Friday, October 27, 2006

A Friday Chuckle

So, my sister has been complaining that I haven't been sharing on my funny page as much lately, so I figured I'd share a little story on here to appease her! LOL!
Have you ever slept on an air mattress? I've had this lovely opportunity several times in my life. And every air mattress is different. When I was younger I slept on a very thin air mattress one time, and I felt like I might as well have slept on the floor because the mattress had no support.
I've also slept on an Aerobed and it really felt like a normal mattress. (No, this isn't a commercial for Aerobed, but really if you ever have the need for an air mattress, I'd suggest you get one of those!)
Anyway, this past weekend, I stayed with some friends of my brother's when I went to visit him. And I had to sleep on an air mattress. This thing was HUGE. It was like a double decker air mattress. I figured that would mean it would be really comfortable and all.
Well, it probably would have been, but it was lacking a bit of air I think, so I had to lay sideways to keep from sinking down into the depths of the air mattress. The laying sideways is an important part of this story.
This air mattress had a pillow section at the top. This section had a bit more air than the rest of the mattress. I decided to lay across that part of the mattress. Yeah, that wasn't a good idea. Once I got on top of the pillow section I rolled right off of the mattress and onto the floor slamming my back into a table they had by the window. Fortunately I didn't break anything in their apartment (or on myself for that matter.) I decided to sleep somewhere other than the pillow section, and I made a mental note to myself to bring my own air mattress the next time!


Stacey said...

Oh my goodness, you rolled off?? I'm so sorry but that was a funny story!!

Chaotic Mom said...

After your story (OUCH!), I have to second the Aerobed. We have one and LOVE IT. Worth the money. We even take it camping with us. Both hubby and I have yucky backs, and the aerobed rocks! Or prevents feeling the rocks, anyway... ;)