Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Fresh Cat Anyone?

Let me just clear something up. I do not eat cat, so if you're thinking that's what my title implies and you were grossed out, don't worry, none of that will be said here!
No, this story is about one of my fears coming true. Remember in
this post how I talked about being afraid that I might shut my cat up in the fridge? Well, my fears came true, sort-of. Actually, I didn't close the cat in the fridge.
Sunday when I left for church, the cat was playing with one of her toys, and I told her to behave and shut the door and left for church. I spent the afternoon at my sister's house because she lives just down the road from my church, then I went back for Sunday night service.
So there was a huge gap of time that I wasn't home (like 12 hours.) Anyway, when I got home, I heard the frantic meow's of my cat. So I went in search of her. At first I thought she was BEHIND the fridge, but she wasn't there. I opened the door to the fridge, just in case, and there she was between the door and the bottom freshness drawer, trying to claw her way out, mewing for all she was worth.
I picked up the mischievous little thing, glad she was okay. I mean, I may not have wanted a cat at first, but she has become part of daily life now, and I definitely wouldn't want her to die in my fridge.
I'm assuming that I just didn't close the door tightly enough Sunday morning and she was playing with the door and got it open. I'm hoping that anyway. I sure wouldn't want to have to get a refrigerator lock just to keep the cat out, though she hasn't gone near the fridge since Sunday, so maybe, just maybe she learned her lesson!


Susan said...

Aww! Poor thing! She was probably scared to death!

aggiejenn said...

oh, no! Glad you didn't decide to spend the night with your sister! :-)

Blond Girl said...

Reminds me of the time one of our cats crawled into the dryer and I didn't know about it until I heard "thump, meew... thump, meew..."

she was fine; I think your little girl will be too, though perhaps a little wiser!

GiBee said...

Nooooo! Poor thing!!!