Friday, October 27, 2006

A Friday Chuckle

So, my sister has been complaining that I haven't been sharing on my funny page as much lately, so I figured I'd share a little story on here to appease her! LOL!
Have you ever slept on an air mattress? I've had this lovely opportunity several times in my life. And every air mattress is different. When I was younger I slept on a very thin air mattress one time, and I felt like I might as well have slept on the floor because the mattress had no support.
I've also slept on an Aerobed and it really felt like a normal mattress. (No, this isn't a commercial for Aerobed, but really if you ever have the need for an air mattress, I'd suggest you get one of those!)
Anyway, this past weekend, I stayed with some friends of my brother's when I went to visit him. And I had to sleep on an air mattress. This thing was HUGE. It was like a double decker air mattress. I figured that would mean it would be really comfortable and all.
Well, it probably would have been, but it was lacking a bit of air I think, so I had to lay sideways to keep from sinking down into the depths of the air mattress. The laying sideways is an important part of this story.
This air mattress had a pillow section at the top. This section had a bit more air than the rest of the mattress. I decided to lay across that part of the mattress. Yeah, that wasn't a good idea. Once I got on top of the pillow section I rolled right off of the mattress and onto the floor slamming my back into a table they had by the window. Fortunately I didn't break anything in their apartment (or on myself for that matter.) I decided to sleep somewhere other than the pillow section, and I made a mental note to myself to bring my own air mattress the next time!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Random Things I've Been Known Say A Lot
1. Foolishment - same meaning as foolishness
2. Schmidty - I don't know where this started exactly, but now it's something that we yell when we're going down hills on roller coasters.
3. Hawthorne Heights is for Lovers - This is something that I saw on a shirt at Carowinds. Since then, we've yelled it while going down hills on roller coasters (we like to yell random things rather than just do the boring old "AAAHHHHH"!)
4. You Stink On Yourself - This is something my brother and I say to each other as a joke, it usually goes back and forth for a while.
5. BROTHER! - this is what I call my brother usually rather than calling him by his name. If I call him on the phone I'll say BROTHER rather than hello.
6. Charlie Chill has hit the air - this is what we say when it gets cold. If you get hit in the face by a cold breeze, we say that Charlie Chill smacked you upside the head.
7. Riiiiiiiiiigghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttt - This is my sarcastic way of saying that people are lying!
8. I don't drink beer in the day - This is what I say to my brother everytime he tells people (jokingly) that I do drink beer in the day. (For the record, I don't drink beer at anytime, or any alchohol for that matter!)
9. The wheels are turning, but the hamster is dead - this is something I say to an "airheaded" person who doesn't really get things even though they're trying really hard to get them.
10. Jippity - this is our word for nothing, for example when you call and ask somebody what they are doing, they might say "I'm doing jippity."
11. Could you use your turn signal??? - this is a bit of road rage slipping in. Nothing bugs me more than people switching lanes like crazy and making me slam on my brakes because they didn't use their turn signal. I need to work on the road rage thing.
12. Jesus loves you - I say this when I'm trying to make someone smile if they look a bit down. It's true, and usually people start smiling when I say it!
13. CASH!! - When we are doing sound checks when we go to sing my brother always leans into each mic going, "Check, check, check." Finally I'll scream, "CASH!" or if he goes, "Testing 1, 1, 2, " I'll go, "3, the next number you're looking for is 3!" Yeah, we joke around a lot!!
What are some random things you say?
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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Funny Things I've Seen Lately

1. I saw a woman who had to be at least my grandma's age wearing a RED LEATHER MINI SKIRT. I laughed out loud while I gagged!
2. I saw a guy riding a Harley in a 3-piece suit, complete with tie. It was a funny site.
3. I saw a sign that said, "HUGE LADIES RING SALE." I guess they're discriminating against all the skinny ladies.
4. I saw my cat chasing a ball around the living room and then right out the front door. When he realized that he wasn't inside anymore he abandoned his toy and ran as fast as he could back inside. He then stood in the bay window whining for his toy that was trapped out there in the scary outdoors. It was really funny.
5. I saw a car yesterday that had lots of bumper stickers. But they had two together that just made me bust out laughing. The top one said, "I Love my German Shepard" The one just below it said, "Pope Benedict XVI." So reading it all together it said, "I love my German Shepard Pope Benedict XVI." People really ought to pay more attention when they put these things on their cars! LOL!
6.I saw my niece prance in front of the screen door in only her panties while the Bell South guys were talking to her dad on the front porch. For some reason she has decided she hates all clothes besides her panties and strips down to them constantly!
7. I saw my nephew decide that he just didn't want to be in his high chair (which is one of those that hooks onto the table) So he figured out how to unstrap himself and climbed up onto the table. My sister now has two toddlers, this should be fun!
8. I saw my friend Ari ride up the road from her house to mine (a several mile trip) on a lawn mower. She said, "Just call me the water girl." Seriously I'm really glad that she let me borrow the mower since mine broke down, but it was a funny sight to see her riding that thing up the road!
9. I saw an episode of "Little House on the Prairie" where the bratty girl, Nancy, gets put into the dunking booth.
10. I saw one of my youth fall and knock over a shelf (this didn't seem funny at first, but she was fine, and I had already told her to stay off of the shelf several times!)
11. I saw my cousins Tracy and Will do the feet beat, a funny little dance where you throw your feet up in the air and slap them with your hands. I then saw my two year old niece attempt this dance. Let's just say that a two year old doesn't have much coordination which is needed for the feet beat. It was hilarious.
12. I saw a sign on my co-workers box 0f Mountain Dew's that said, "Stop stealing my drinks!" Apparently the cleaning crew has been stealing Mountain Dew's from him at night, and he's fighting back with a sign!!
13. I saw my cousin Christy's boyfriend Josh wearing my niece Raegan's green hat with a flower on it. It was him I tell ya!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ahhh the Dreams of the Medicated

I am normally a very light sleeper. I hardly ever reach that REM state of sleep where I dream. (Not a good thing probably)
But last night I was medicated. So I slept deeply. And dreamingly. Good thing about the dream...I was apparently getting married. Bad thing about the dream...I was a klutz even in my dreamy state.
I never actually saw the guy I was gonna marry (don't you just hate that?) I was getting ready for my wedding (which was going to be a double ceremony where my brother was getting married too.)
Thing was that just before I put my snowy WHITE dress on I ate tacos. Tacos, one of the MESSIEST foods known to man. I go to put the dress on only to realize that I still had taco juice on my fingers, and I got it all over my dress.
I don't really believe in omens and all that, but I can promise you this, there will be nary a taco in sight on the day that I get married.

Friday, October 06, 2006

Do You Get My Meaning?

The other day Laurel Wreath did the Do You Get My Meaning MeMe. She offered up the following words to anyone who wanted to play along. So here's my meaning on her words!

Daisy - Apparently the flower of choice for weddings this year. I carried a bouquet of just daisies in one of my friend's weddings, and in one of my other friends weddings, I carried a bouquet of daisies mixed with other flowers. Both were really pretty and simple looking. But just let me tell you, DO NOT forget that you have a live bouquet in a vase and let the flowers die in it. Trust me on this one!

Helpful - This word brings to mind my 2 year old niece Raegan. She wants to help with EVERYTHING. Yesterday I walked out of the kitchen for just a minute because her brother had escaped and was making his way up the steps as fast as he could go. She tried to help me by dragging a chair over to the microwave and starting it up for me. Of course she put it in for like 45 minutes, much more than my enchiladas needed. Good thing that I wasn't gone long!

Green - This word brings to mind my grass right now. We've gotten plenty of rain over the last several weeks, and my grass is green. And tall. It really needs to be mowed. My intentions were to mow it today, but it's raining again. Oh well. There's always tomorrow...or next week...

If anyone cares to play along with this one, I'm offering up these words:

Hope you all have a great weekend!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

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Thirteen of My Favorite Animals
1. Monkeys - not the big really ugly ones, the cute little ones people have as pets.
2. Koala bears - seriously one of the reasons I want to go to Australia someday. I just think they are so cute.
3. Tigers - I just think they are gorgeous.
4. Chihuahuas - call them yippy dogs if you want, but I have three and I love them to death (well actually they live with mom and dad now, but they are still my babies)
5. Panda bears - another gorgeous animal.
6. Meerkats - I've liked this since the first time I saw "The Lion King"
7. Pugs - I just think they are cute with their little smashed in faces.
8. Polar bears - gorgeous, the polar bear exhibit is my favorite at the zoo.
9. Tropical fish - They are so pretty. I love the tropical fish tanks at aquariums.
10. Lions - I've always been a fan of "Narnia." Just love Aslan, so when I see a lion, I think of that.
11. Piglets - realize I didn't say pigs. I just think piglets are so cute with their curly little tails.
12. Horses - they are so graceful, I just love to watch them run.
13. Baby hedgehogs - They are the cutest little things.
Next week I'll do my least favorites. Do you guys have a favorite animal?
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