Thursday, August 09, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Name That Brand Edition

I got to thinking the other day about how we get to know brands by their taglines, so for each tagline listed here, name that brand:

1. "Makes Mouths Happy!"

2. "Zoom Zoom!"

3. "We work hard so you don't have to!"

4. "Gimme a break!"

5. "We didn't invent the chicken, just the chicken sandwich" also "Eat More Chicken"

6. "You're in Good Hands"

7. "Bet you can't eat just one!"

8. "Have it your way"

9. "Real. Comfortable. Jeans."

10. "I'm free to do what I want, any old time!"

11. "It's the Network!"

12. "Eat Fresh!"

13. "Fast, effective heartburn relief with calcium. Something your body needs anyway!"

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You Gotta Wonder Why Some Things Run in the Family

Something happened the other day that made me remember some funny times of when I was a youngster. Actually it's more about when my brother was a youngster. See, when he was 2, 3, 4 years old, my mom had the hardest time keeping clothes on the boy. It was very rare to see him in more than a diaper (or later on his big boy undies.) (Yeah, he's gonna totally kill me for this post!)
Anyway, if he could get out of mom's sight long enough, he'd lose the diaper or undies too. And then he'd run streaking through the house. His favorite place to stand? In front of our COMPLETELY GLASS screen door. Yeah, he was an early exhibitionist. Fortunately he eventually realized that showing his stuff to the world wasn't the best idea.
But he apparently passed his bad habit on unknowingly. The other night my niece came to revival and informed me that, "Buddy got nek-i-nit in his crib." My sister's translation of this funny bit of information was that when she had gone to get my nephew up from his nap, she found him completely naked. Diaper, shorts and shirt thrown over the side of the crib.
I see days of chasing a young streaker around the house in my sister's future. Fortunately for her she has chain locks on her front door that my nephew can't reach. So at least he won't be on display for the whole neighborhood like his bad example of an uncle!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I Know This Is Mean But...

Did anybody else laugh out loud when Miss USA fell last night at the Miss Universe pageant? I don't normally watch the pageant, but it took place in Mexico, and when I tuned in they were showing sites near where I'm going last week. Then of course I was caught up in it and had to see where USA stood in the rankings. (She ended up at 4th runner up!)
And I'm totally klutzy, and I totally would've done the same thing. But I just had to laugh because you expect them to be so perfect! Okay, I'll be nicer now!

Monday, May 21, 2007

Kids and Their Amazing Ears

When I was little, my mom always told me, "You hear what you want to hear." You know the whole, I heard her when it was good for me, ignored her when it was bad. I think it could be better said that I heard everything, I just filtered out the useless junk (read the stuff that talked about me getting into trouble.)
But amazingly, at the most opportune times, I could pull the information that she thought I'd never heard out of the recesses of my brain and quote her word for word. Unfortunately, this resulted in my being called a smart mouth. (Which I think is a total contradicting statement, by the way. I mean all your life parents pushed you to be smarter, then when you said something that showed your "smartness," they used it against you!)
Well, my niece, Raegan, has already gained this lovely ability. And I must say that her use of it will probably excel mine by far. Of course she has the normal symptoms, you know, not hearing when her mom tells her to pick up toys or to sit in timeout for 5 minutes.
But last Wednesday night she showed an amazing talent. See, there has been a Ralph Sexton revival going on here in Greensboro. For the last two weeks my church has taken our Wednesday night service to the revival.
This past Wednesday, Raegan was getting a little out of hand. So my sister did what all good Christian parents do. She pulled Raegan into her lap and told her that the preacher was trying to tell everybody about Jesus, and that if Raegan didn't calm down, nobody would be able to learn about Jesus.
Without missing a beat, my niece turned to my sister and said, "Mommy, he isn't talking about Jesus. He's talking about hell."
Apparently my niece was listening better than my sister! So, the next time you think you're little one isn't hearing you or anything going on around you. Beware, because your words can come back to haunt you in the most unexpected ways!

Friday, May 18, 2007

See NO Evil

Okay, I saw this little test at Shalee's blog and I figured since I'm getting so much grief about NOT posting, that I'll make two posts in one day.
I totally agree with these results. I even have my halo hanging up here at work on my cubicle, no seriously, I do!

How evil are you?

I suggest you all go out and take this test, just to see if you're you know, as angelic as I am or utterly evil!

8 Random Facts

Well, Dawn at Whispers of Sunshine tagged everybody who read her blog to list 8 random things about themselves, then Gibee from Kisses of Sunshine tagged me to do 7 random things so I'm gonna do a little combo of both requests here.

Here are the rules she listed: Each player starts with 8 random facts/habits about themselves. People who are tagged write a blog post about their own 8 random things and post these rules. At the end of your blog you need to tag 8 people and post their names. Don’t forget to leave them a comment and tell them they’re tagged, and to read your blog.

So here's the randomness:
1. I only like pretty tissue boxes. Preferably ones with purple or pink or some pretty bright colors on them. I hate the dull looking boxes at funeral homes, and ever since I was but a youngster I wanted to color the white tissue boxes at the doctor's offices so they'd be prettier.
2. I chew straws after I am done using them. This is apparently a family habit because my dad does it, my sister does it, and my brother does it.
3. I still have a few coloring books and some crayons at my house, even though I'm 24 years old. Sometimes when I'm really bored or if I'm stressed, I'll color for something to do or get my mind off of the craziness of life.
4. Ever since I was but a youngster I've made up little songs about my pets that I sing to them. I don't know what triggered this, but eventually I started writing actual songs that made since, so apparently I've always had the writer thing in me!
5. I put hot mustard on McDonald's Sausage and Gravy biscuits. It doesn't LOOK all that appetizing, but IT. IS. DELICIOUS!
6. I believe from the bottom of my heart that a smoothie just isn't a smoothie unless it has bananas in it. My sister tells me I'm totally wrong about this. But I'll stand by my thoughts and if I order a smoothie, it will be with bananas!
7. I can pretty much quote any Judy Garland movie. Especially Summer Stock, Meet Me in St Louis, and The Harvey Girls.
8. I'm not pregnant! No, I shouldn't be for those of you who are wondering, but when I went to the doctor the other day they made me take a pregnancy test even though I told them there was NO CHANCE I was pregnant. I'm never "on schedule" but they wouldn't believe that. Just wanted me to take the test, so rather than argue with them all day, I did it just to make them happy. And guess what, I. WAS. RIGHT! DUH!

Now I have not a clue who to tag. If you haven't told about your randomness, share all!

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things About My Honduras Trip
1. The camera on my phone decided to stop working while I was in the Atlanta airport last Monday morning.
2. This wouldn't have been such a bad thing, but I saw the poster child for the phrase, "It takes all types to make the world go 'round." Honestly, this man had on orange sandals; orange, yellow, and pink plaid pants; a pink, blue and purple striped shirt; an orange undershirt; glasses that had hot pink frames, one handle blue and one handle purple; and to top it all off a straw hat complete with purple flowers. So why of all days would my camera decide not to work on the day I saw that man?
3. After having a little laugh (oh, admit it, you would've laughed too!) I got on a flight to San Pedro Sula, Honduras. I got a row of three seats to myself. So I stretched out while reading then while watching the in-flight movie, which honestly I can't remember the name of but which was really strange and I probably would never buy it for myself (If I remembered the name of it that is!)
4. After 3 1/2 hours we landed in Honduras. Talk about HOT. Especially considering it had been 40 degrees when I left Greensboro that morning. It was over 100 degrees there. And HUMID.
5. The night before we arrived there had been an unexpected drenching rain in San Pedro Sula, so we had to make our way through flooded streets. All I could think of were all those severe weather training courses I have to take here at my work and how they warn you over and over to never drive through standing water. Well, that rule was out the window!!
6. We went to the plant and worked from there, but I'm sure you don't want to hear those boring extremely exciting details. After work we checked into The Hilton Princess San Pedro Sula. Pretty nice place!!
7. That night we went to a restraunt called Pat's. It was a pretty great steakhouse, however, I started feeling a bit queasy that night (and still do) I'm blaming their salad. Why, oh why did I eat the salad? Oh well!
8. Tuesday was more work and little play. Though we did go to a great restraunt with outdoor seating that night called Don Udo's. They played 70's, 80's, and 90's American music. The guy who drove us around all week said that Hondurans LOVE American music. And why shouldn't they?
9. Wednesday was a LONG day. We worked until about 6:30 Honduras time. That was 8:30 my time. I was dead on my feet.
10. We went straight to a restraunt called the Copantl from the plant. This was an outdoor restraunt on top of a seven story hotel. The view was amazing, and I got so caught up in it that I almost forgot how tired I was. Plus I had me a virgin Pina Colada. (Yes virgin, no rum for me!) It was yummy!
11. Thursday we went to make sure that the guys at the finishing location had the program down. They did, and I was told that I communicated well in Spanish. Who'da thunk?
12. We went back to the Copantl that night because we were all too tired to think about a new place to go, and it was the best place we'd gone. We watched several brush fires breakout on the hillsides surrounding San Pedro Sula. According to driver guy there are constantly fires there because it is so dry (unless of course they have some freakish unexpected rainstorm that you know floods the streets!)
13. Friday we flew back home, or at least we tried to. The flight from Atlanta to San Pedro Sula was delayed, and we didn't take off until an hour and a half late. Then we were running low on fuel, so the pilot decided to stop in Montgomery, Alabama rather than try to make it back to Atlanta. This would have been fine except for the fact that while in Montgomery we were informed that there were MAJOR storms in Atlanta and we couldn't land there, so we had to wait out the storm in Montgomery. Again this would've been fine, but Montgomery doesn't have customs, so we couldn't leave the plane. Four hours I sat on this plane. At least I had three seats to myself again (where I had enjoyed the movie "The Road to Tarabithia" on the flight home.) Two hours into our wait we were informed that the storms were passing, but that our pilot's time had run out so we had to wait while another pilot was flown in. To make a long story short, we landed in Atlanta after midnight. The one good thing about that was that customs lines were pretty much non-existent! Then they shipped us to a hotel where we were given reduced rates. Bless their hearts! They gave me a reduced rate to a room that when I walked in had one unmade bed, towels and condom wrappers on the bathroom floor, and the stench of cigarette smoke. Unfortunately I had been given THE LAST room at the lovely Ramada Inn South Atlanta. So I piled up my clothes on the unmade bed and slept on top of them because I'm telling you, I wasn't trying to touch anything in that place!!
So to sum it all up, Honduras was great. Atlanta not so much!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

I haven't posted here in forever, so I decided to make this Thursday Thirteen
Thirteen Random Things About My Life Right Now
1. I leave for Honduras on Monday morning. And I'm thankful for the extra sleep I'm gonna get since we have a 7:20 AM flight rather than a 6:00 AM flight!
2. This is a work trip, not a pleasure trip, though I do love the fact that I get to go for free because I love to travel.
3. Since I'm going to be gone my cousin Tracy, who is my roomate, will be looking after my cat. It's her job to make sure he doesn't discover the duck.
4. Which reminds me, I haven't told you about the duck. At Easter time, Tracy brought home a duck and named it Pippin. She tried her best to convince me to buy a chick and name it Merry, so that we could do the whole "Chandler and Joey" chick and duck thing. I didn't cave!
5. Fortunately it's warm outside now, so the duck is happily splashing in his wading pool in a little fenced in area of the yard.
6. This doesn't make Tracy's dog Elly very happy! She liked having the duck in a box in the bathroom where she could go in and make sure he was still there every five minutes.
7. Speaking of Elly, she has woken me in the midst of the night a few times this week by barking loudly at the bay window. This is not her norm, and Tracy and I have yet to figure out what or who she is barking at, this is a bit unnerving because she normally sleeps all night. We're hoping there isn't a crazy stalker near our house!
8. I'm not so-so worried about it though. Basically because worrying doesn't do any good!
9. But I can't help but worry just a little bit today because my Grandpa Smith went into the hospital last night with chest pains.
10. I'm praying for him though, and I know he's in God's hands, so I'm trying not to stress it! But I would appreciate your prayers as well!
11. Other than all that stuff I've just been doing laundry (I had like an entire mountain of it!)
12. I also had to clean my bathroom and bedroom because there's gonna be a Pampered Chef party at my house tonight. Yummy food!
13. Oh yeah, and I'm dreading packing for next week's trip. I REALLY don't like packing, just travelling. I need to be rich with servants who will pack my stuff, but such is life! LOL!
What's been going on with you!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Need to Do Before Travelling to Mexico on Monday
1. Get some springy type shirts, I only have sweaters and things. I'm pretty sure that I won't need a sweater down there.
2. Find out if my cell phone will work down there.
3. Clean my house, I haven't had a chance since I returned from Kansas City last week because I went to South Carolina over the weekend then had to stay with my sister Tuesday night, then had church last night.
4. Get a lot of training materials completed to take with me.
5. Buy some bottled water. If I've heard it once, I've heard it a thousand times, that I don't need to drink the water down there. Okay, I'm listening!
6. Learn to like lukewarm drinks because apparently I don't need to trust the ice made from the water either.
7. Try to get my hair trimmed. My style needs to be shaped up in a bad way.
8. Leave instructions for several things that HAVE to be done here in Greensboro while I'm working in Mexico next week.
9. Do some cross-training with my co-worker so he can work on the instructions above.
10. Try to decide how much stuff I want to pack
11. Find some comfortable shoes that I will be allowed to wear in our sewing facility.
12. Buy some food for my cat so he won't starve to death next week!
13. GET A LOT OF SLEEP because I have to fly out EARLY Monday morning!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Visit With Shalee

Well, as promised, I'm gonna rehash my visit with Shalee here today! Of course if you have read her version, you already know that we truly despised each other, and all the talking, and laughing, and more talking was merely for show. I mean she did have children after all, we couldn't be rude in front of them.
Especially when they were so entertaining and polite. Her son filled me in on everything about "Lego Star Wars." I mean, how else would I have ever learned that stuff? I had to laugh at "Mr. Right" because he was just a tad jealous of his son because he had discovered Star Wars at the young age of 7. Apparently Star Wars didn't come out until "Mr. Right" was around 10, so his son has three years on him there!
Honestly though, Shalee has two of the most well behaved children I've ever seen. She and her husband only had to say something once in a normal tone of voice, and those two would listen in a flash. There's a lot of love and respect between those kids and their parents. You can just tell. And, AND, when the two got into a bit of a tiff on the trampoline, Shalee spoke to them for a minute, and the two apologized and MEANT it. Now, it's not that tough to get a kid to BEGRUDINGLY say, "I'm sorry." But to have them mean it, now that takes a motherly kind of gift. A gift that Shalee truly has.
Now, I won't share all the things we talked about because Shalee has some pretty great suprises coming out on her blog in the next few months. Just trust me on this, you need to keep up with what she's saying there!
Other things I won't share because well, "ahem" I would just have to blush being the single girl I am! LOL! Suffice it to say many laughs were shared, and I was able to tolerate my time in the beautiful Kansas weather fairly well!
Then I was tied up and dragged to the basement and forced to watch American Idol. A show that, if you've read this blog before you know that I hate. (Riiiiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttt!) Then Shalee had the audacity to steal the words right out my mouth and say the exact things I was thinking after EVERY. SINGLE. CONTESTANT.
How rude is that? I mean to steal your own guests words. COME ON! And then I had to eat pie AND drink coffee. I mean that must show you that Shalee is like the most awful person in the world, and her husband was right there in on the whole thing. (Seriously though, the pie was GREAT, and like Shalee's daughter said, you couldn't taste any burnt part! And the fact that I can't really de-seed apples didn't even matter. Yeah, I'm sticking with strawberry things or hiring someone to peel and de-seed my apples!)
Anyway, after the torture of American Idol and pie were over, I was forced to take a picture with my captor for the evening. (Which by the way I need copies of because being the dummy I am, I forgot my camera!) Then I was given a ride back to my hotel where more laughing (to keep up appearances of course) was done. Then I was invited back to their house for Wednesday night, but I wasn't able to go! Phew!!! LOL!
In all seriousness (which totally goes against the name of this blog!) I had a great time, and I'm so glad that I got to meet Shalee and Mr. Right and their two great kids! It was a blessing I needed during a hectic week of work! The dinner was great, the conversations were hilarious, and the hugs were welcomed! Pretty much it was a hit! If YOU ever get the chance to meet Shalee, you should, after all, maybe you'll like her better than I did!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things That MUST Be Said (Even though it's Friday and I was supposed to post this on Thursday!)
1. AMERICAN IDOL is a singing competition people. That means you vote for the people who can ACTUALLY sing. Not the person that you think is nice or whatever. Yes, I hate it that people will be sad when they leave the show, but I also hate having my ears tortured by AWFUL singing week after week because some people are getting pity votes. There, I've said my piece about that.
2. It's Friday, which means I get off of work at 12! I just had to say that because I'm happy about it!
3. I get to meet this funny lady next week! Is that exciting or what?
4. I'm so glad that my cousin Christy has rejoined the blogging world after an extended absence! She's just such a great blogger, you must visit her!
5. NC State beat DUKE last night! Now, I'm not really an NC State Fan, but I will pull for them if they aren't playing the Tarheels. And I'm glad when ANYBODY beats Duke!
6. Actually the first four games in the ACC tournament yesterday were upsets, leaving people around here saying that it truly is March MADNESS!
7. The Tarheels play at noon today! I will be very caught up in that game! Go HEELS!
8. Daylight Savings is this weekend, which means we lose an hour of sleep. This usually doesn't bother me that bad, but I have to be at the airport by 4:30 Monday morning (how UNGODLY of an hour is that?). But my body is going to THINK it's 3:30 making it that much more UNGODLY!
9. But that's okay because I LOVE to fly, and I want to go to Kansas City because after all, if I didnt' go to Kansas City, I couldn't meet Shalee!
10. I'm taking a Karen Kingsbury book with me on the plane, which probably means I also need to take some tissues because well, if you can read one of her books and not cry you can't be human! LOL!
11. I hope not to cry too hard though because, well, I don't want to look like a freak with red, puffy eyes when I meet the people at our Kansas City office!
12. I'm taking my Wii with me so I can excercise at night. I don't want to lose my boxing abilities!
13. I'm completely out of thoughts right now, so I'm gonna go!!

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Predicitions About American Idol
Yes, I admit it, I'm an American Idol-aholic, these are my early thoughts about this year!!
1. If Tuesday night shows any sign of what the guys future singing will be like, I believe they will be out of the running early.
2. That isn't to say that I didn't like ANY of the guys, just that so many girls were SO good last night
3. I believe Sanjaya might go home tonight, though I honestly think his performance Tuesday night may have been a work of sabotage by his sister (who picked his song, after SHE didn't make it past Hollywood, kinda funny huh?)
4. I think that Paul Kim should go home, I've never really cared for him from the beginning, and I really don't like feet, so the fact that he sings barefoot is just weird to me
5. My early favorite is Phil Stacey (the bald guy with big eyes) on the guys side, I also liked Blake Lewis (the ever famous beat-boxer who surprised us with a great voice on a ballad)
6. Stephanie Edwards is an early non-favorite for me, not due to the fact that she can't sing. I thought her vocal abilities were good, but I hate it when people drop to their knees on stage, and she did this on her VERY first performance.
7. As far as that didn't impress me with their vocal abilities, I would have to say Antonella Barba and Leslie Hunt were the absolute worst for me. Though there were a few others that just didn't have rememberable enough performances for me to remember.
8. Jordin Sparks is a young girl, but she CAN FLAT WAIL! Loved her last night.
9. I also liked Melinda Doolittle, the former back-up singer who proved last night that she totally deserves a place in the spotlight.
10. But MY ABSOLUTE favorite OVERALL is Lakisha Jones, the single mom who worked at a bank before this stint on American Idol. She is humility all over, and as Simon said, she sang last night on a totally different level.
11. After watching last night's show, I don't think this year will be a bit boring.
12. I have a feeling that maybe the guys will try to bring it next week (I hope so anyway)
13. I guess we'll know by tomorrow who will be going back to their day jobs!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Okay, So I've Been Told I'm Not Funny Anymore

My sister complained to me yesterday that I never post here anymore, and she's right. My time has been spread thin, and I've not had a chance to post on both of my blogs. So I chose to post to the devotional one rather than this one.
But since my sister whined about me not posting, I'll give you a little tidbit to laugh at today.
About a month back I purchased a Nintendo Wii. It's a lot of fun, and actually pretty good excercise. (If you don't believe me, try the boxing, if your arms don't hurt the next morning, let me know!)
Anyway, my niece wanted to try it. She just turned three. Let me tell you, if you ever want to see something funny, watch a three year old play a Wii. IT IS HILARIOUS.
She wanted to play the Cars movie game, because she LOVES the movie cars. Now it's kind of tough even for an adult to play, but I figured she would have just as much fun racing around everywhere anyway.
I wasn't disappointed. She slammed Lightning McQueen into every wall on that track. But the funniest thing was that she kept saying, "No, Lightning, you're not supposed to go over there." Then she'd jerk the remote the opposite way and slam him into a tree on the other side of the track, and so on and so on!
It was too funny!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons It's A Really Great Day
1. Jesus loves me (He loves me every day, so really every day is a great day!)
2. It's almost Friday
3. My cat didn't hide my keys this morning (for more info on this go here! )
4. I bought a Selah CD yesterday! It's one of their older CD's that I had at one time and my brother took and now can't find! It's a GREAT CD!
5. The TARHEELS beat the Blue Devils last night! Woo Hoo!
6. God gave me the lesson I need to teach on Sunday last night while I was reading my Bible.
7. It's a beautiful, sunshiney day!
8. I'm healthy, not a trace of a sniffle or cold! YAY!
9. Survivor starts tonight! I know, I know, I know, but reality TV is addictive!
10. Grissom also comes back to CSI tonight! I'm really glad because he's one of my favorite characters on the show!
11. I'm going to Chuck E. Cheese with my niece and nephew tonight (and their parents of course!) Anytime spent with them is a great time!!
12. We're coming close to the end of the work week!
13. Oh, and did I mention that CAROLINA beat DUKE!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reasons North Carolina Has The Most Insane Weather
1. This past Sunday it was 75 degrees here in North Carolina
2. Meaning it was sunny, warm, just a slight breeze
3. Kind of like a spring day
4. Instead of a mid-January day
5. We wore flip-flops for crying out loud
6. Monday was only slightly cooler
7. And Tuesday was a bit cooler still, and the slight breeze turned into a stronger wind
8. Yesterday Charlie Chill hit the air in full force
9. It barely got to the 40's
10. This morning I woke up, and it was snowing
11. Yes, I said snowing, the ground is covered
12. I like snow, but this is the weirdest week ever
13. From flip-flops on Sunday to heavy coat and snow boots on Wednesday
Yep, NC has the weirdest weather ever!!

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

She Lost Her Car Again

Don't you just love infomercials? Those great extremely long commercials that tell us about the great new products that have been invented?
I spent a lot of time watching TV over the last two weeks because I've been sick. And I spent a lot of time at my parent's house, so I watched a lot of TV with my dad. My dad HATES infomercials. Basically because most products out there really didn't require much brain power to invent and are pretty much pointless, but tons of people are willing to pay the obligatory $19.95 to have the "new, amazing" product rushed to their homes.
For example, there is a new product out there called "My Lil Reminder". This is simply a digital recorder that will record a short message to remind you about things you may forget. For example, on the commercial the lady can't remember where she parked her car, but the "Lil Reminder" changed her life by helping her remember that she parked in blue section, row 18.
This infomercial is particularly annoying, and everytime it came on dad would groan, "That old lady lost her car AGAIN." Made for a lot of laughs.
Are there any really annoying commercials that you hate?

Monday, January 08, 2007

And I Thought Knee Highs Were for Old Ladies

Yesterday my niece came home from church with my parents. I've been at my parents house since Thursday because I've had the flu. So it was nice to have her come see me since I've been laying around doing nothing.
If laughter could cure the flu, I'd be fully recovered by now, just let me tell you because she had me in stitches the whole afternoon with her antics.
But she topped it all off when she put on a pair of my mom's knee highs that she found and started prancing around the living room in them. She thought she was the stuff. I laughed like crazy at her. I guess maybe knee highs aren't just for old ladies....