to be out of town for work today. They were very excited about going!
2. Alaena has moved to a big girl car seat out of the infant car seat, which is a very important detail. Because the big girl car seat takes up more room than the infant car seat.
3. Raegan and Trace are both in the big booster seat type of car seats, the kind that recline and have cup holders and all. You know, the ones that take up a lot of room...
4. We got Raegan's seat in the middle beside Alaena's seat which is on the passenger's side and got Raegan buckled up. All seemed to be going well, seemed is the key word here.
5. We then tried to put Trace's seat in behind the driver's seat. There was one tiny problem. It was hanging halfway off the seat and out the door.
6. So we tried to move Raegan's seat over, but it wouldn't budge.
7. Then we came up with the brilliant (read very stupid) plan to unbuckle Raegan's seat and slide it forward a bit in order to buckle Trace's seat because there was plenty of room for all three seats, we just shouldn't have buckled Raegan before placing the seats, or so we thought.
8. Well, we got Trace in and buckled then began the grueling task of buckling Raegan's seat.
9. Now, I should note that the buckles in my back seat are very oddly placed which makes them tough to buckle even without a mac daddy car seat in front of them.
10. We tried everything, we held Raegan forward while trying to snap the seat belt, at which point she said, "Umm, somebody is hurting me, could you stop?" Since we didn't want to hurt her, we stopped.
11. So Crystal hops into the back of the SUV and tries to force the seat belt in from that angle (because we couldn't reach it from the front or the sides because Alaena and Trace were both in their seats buckled in)
12. Crystal couldn't get it from that angle either.
13. So finally my dad comes to the rescue. He tells Raegan to hop out of her seat grabs the seat and puts it in the back of my car. Buckles Raegan into the seat belt and tells her to sit still. So we drove illegally from the church to my house, but I made Raegan get back in her seat on the way to school in the morning. I don't think she minded because she kept saying, "Are you sure the police aren't gonna get me?" on the way home last night.

As I said, if ever you have to face such an adventure, I wish you well!

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Trying to be Funny Again

Well, I haven't been funny in quite a long while. Life has gotten insanely hectic in the last year since becoming a mom, but I really want to start this blog back, so I can share some stories from the funny moments of my life.
This past Sunday was a pretty special day in my family. My niece Raegan got baptized. This has been something she's gone back and forth being excited about and scared about, but she was determined she was ready to do it.
And let me tell you, when she came into Christmas play practice Sunday afternoon, the child was prepared for her baptizing during the evening service. She had on Ariel swimming goggles, and hand and foot flippers. She told me she was going to wear them to get baptized, and she was dead serious. My sister had to inform her that no she would not be wearing the swimming gear to be baptized.
So my niece went into the baptismal pool with a bit of apprehension about getting water in her eyes.
But no worries, she came out with a huge smile on her face and informed my sister that she "liked this baptizing thing."
Check out this video for a baptism laugh. I'm just saying that my mom and dad would have KILLED ME!
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