Monday, July 31, 2006

Interpretive Dance

I'm sure that most of you have watched ice skating or ice dancing on television. They work to tell the story of the song with their movements. In ice skating when the tempo starts to speed up, the skater goes faster and faster until finally the skater leaps into a triple axle.
Well, last night a little girl did something like that at our Bible School commencement. The kids were singing the songs they learned at Bible School for the adults at our ice cream social. One little two year old girl really got into the music and started to spin and twirl and bow to the audience. She was doing a pretty good job of sticking with the tempo of the music too.
Until her brother decided to join in on her dance. He twirled and ran straight for her. He ran into her mid spin, and she crashed to the floor. She started to cry, I think more because her dance was ruined than because he had hurt her. But her tears didn't last too long. She started dancing once again just a minute later.
It's amazing how kids are able to bounce back like that!!
And it's too bad that we as adults feel too embarrassed to dance like that!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Wednesday's Word Association

Congrats to Aggiejenn for finding the correct answer to yesterday's trivia question. The answer was Will Rogers.
Now, onto Wednesday's Word Association. Like last week, I'm going to give you some words, and you list the first thing that pops into your head. No looking at anyone elses!!

1. Casting
2. Blind
3. Chair
4. Third
5. Dude
6. Wrong
7. Yellow
8. July
9. Dare
10. Suite

Let me see those thoughts people!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Tuesday Trivia

Okay everybody, I think I'm gonna stick with the trivia thing. You can e-mail me the answer to, and leave me a comment here letting me know that you sent an e-mail (please make your subject line on the e-mail your blogger name.) Enjoy!

Who said this?
"Even if you are on the right track, you'll still get run over if you just sit there."

Dig up that answer people, and don't forget to leave a comment here to let me know that you're e-mailing me the answer so I'll look for it!

Monday, July 24, 2006

A Few Pictures of the Trip

It's really busy today, so I'm just gonna share a few pics from my beach trip. Have a good one!

Here's Leah in the veil we made her wear into Wendys. She was a great sport about it even though she's really shy!

Here are the four of us that went. From left Marcia, Leah I, Leah B, and myself. We are standing in front of the waterfall at the Ripley's aquarium!

Here I am with the bride to be. We were sitting on one of the swings at the beach house. So relaxing!

Friday, July 21, 2006

About the Tickets...

I got a question about all the tickets yesterday. And it made me realize that I don't think I've ever shared much about my job on here. Probably because this is supposed to be a funny blog, and in and of itself, a job just doesn't land on the funny side of things in most cases.
But for those who are interested, I'll share. And I'll try to make it as fun as possible! I promise!
Okay, you know those tickets that you throw away after you buy clothes? The strip with the size and the ticket on the waistband of jeans or a hangtag with a barcode? Well, I develop that stuff for VF Jeanswear. That's right, I develop trash.
And you'd think it'd be simple, but anything where marketing is involved is never simple. I mean those people nitpick over the color of a ticket for weeks. And I'm like, people are gonna throw this stuff away. But hey, it keeps me in a job!
So anyway, that's why my desk is loaded down with rolls of tickets. Maybe one day I'll get it cleared off. Maybe....

BTW, don't forget to go nominate your favorite blogs over at the Blogs of Summer!

Just click this link...

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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen Header Courtesy of Goofy Girl
Thirteen Things On My Desk At Work

1. Ink Pens - Everywhere I turn so that I can just grab one
2. Lotion - My hands get dry because I work with paper a lot.
3. Scissors - to cut tickets
4. Lots of tickets (the kind that are on your jeans when you buy them at the store)
5. Notepads (none of them completely full. All of them partially used.)
6. Rubber bands (To keep bundles of tickets together)
7. A phone ( so that people can call me and complain if their tickets aren't right)
8. New ticket files
9. New art discs
10. Tape
11. Rulers
12. A scanner
13. My computer (without which I couldn't do much!)

Get the Thursday Thirteen code here!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Wednesday's Word

First off I want to congratulate Aggiejenn from Showered with Grace and Reflecting Him. She answered yesterday's trivia question correctly. The answer was Orville Wingait! Good job, Aggiejenn.
Now for Wednesday's word I'm going to do something a little different. I'm gonna give you a few words, and I want you to leave comments about the first thing that each word brings to mind! No cheating now, don't look at anyone else's, just list your own! Okay, here's the words:

1. Hip
2. Balance
3. Sing
4. Group
5. Hula
6. Smile
7. Ice
8. Goat
9. Dirt
10. Cook

Have fun, and I hope you all play along!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Tuesday Trivia

Okay everybody. I'm gonna change things around a bit. Today I'm gonna give you a trivia question. You can e-mail me the answer to, and leave me a comment here letting me know that you sent an e-mail (please make your subject line on the e-mail your blogger name.) Enjoy!

In the Judy Garland classic "Summer Stock", who was Jane's original fiance?

Monday, July 17, 2006

The Blogs of Summer Awards

Hey guys! Starting Thursday nominations will be taken for the best blogs of summer over at Bloggin' Out Loud!
Go over there and check it out and vote for your favorites!!

Celebrating the Best Blogs of Summer]

Friday, July 14, 2006

What's Good for the Chick Is Good for the Chicken...

Okay, let's get things straight first, I guess my niece would be the chick, and I'd be the chicken in this story! Anyway, my niece is potty training. She's pretty much completely potty trained only an occasional accident here and there.
The funny thing is that she apparently thinks we're all in training too. See, last night I took her to the potty, and she finished then she turned to me and said, "You need to go to the potty, Hedder." (that's what she calls me.)
I said, "No, I don't have to go to the potty right now."
She said, "Yes, go to potty."

Once again I said, "No, I don't have to."
She looked at me with a serious face and said, "You need to try."
I guess she figured that's what her mom always tells her. I laughed me head off at her because she was so serious. It took a bit of distracting to get her out of the bathroom and convinced that I indeed didn't have to go to the potty!
Two year olds are a riot!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thursday Thirteen Header Courtesy of Goofy Girl
Thirteen Things I Want To Do In My Lifetime

1. Go Bunjee jumping. I think it looks fun.
2. Go skydiving. I used think people were crazy for doing this, but the older I get, the more I realize that you have to take chances.
3. Get a book that I'm pleased with written.
4. Then get it published.
5. Go to Australia. My all-time dream vacation spot.
6. Go bowling in Canada, this has to do with a birthday card one of my friends got or gave me (I can't remember which) anyway, it said that we should go bowling in Canada so that when we got old we could say, "Remember that time we went bowling in Canada." So now we want to go.
7. Sing with Third Day. They used to call people up on stage to sing with them. I want to be one of those people!
8. Get married.
9. Have kids.
10. Go on a missions trip.
11. Go on an Alaskan cruise.
12. Build a house made of log or stone, well not actually build myself but have one built for me! Oh, and it has to have a waterfall!
13. Go to Ireland. I've just always wanted to go there!

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Beach Trip

I am so excited you guys. My friend Leah called me yesterday and asked if I wanted to go to the beach. I was like YEAH.
See, she's getting married in September, and she wanted a girl's weekend before she got married. Her fiance's parents have a beach house that they're gonna let us use, so voila a beach trip!
First off this is great because I haven't been to the beach in several years, but mostly it's great because I haven't gotten to take a trip with Leah since we graduated from high school 6 YEARS AGO!
Anybody else out there have fun times coming up?

Monday, July 10, 2006

100 Posts Already??

Well, I can't believe it, but I've made it to my 100th post on my second blog. Most of you do 100 things about yourselves at this momentous occasion. So, that's what I'm going to do, but I'm just gonna share 100 things about this past weekend. Believe me, it will enlighten you a bit about me!!

1. I woke up early last Thursday morning to get my oil changed.
2. I got my oil changed at Walmart because it's cheap there.
3. Also I HATE going to garages, and I don't feel so out of place at Walmart.
4. My cousins Tracy and Christy went with me, so we could leave straight from there to go to King's Dominion.
5. I drove to King's Dominion.
6. I had never been there before.
7. I missed an exit that I was supposed to take to one of the highways.
8. I don't know why I did, I'd taken the exit many times before.
9. So we went on a little adventure and found a different way on a map so that I didn't have to turn around.
10. This only put us maybe half an hour behind schedule.
11. We stopped at a Wendy's to eat about halfway through the trip. This is where we discovered it was COLD in Virginia on Thursday. (Well cold compared to the lovely 95 degree temperatures we have been ENJOYING here in NC)
12. I ate a Fix and Mix Frosty despite the cool temperatures (don't get onto me, I was on vacation. There is no healthy eating on vacation)
13. I drove on to King's Dominion (no we didn't check into the hotel first. We were ready to ride some roller coasters)
14. The first ride we rode was a ride that takes you up in the air and you swing and you can pull a lever to turn these wing things so you twist around. It was fun, but Tracy wouldn't ride with us because she has a fear of swings.
15. We then rode a stand up roller coaster that I can't remember the name of right now because it wasn't much fun. Honestly, this was the slowest roller coaster I'd ever been on.
16. We checked out the rest of the park and then went to the concert for Thursday night.
17. We saw Kutless (who were pretty good in concert even though I didn't know many of their songs)
18. Then we saw the Newsboys. "I Am Free" was already one of my favorite songs. After hearing it live, I love it even more.
19. We walked through a herd of people to my car.
20. We drove to the hotel and checked in.
21. We walked to our room only to find it hadn't been cleaned. Yes, I know we should've checked into the hotel before we went to the park!
22. We called down to the front desk, and the lady told us she was there alone, but that she could give us some sheets and we could change the beds ourselves.
23. We were like, ""
24. Turns out several people had the same problem, so the manager was called into the hotel, and he switched us to a clean room.
25. There was only one problem with the room. It didn't have two double beds, it had one king size one.
26. They didn't have roll-aways, we called and asked for one.
27. So the three of us slept in the one bed.
28. Thankfully Tracy didn't mind sleeping in the middle.
29. Unfortunately, she almost crushed Christy to death in the midst of the night. Not really, she just rolled over on her, but Christy said she never realized it.
30. So we woke up partially rested, but still very excited for another day at the park.
31.We rode the Anaconda where we bought the picture, but blogger isn't cooperating, so I'll post it later
32. We also rode The Italian Job.
33. And a lot of other rides.
34. We rode the elevator to the top of the Eifel Tower. I wasn't sure I'd want to do this because I thought I might not like to be way up high if I wasn't moving at a high speed. Turns out it didn't bother me at all. However, Tracy rediscovered her fear of heights.
35. Tracy and I were very disappointed to find that both of the really fun looking roller coasters, The Volcano and the Hypersonic XLC, were closed. Christy wasn't disappointed because she didn't plan on riding either of them.
36. We rode some water rides and got soaked because it was hot on Friday. The chilliness from Thursday didn't stay with us.
37. We missed Pocket Full of Rocks because the lady at the concert gate told us the concert started at 6 when it actually started at 5.
38. We caught the tail end of Josh Finklea's message about giving to Compassion International.
39. After that we heard The David Crowder Band. They were pretty good. They aren't really one of my all-time favorites, but the concert was pretty fun.
40. Christy's boyfriend Josh came and joined us (don't worry, he stayed in a different room. Actually, we traded rooms with him because he had two beds, and we only had one.)
41. Next came Toby Mac. He is one of my favorites. After he was done, I was getting pretty tired of standing on my feet, but I couldn't sit down for long because...
42. The next group was Casting Crowns. If you've never seen them in concert, go. AWESOME!! I laughed, I cried, I worshipped. Just awesome! It was after this concert that my voice turned into a cracking, squeaking mess (and it still is!)
43. We went back to the hotel where we found a clean room for us, but not for Josh (but he was fine with it since he knew us, and we were the ones who had slept in there the night before)
44. We were tired, so we laid down to go to sleep not too long after we got back.
45. Tracy fell sound asleep quickly, which was good for Christy and I.
46. Because we had plotted to wrap Tracy's bed up in saran wrap while she was sleeping.
47. I really wish blogger would let me post pictures because it was hilarious.
48. The funniest part is that Tracy never woke up. We wrapped her bed with two full rolls of saran wrap.
49. Don't worry, we didn't put it where it would suffocate her!
50. And she laughed about it with us the next day, so we're still friends.
51. On Saturday morning we woke up and went to see Pirates of the Caribbean:Dead Man's Chest which is a great movie. You should see it.
52. There was a pirate ship outside of the movie theater when we came back out of the movie (our movie started at 10, which is apparently before they had the pirate ship ready, and for the record is like the earliest I've ever been to a movie)
53. Tracy had to have her picture taken beside the pirate ship. (Yeah, can't post that one either)
54. After that we ate lunch at Chili's with Tracy's college friend Angela and her husband.
55. Then it was off to the park.
56. By this time, we were all walking in a little slower (except for Josh because he hadn't already walked the park for two days)
57. But when we got inside we had lots of fun times. Christy and I skipped the Anaconda this time because we didn't think we could handle it after eating Chili's.
58. But we rode The Italian Job.
59. We also rode the water tube ride. Christy and I got soaked. I'm talking I should've worn a black shirt rather than a yellow one soaked. Yeah, I walked with my arms crossed in front of me for a while.
60. We then searched the park for a Chick-Fila because we were sick of hotdogs, hamburgers and chicken strips. We found it in the water park.
61. Then we made the long trek to the concerts.
62. We skipped most of them for Saturday because we wanted Josh to be able to ride some stuff.
63. But we got there for Jeremy Camp who made me cry with his testimony. I just love to hear him!
64. Then there was Third Day one of my all-time favorite groups.
65. The concert ended, and the last prayer was said.
66. We took one last picture, kinda sad because our much anticipated time at King's Dominion was officially over.
67. We then went back to the hotel to find two clean rooms (shocking isn't it?)
68. No jokes were played on Saturday night.
69. I think we were all way too tired.
70. We woke up Sunday morning at 9.
71. Then we packed everything up.
72. And Tracy and Josh did the checkout thing.
73. Then we went to Cracker Barrel.
74. And Tracy put us under the fake last name of Dingus. And she didn't listen well and didn't even get to hear them say it!
75. We got a waitress who didn't even have one star (if you know much about Cracker Barrel, their waiters and waitresses are rated with stars)
76. But we got all our food, and I left with a to-go cup of unsweet tea, so we were good.
77. Josh and Christy led the way in his truck.
78. Tracy and I followed them to highway 360, but then we had to make a pit-stop, so we lost them. (but it was okay, because we knew where we were)
79. Tracy bought some Skittles to throw out the window while we were at the convenient store.
80. And I bought some Gatorades (Tracy is addicted to the stuff)
81. We went down the highway.
82. Tracy threw some Skittles out the window.
83. We listened to the radio
84. And listened and listened.
85. We went 60mph
86. Then 45mph
87. Then 60mph
88. Well, you get the picture, there was a lot of back and forth in the speed limit!
89. Then we got onto 58 toward Danville, and we passed a space ship.
90. Seriously a space ship, I can't wait to post the picture.
91. We stopped and took a few pictures of it.
92. We drove more.
93. Listened to the radio more.
94. Got onto 29 S.
95. Finally got to the Ruffin exit.
96. Took a few more turns and finally pulled onto my road.
97. Carried the bags inside.
98. Laid down for a while.
99. Went to church.
100. Came home and CRASHED!

Hope you made it through my 100! If so, thanks! And I hope you know me a bit better now!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Wednesday's Word

Today's word is vacation:

Actual meaning: A period of time devoted to pleasure, rest, or relaxation, especially one with pay granted to an employee

Meaning to me: The time I am getting off of work for the next two days to go to KINGSFEST!

That's right, this will be my last post of the week because I'm going to King's Dominion for Kingsfest! I get to see the Newsboys, Casting Crowns, Third Day, Toby Mac and the list goes on! I'm so excited.
Anyway, I'll be back to visit your blogs next week! Have a good one!

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tuesday's Treasure

Have you ever seen the movie My Girl 2? Well, at the end of the movie the boy gives the girl a pair of earrings and puts a note in the box that says, "In memory of barbaric customs." Well, my treasure today is probably a barbaric custom. Because it takes a beautiful truck like this:

Or this (just trying to show you that this truck was all shiny and clean)

And turns it into this:
Yes, that's right. We kind-of helped Will and Ari decorate their truck so they could ride off to their honeymoon in style. But don't worry, we didn't forget to put the important sweet details like this one:
And don't worry, that's Ready-whip not shaving cream. We also put another sweet detail on the hood:
If you can't read it, that says Will Loves Ari in chocolate Ready-whip! My treasure today is the friendships I have with Will and Ari. See, they didn't get mad at any of us. They just laughed and said AWWWW about the message on the hood!

How about you guys, any barbaric customs out there!

Monday, July 03, 2006

Weddings, Take Two

Well, I made it through round two of wedding mania. I'm telling you, these people are going to owe me big when it comes time for me to get married. I am worn out!
I'm very happy for my cousin Will and my friend Ari. I pray they have a long marriage filled with love and happiness. I'm just thankful they only have one wedding!
The thought ran through my head that maybe when I do find that perfect man that I'll just elope, but then I realized that my wedding will be the time that I make my friends understand just what they put me through.
Yep, I'm a bride-zilla in the making! No, not really, but I have decided that I'm gonna have the wedding I want with no guilt!
I hope you guys all had a nice, restful weekend! I get off of work early today, so I intend to go home and get a little more rest! Maybe tomorrow my thoughts won't be so scattered!!