Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things I Need to Do Before Travelling to Mexico on Monday
1. Get some springy type shirts, I only have sweaters and things. I'm pretty sure that I won't need a sweater down there.
2. Find out if my cell phone will work down there.
3. Clean my house, I haven't had a chance since I returned from Kansas City last week because I went to South Carolina over the weekend then had to stay with my sister Tuesday night, then had church last night.
4. Get a lot of training materials completed to take with me.
5. Buy some bottled water. If I've heard it once, I've heard it a thousand times, that I don't need to drink the water down there. Okay, I'm listening!
6. Learn to like lukewarm drinks because apparently I don't need to trust the ice made from the water either.
7. Try to get my hair trimmed. My style needs to be shaped up in a bad way.
8. Leave instructions for several things that HAVE to be done here in Greensboro while I'm working in Mexico next week.
9. Do some cross-training with my co-worker so he can work on the instructions above.
10. Try to decide how much stuff I want to pack
11. Find some comfortable shoes that I will be allowed to wear in our sewing facility.
12. Buy some food for my cat so he won't starve to death next week!
13. GET A LOT OF SLEEP because I have to fly out EARLY Monday morning!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

A Visit With Shalee

Well, as promised, I'm gonna rehash my visit with Shalee here today! Of course if you have read her version, you already know that we truly despised each other, and all the talking, and laughing, and more talking was merely for show. I mean she did have children after all, we couldn't be rude in front of them.
Especially when they were so entertaining and polite. Her son filled me in on everything about "Lego Star Wars." I mean, how else would I have ever learned that stuff? I had to laugh at "Mr. Right" because he was just a tad jealous of his son because he had discovered Star Wars at the young age of 7. Apparently Star Wars didn't come out until "Mr. Right" was around 10, so his son has three years on him there!
Honestly though, Shalee has two of the most well behaved children I've ever seen. She and her husband only had to say something once in a normal tone of voice, and those two would listen in a flash. There's a lot of love and respect between those kids and their parents. You can just tell. And, AND, when the two got into a bit of a tiff on the trampoline, Shalee spoke to them for a minute, and the two apologized and MEANT it. Now, it's not that tough to get a kid to BEGRUDINGLY say, "I'm sorry." But to have them mean it, now that takes a motherly kind of gift. A gift that Shalee truly has.
Now, I won't share all the things we talked about because Shalee has some pretty great suprises coming out on her blog in the next few months. Just trust me on this, you need to keep up with what she's saying there!
Other things I won't share because well, "ahem" I would just have to blush being the single girl I am! LOL! Suffice it to say many laughs were shared, and I was able to tolerate my time in the beautiful Kansas weather fairly well!
Then I was tied up and dragged to the basement and forced to watch American Idol. A show that, if you've read this blog before you know that I hate. (Riiiiiiiiiigggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttt!) Then Shalee had the audacity to steal the words right out my mouth and say the exact things I was thinking after EVERY. SINGLE. CONTESTANT.
How rude is that? I mean to steal your own guests words. COME ON! And then I had to eat pie AND drink coffee. I mean that must show you that Shalee is like the most awful person in the world, and her husband was right there in on the whole thing. (Seriously though, the pie was GREAT, and like Shalee's daughter said, you couldn't taste any burnt part! And the fact that I can't really de-seed apples didn't even matter. Yeah, I'm sticking with strawberry things or hiring someone to peel and de-seed my apples!)
Anyway, after the torture of American Idol and pie were over, I was forced to take a picture with my captor for the evening. (Which by the way I need copies of because being the dummy I am, I forgot my camera!) Then I was given a ride back to my hotel where more laughing (to keep up appearances of course) was done. Then I was invited back to their house for Wednesday night, but I wasn't able to go! Phew!!! LOL!
In all seriousness (which totally goes against the name of this blog!) I had a great time, and I'm so glad that I got to meet Shalee and Mr. Right and their two great kids! It was a blessing I needed during a hectic week of work! The dinner was great, the conversations were hilarious, and the hugs were welcomed! Pretty much it was a hit! If YOU ever get the chance to meet Shalee, you should, after all, maybe you'll like her better than I did!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things That MUST Be Said (Even though it's Friday and I was supposed to post this on Thursday!)
1. AMERICAN IDOL is a singing competition people. That means you vote for the people who can ACTUALLY sing. Not the person that you think is nice or whatever. Yes, I hate it that people will be sad when they leave the show, but I also hate having my ears tortured by AWFUL singing week after week because some people are getting pity votes. There, I've said my piece about that.
2. It's Friday, which means I get off of work at 12! I just had to say that because I'm happy about it!
3. I get to meet this funny lady next week! Is that exciting or what?
4. I'm so glad that my cousin Christy has rejoined the blogging world after an extended absence! She's just such a great blogger, you must visit her!
5. NC State beat DUKE last night! Now, I'm not really an NC State Fan, but I will pull for them if they aren't playing the Tarheels. And I'm glad when ANYBODY beats Duke!
6. Actually the first four games in the ACC tournament yesterday were upsets, leaving people around here saying that it truly is March MADNESS!
7. The Tarheels play at noon today! I will be very caught up in that game! Go HEELS!
8. Daylight Savings is this weekend, which means we lose an hour of sleep. This usually doesn't bother me that bad, but I have to be at the airport by 4:30 Monday morning (how UNGODLY of an hour is that?). But my body is going to THINK it's 3:30 making it that much more UNGODLY!
9. But that's okay because I LOVE to fly, and I want to go to Kansas City because after all, if I didnt' go to Kansas City, I couldn't meet Shalee!
10. I'm taking a Karen Kingsbury book with me on the plane, which probably means I also need to take some tissues because well, if you can read one of her books and not cry you can't be human! LOL!
11. I hope not to cry too hard though because, well, I don't want to look like a freak with red, puffy eyes when I meet the people at our Kansas City office!
12. I'm taking my Wii with me so I can excercise at night. I don't want to lose my boxing abilities!
13. I'm completely out of thoughts right now, so I'm gonna go!!