Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Children, Wedding Boutiques and Scary Bathrooms!

Last night I had the pleasure of going shopping with two of my best friends from high school. It was a lot of fun. The goal behind the shopping trip was to help my friend who is getting married in September pick out bridesmaid's gowns. (Thank God she has good taste!)
So we went from shop to shop, looking at tons of satin and chiffon dresses. Some of the dresses weren't so pricey, but there were some that I was afraid to touch.
Which brings me to the funny part of the story. On the door to the last "boutique" we visited was a big sign that said, "Parents, please watch your children."
See, I always thought that was a given. That's what parents are supposed to do. I mean especially in a store like that. I probably wouldn't even take a child there, but if I did, I would hold their hand the entire time. Maybe I had an overprotective mom, but she certainly never had to read a sign on the door to be reminded that she needed to watch me. It was pretty much a no-brainer.
After we left the shop, we went down the road to a Chick-Fila. I went into the restroom and ran into a parent who didn't need to be reminded to watch her child. The little girl was upset because she thought the bathroom was scary, and she didn't want to use the potty anymore. The mother was trying to reassure her that it was just like any other bathroom.
It gave me a good feeling that all parents out there aren't idiots who need to be reminded to watch their children.
How about any of you. Have you seen warnings or reminders that anyone with common sense should know?

Monday, February 27, 2006

When Did This Happen?

Okay, I'm admitting it, though I don't know when it happened! I'm not a teenager anymore. I've known for a while in my head, but my body realized it full force on Saturday night.
See, I went to a concert (which was awesome by the way), but it was one of those events where you couldn't pre-buy tickets. So we got there at like 4 pm. The doors didn't open until 5. Once we got inside we sat for a bit, but after the concert started at around 5:45, I didn't really sit for a substantial period of time until we got into the car after 10. So pretty much I stood (and swayed and clapped my hands and screamed and put my hands in the air), for 6 hours straight!
When I was a teen, this didn't phase me one bit, but I was awakened at three in the morning by something that I'd never before experienced post-concert - A LEG CRAMP!
I'll tell you this, it was no fun. So I'm sitting there in my bed, trying to get rid of the cramp, and I'm wondering, "When did this happen?" I'm young. Cramps don't happen to young people.
WRONG! I'm not old, but the twenties are definitely different than the teens, or maybe I was just better at ignoring things when I was a teen. No, that couldn't be it, this cramp was much too painful to be ignored.
Whatever it is, I'm thinking that I'd rather go back than forward. But seeing how that isn't possible, I guess I'll just try to find the humor in it! And hopefully I won't need a cane by the time I'm thirty!!

Friday, February 24, 2006

Ice Skating - Watch out Olympics 2018!

Last night I did what I'm sure millions of Americans did. I watched some ice skating on the olympics. I've always loved to watch it, and I admit to a little jealousy! (Not a lot mind you, they stay pretty bruised and banged up in all their training. I don't envy them that!)
But they just look so beautiful skating, and the jumps the do are amazing. Now before I lose you, I'll get to the funny part. After all, this isn't a commentary site about triple axles.
This post is about my niece. I'm sorry, but she's just funny! Her latest fiasco? Ice Skating across the living room floor. She'd watch the skaters on TV and try to mimic their moves. Try being the operative word here. Now I must admit that she did okay at some parts. Like the part where they hold their arms out and go faster just before a jump. She was good at that.
But the jumps and the leg holds, well they're just hard for a two year old. Especially a short two year old with chubby legs!
But hey, she has the energy for it! Who knows, maybe she will find a career in it, but for now, I think she'd better stick with the little gym. Her balance beam skills are definitely beating out her sit-spin!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Heather
Thirteen of my favorite lines from movies
I'm giving this Thursday Thirteen thing a try. These are some lines from movies that make me laugh! Hope you enjoy!

1. "Well, ain't this a geographical oddity, two weeks from everywhere" (George Clooney's anger about how long it takes to order Dapper Dan from "O Brother Where Art Thou)

2. "We love them pigs, we love them pigs so much. We love them swine, they is divine..." (actually a song from Rigoletto)

3. "We've already had breakfast."

"Well, we've had one sure, but what about second breakfast?"

"I don't think he knows about second breakfast, Pip."

"What about elevensies, luncheon, afternoon tea, supper, does he know about them?" (Pippin's concerns about eating from "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring")

4. "Loincloth, good Lord." (the father's concern about his daughter meeting a wild man in a loincloth in "Tarzan")

5. "Cause tonight there's only one more sleep 'til Christmas Day." (Kermit the frog's song in "The Muppet's Christmas Carol)

6. "Stupid, fat hobbit." (Smeagal on "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers")

7. "I'm taking all my dolls, even the dead ones." (Tootie's excitement about moving to New York in "Meet Me in St. Louis")

8. "Make haste. Make haste." (Mr. Collins rushing his wife and Lizzy in BBC's "Pride and Prejudice")

9. "Hercules is a very popular name. Remember a few years ago when all the boys were Jason and all the girls were Brittney." (Pain and Panic from "Hercules")

10. "He's got the whole world in His hands." (The song the crazy killer sings as the plane is crashing on "ConAir")

11. "You didn't see anything." (The mastermind Penguin in "Madagascar")

12. "I'm like 99.9% parched right now. I could really use a cola." (The Napoleon Dynamite guy who knows about ghosts in "Just Like Heaven")

13. "Let's catch 'em with their trousers down." (The smart chicken on "Chicken Run")

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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Weebles Wobble, People Too

A few posts ago I did one of those MEME things, and I mentioned weebles. My niece has this obsession with weebles. Tracy seems to think she inherited it for us because we used to fight over them. Who knows, she could be right. I don't remember this fight, but apparently Tracy threw a weeble at my head. Maybe thats why I don't remember!
Anyway, weebles have come back to the limelight, and they are all the rage for toddlers. When I had weebles they didn't have all the cool little villages and treehouses. They pretty much wobbled, and maybe there was a car or something.
But my niece has a tree house with a weeble ferris wheel. It's too cool.
But the most hilarious is the weebles DVD's. My niece loves them. There's a song called "Weebles Wobble" at the beginning of them. (Which of course is updated from the boring, "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down" line of my day)
Anyway its this upbeat song which the weebles do a wobbly dance to.
My niece has learned this dance, and she stands in front of the TV and wobbles back and forth. Its absolutely hilarious.
But the funny thing is that we adults have started it. It's like we're hypnotized. Every time the weeble song comes on, we wobble back and forth. You can't hear the song and not wobble. I think its a weeble conspiracy.
Anyway, are there crazy things that you do that you can't help doing in spite of how crazy you look doing it?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

A Knight's Tale, A Look Back in Time in a Different Light

I don't know if any of you has ever seen the movie, "A Knight's Tale" but it's a pretty funny movie. It's set in a time-frame long ago and centers around jousting competitions, but it mixes in today's music and actions. For instance, the crowds cheer at the jousting competitions like they do at a football or basketball game today.
Personally, I've always wanted to go back to that time period, but I think I'd want it to be like that. See, I can't stand opera type music. It just grates my nerves. Thats the only thing I hate about movies like Pride and Prejudice. They just shouldn't have them sing!
So my perfect 1800's experience would be one where I could go back in time and still listen to Third Day and Casting Crowns.
What would you take with you if you could go back in time? What time period would you pick?

Monday, February 20, 2006

Elevator Rides

When my brother was but a youngster, he was terrified of elevators. He hated the enclosed space. I can't remember the number of times we were forced to take the steps because of him. (It was probably healthier for us, but very annoying when you are in a big place)
When he was 12 or so, I had to have my appendix out. As you may have guessed by now from my previous posts, my brother is pretty hyperactive. (I pick on him saying that God called him to preach because he can hardly sit still in church)
Anyway, there was no way he was sitting still during surgery. So my sister took him down to the cafeteria with her. Now the steps weren't near the waiting room, so she made him take the elevator. I'm told it took some convincing to get him to ride it.
But once he got on the elevator once, he learned that he loved it. So the rest of the time that I was in surgery, he spent riding up and down the elevator taking people to their floors. Really, he'd have been a great bellboy.
As a matter of fact, when I got out of surgery, and they told him to come see me, they had to drag him off the elevator. (I felt so loved!) So when Ben came into the room, I got to hear about how fun an elevator was.
The moral of this story? Be willing to take a risk. You may learn that you love something that you hated. Or at the very least, your family will have something to laugh about later on down the road!

Saturday, February 18, 2006

More from Norm

Here's Norm with my adorable niece, Raegan.

Here's Norm with his new favorite movie. He thinks he looks somewhat like Grandpa!
Here's Norm with some of the Valentine's Day gifts.

Friday, February 17, 2006

Heart and Soul

My cousin Tracy (AKA T- Ray) is one of those people that can make you laugh at the hardest times in life. If you are mad, you better not go around her because she'll have you smiling before you know it.
One of her current ways to make people smile is by "singing" the song, "Heart and Soul." Now, I use the term "singing" loosely. Really its somewhat of a rap.
She'll go into rap mode and toss a few lines of her favorite song to sing, and we all start rolling on the floor.
I like friends like that. Friends that can make you laugh in spite of yourself.
So that's the kind of friend I'm going to be to you today.
Picture a skinny white girl throwing on an oversized hoody and dancing around the room rapping "Heart and Soul!" If that doesn't bring a smile to your face, maybe I should tell you about her song, "Chunky Charlie..."

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Norm the Gnome

Peggy, over at Hidden Haven had this idea to send around a little gnome named Norm to several of her friends. We're all to take pictures of him around our house and our towns so that people can see a little bit more about where we all live.
Well, Norm has spent three days in Ruffin. Here's a few pics of what he's seen so far.
First off, Norm received a rousing welcome from a dog friend.

Here's a picture of Norm with my real dogs. Princess (the lightest one), Peanut (the tan one and the only boy!) and Lexi (the black one!)

More pics to come of Norm's adventures! Including pics from Valentine's Day!

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Dancing With One Hand in the Air

My friends and I have been known to do some crazy things. For example, when we were younger, we made crazy movies about valcuum cleaners (yes, that's pronounced val-cuum) and lands called Balkus.
There were lots of other crazy lands on the way to Balkus, but I don't have time to share about them here. Needless to say, we had some pretty big imaginations.
In the present day, we still have our imaginations, but being adults limits your outlets for fun (people tend to throw adults talking about imaginary places into the insane asylum!)
Our biggest outlet for fun is dancing. We'll make up crazy dances to our favorite Toby Mac and Third Day songs. It's a lot of fun. I'd recommend it to anyone.
So if any of us are every down, one of us will put one hand in the air and start to dance.
So if you're having a down day, put one arm in the air and dance around the room. Its guaranteed to bring a smile to your face if for no other reason than the fact that you stopped taking yourself so seriously!

Friday, February 10, 2006

The Meme That Never Ends

Okay, so I wasn't "technically" tagged for this, but Holymama was very vague, and it looked fun so here it is:
The Meme That Never Ends!

10 Years Ago:
* I was in 8th grade
* I was still in my first year of teenage-hood!
* I had only been a Christian for almost a year - despite growing up in a Christian home

5 years ago:
* I had just started a new job (had no idea how difficult the jean-making process was!)
* I was 18 years old, and I thought I knew everything (who I was going to marry, how many kids I would have, boy was I wrong!)
* I really started to realize that my relationship with God was the most important thing!
1 year ago:
* I was recovering from brain surgery
* I took for granted how nice it is to sit around the house
* I enjoyed the snowfall!!!
* I went to church (great sermons both services!)
* I sang in the choir and special songs in the morning and night services
* I hugged my niece and nephew
* I had fun times with my friends while watching a funny movie
* I ate my grandma's homemade veggie soup! Yum!

5 songs I know all the words to:
* Anything by Third Day
* This Man by Jeremy Camp (pretty much anything by him!)
* Anything by Casting Crowns
* Most anything by the Newsboys
* Hundreds of songs that I sing with my family (I'm a singer, you're gonna limit me to five!)

5 things I’d do with a million dollars

* Tithe, and give lots.
* Pay off all debt.
* Buy a house.
* Buy a nice SUV.
* Help my family!
5 places I’d run away to:
* Alaska
* Australia
* Canada
* Hawaii
* Scotland

5 things I’d never wear:
* stilts (I'm very clumsy, it would not be good!)
* 9 inch heels ( I saw these in a book once, how? I mean seriously, how? My foot's not that long!)
* Leather pants (big butt, leather pants, never a good mix!)
* A hardhat (They just don't look comfortable)
* One of those bright orange vests that the people doing roadwork wear (for obvious reasons)
5 favorite toys:
* laptop
* Nintendo 64 - Donkey Kong (Old School, I know, but its a fun stress reliever)
* Rook
* four wheeler
* Weebles (Not really, but I don't have many toys, and this is my nieces favorite!)
5 favorite books or TV shows
* The Bible
* anything by Karen Kingsbury
* Friends (TV)
* Beth Moore studies
* Anything by Brandilyn Collins

5 greatest joys
* God
* Family
* Friends
* Church family
* Writing
5 people I tag for this
Tracy, Christy, Ashley and whoever else hasn't done this.

Dead Deer, Egos, and Waiting

Disclaimer: I am not man-bashing. I am simply stating my confusion about some things that men do. Trying to gain some understanding. If you are a man, and you understand these things, please shed some light!
We had a big discussion last night after Bible study about the differences between men and women. No matter how hard we may try, I don't think women will ever completely understand men. And I know men won't understand us.
I mean how could people who do such gross things understand us?
For example one of my best friends, Ari, was talking about something her fiance, Will, and my brother, Ben, had done in their younger days. They took a dead deer and stood it up in the middle of an old dirt road. She just couldn't understand why they would do something so disgusting.
I'm having a hard time grasping it myself.
Then my cousin, Tracy, started talking about a guy she likes. When he heard that she liked him his words were, "I thought she did."
Now she did nothing to broadcast this. She didn't send out the "I love you" vibe or anything. I mean how do they know? Or do they just assume that every woman who walks the planet is in love with them?
His next line was one of non-chalance, "We'll see how it goes." Well, what in the world does that mean?
Why can't guys say what they mean at the right times? And why do they say exactly what they mean at the wrong times?
As long as feelings aren't involved they speak right up. But put something emotional in the mix, and you've never seen a more quiet man.
Oh well, I guess it'd be pretty boring if we didn't have them. Plus, who would take out the trash?

Thursday, February 09, 2006

In Memory of Hamsters

When my brother was about 8 or 9 years old mom and dad decided he was responsible enough to have a hamster (who my brother named Teddy because he was a teddy bear hamster, this name will have great significance later in the story) Of course mom ended up feeding it most of the time, but overall Teddy lived a happy life.
Mom bought all the hamster necessities. Teddy had a little house where he could burrow and sleep. (Which he of course did all day long, to rest up for a night of noise making) He had a wheel to run on (this will also be very significant later in the story) and he had a ball that we could put him in to let him run around the living room.
Well, as I've said, Teddy loved to make noise at night. His noise-maker of choice was his running wheel. All night long the metal wheel would squeak. Very annoying.
Then one night the squeaking stopped. Crystal and I thought we were in heaven. A night of peaceful sleep at last. But the peace would be shortlived.
Not thirty minutes later Ben came running into our room, crying. Screaming, "Teddy's dead." Now at this point in the story it would probably be a good time to tell you that I'm from NC. In NC, Teddy and Daddy rhyme.
Through the garble of Ben's hiccupped crying, Crystal and I thought Ben had said that daddy was dead. So we immediately screamed and started going into hysterics. This of course terrified our brother. He started to yell, "I never even thought you liked him." Crystal and I were like "What?" so we stopped our screaming and ran into the living room.
There stood mom holding the dead hamster. How did he die? He hung himself in that wheel he used to torture us all. It was somewhat sad because Ben had really liked that hamster. However, I was very relieved to find that my dad was in his room safe and sound. My brother slept on my parents floor that night, and no talk was ever made of getting another hamster.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Polls Are Open

The polls are open over at Everyday Hogwash. Mine is the one about Moo-moos! Cast me a vote if you don't mind!! Thanks!
The site is: http://www.everydayhogwash.com/

A Should-Be Warning for Sling-Shots

When I was about 15, my sister (Crystal), her best friend (Melissa) and myself went to a Christian concert in Boone, NC with a huge group from our church. We had so much fun.
Of course, being the women we were, we decided to go shopping. My sister's best friend felt sorry for my brother (Benjamin) because he didn't get to come with us. (I felt no pity. He was after all an 11 year old pest.) In her pity, Melissa bought my brother a sling-shot.
Maybe you didn't catch it, but I just said that Benjamin, at this time of life, was a TOTAL pest. Crystal and I tried our hardest to convince Melissa of the folly of her ways. We tried to tell her that Benjamin would certainly get in major trouble with a sling-shot.
She, however, was convinced that she could convince him to be responsible with it.(Yeah, right!) So Crystal and I resigned ourselves to the fact that we would probably be shot with a slingshot at some point in the next few weeks. (We weren't so, so happy with Melissa about it!!)
Fast forward about a month. So far my brother had actually taken Melissa's responsibility speech to heart. Partially because mom watched him like a hawk with the sling-shot. Partially because he didn't want to lose it.
But with Benjamin goodness could only last so long. Something possessed him to try his hand at shooting marbles from his slingshot at our trashcan. Sadly for him, this trashcan was INSIDE THE HOUSE! Also sadly for him, the trashcan was placed directly across the room from our oven.
You've probably guessed it by now. The marble missed the trashcan and crashed into the oven door, shattering it into millions of energy filled pieces. It took months to find all the glass (most of the time it appeared in my bare foot) because it literally jumped across the floor like millions of jumping beans. One of the weirdest things I ever saw.
Needless to say, my brother never saw the sling-shot again.
A few years back, I went back to Boone and returned to the Mast General Store. Melissa was with me, but she didn't buy a sling-shot. In fact, she steered clear of that part of the store. However, I did see one unsuspecting Grandpa buying one for his scarily happy grandson.
So if you're reading this, I warn you against the evils of the sling-shot. Heed my warning, and you may save a few windows (or oven doors as the case may be!!)

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Do I Look Like I Want to Wear a Moo-Moo?

My rant today is about moo-moos, or rather the fact that I don't want to have to wear them! I'm 23 years old, and I admit I'm on the fluffy side. It's not something I'm proud of, and I'm working on changing it. However, in the middle stage. The stage where I'm still bigger than I prefer to be. I'd like to have the option to wear clothes that don't resemble a 90 year old woman's!

I mean you see the cutest clothes in the "Misses" section. The same shirt will come in 20 different colors. And they of course come with coordinating bottoms (pants/capris/shorts). They are so cute.

Then you get to the side of the store for "Womens" (Which by the way, this name seems a bit strange to me. Aren't we all women?) The same shirt may be there, but it comes only in a huge floral or paisley print. Of course the matching bottom (which is usually a granny type skirt) is printed in the same hideous floral or paisley print.

Now some of you out there may be very fond of going around looking like a garden. Or perhaps you have a paisley fetish. However this 20-something girl is not loving those fashion statements.

Unfortunately a huge percent of the US is now overweight. Lots of these overweight people are young. So why the gross fashions?

I'm not saying I want short-shorts (people would scream when I exited my home!) But a cute pair of capris would be nice!

Those are my thoughts on the matter anyway!!