Thursday, September 07, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Things I've Been Doing This Week

1. Working, gotta earn a living because I haven't found a millionaire that wants to support me yet! LOL!
2. Trying my hand at a little blogger design, not sure if I'll be any good at it yet, but it's fun to try.
3. Cooking, gotta stop eating out and spending so much money.
4. Going to church, love my church.
5. Spending time with my little brother before he goes off to school
6. Watching my sister cry because my brother is going off to school (it makes me sad too, but I probably won't cry a lot until he's actually gone, right now I'm just spending time with him and having fun times!)
7. Trying to make sure I have a roommate for when my brother leaves because I really don't want to live alone even though I could afford it.
8. Watching the Lord of the Rings movies with my brother, these are our favorite movies, and we try to watch them together every so often, since he's going away, we wanted to watch them.
9. Starting the 90 Days Through The Bible again, last time I got messed up in the middle because my dad got sick and life went kind of hectic.
10. Practicing the song that I have to sing at my best friend's wedding on Saturday.
11. Making arrangements to get my hair done for Saturday.
12. Jumping for joy because gas prices are going down a bit.
13. Being glad for the rain because we really needed it!
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JAM said...

Pounce! Aha! First!

Like the new look of the blog.

Hope you find a millionaire soon, or failing that, a roomate.

My daughter and a friend went to a local theatre this past weekend for a Lord Of The Rings marathon. They showed all three movies, which she said was cool. I love the movies too, but my other daughter was in the hospital at the time.

My T13 is up if you care to look:

Carmen said...

Nice new look!

I was so excited about gas at $2.69 that I nearly wrecked the car!

lrlwreath said...

I love your design!!!!

Kukka-Maria said...

Sounds like your family is really important to you! That is so great to hear!

Great TT.

Courtney said...

Sounds like a busy week, with ups and downs. My hubby is a big LOTR fan too. Although he is a bigger fan of the books than the movies.

Chelle Y. said...

You have had a busy week! :)

Peggy said...

love the new look!

Susan said...

Great new look girl! Sounds like you have had a busy week! :)

Carol said...

Didn't recognize the place with the new design. What fun colors!

Sounds like somebody's going to miss her brother.

Faith said...

The blogs look great!!

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

I've noticed that gas prices have gone down a bit too. I've been relieved as you seem to be as well.

Good luck finding a new rommie.

Like the new blog!