Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ha! Ha! Ha! Grammy!

Well, yesterday I learned that my child has quite a sense of humor. My mom didn't quite see it that way, but everyone else got quite a laugh out of it. My mom comes to mine and my sister's house to keep Alaena everyday.
A few weeks back we re-did all of the locks at our house. And the new locks don't have to be unlocked to open the door from the inside. Which may not be a good thing apparently.
We have a gate that closes on our driveway where we can let Copper roam the backyard. Yesterday morning my mom went out to close the gate to let Copper out, and she left Alaena standing at the kitchen door watching her which is what she always does.
However, just standing there wasn't enough for Alaena yesterday. She wanted to play with the door. So she pushed the door closed. Unfortunately mom hadn't unlocked it to open it.
So she got locked out, and her key was on the kitchen table beside Alaena. Thankfully the next door neighbor was home and was nice enough to allow mom to call me. So I ran home on my break and let mom into the house.
Alaena was standing at the door laughing at mom when I got there. Here I was expecting her to be screaming or to have fallen down the steps, and she was standing there laughing. So I laughed with her!
I believe I have some quite interesting years ahead of me!!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

She Made a Break for It

During the last month Alaena has become quite mobile. She's only slightly slower than a bolt of lightning when she gets down and going. This becomes a bit of a problem at church.
Yes, she has definitely hit that age where the nursery is a heaven sent blessing, but Sunday night was a bit different because Alaena's dad came to church to meet her for the first time. So the nursery wasn't really an option.
I learned that my child she has learned some conniving skills. She can turn her beautiful baby blues on some unsuspecting person (a.k.a. Papaw) and slide down to the floor during the church service because she just looks so cute that you want to give her what she wants. And she can within 5 seconds flat be at the front of the church trying to climb onto the stage.
However, when mommy gets ahold of her again, she can also get her little leg popped for using her cunning skills during church time. Mommy just has to avoid that accusing look in those beautiful baby blues! Hard as it may be!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Promised Pics of the Snow

This is the only pic I have of Alaena in the snow because she had bronchitis last week, so I bundled her up quickly, sat her down, and took the picture. Apparently she doesn't have a high opinion of snow.
Here's Raegan preparing to go down the slide that is full of snow. I don't know that I've seen either her or Trace on the slide in a good while. Apprently snow adds joy to sliding.
And here's Trace, the human slide snowplow.
And here's Copper, Crystal's basset hound just before he bounded off through the snow like a rabbit. He ran around like a crazy dog for at least half an hour. You see my car in the background. It was covered with snow UNDER THE CARPORT because the wind was blowing like crazy.

Monday, March 02, 2009

Don't Even Think About Taking Our Snow, Mister!

Well, it finally came. A few weeks before spring, we here in NC finally got a big snow. To all of you out there who get "real snows" don't laugh when I say that this 7" of snow is a big snow. Because to me, and all of my fellow North Carolinian friends, it is. And it is GORGEOUS! I will post the pics in a couple of days.
But for now, a couple of funny Raegan stories. Before our beautiful snow came freezing rain. An entire day of freezing rain. The temperatures hovered close to freezing, so it didn't really affect the roads much, but the powerlines and trees were covered in ice. And you know what that means, power outages. So while I was in church yesterday morning, our power went out. Much to my sister's dismay, since she was at home in the cold house because she now has the bronchitis funk.
We had plans to make Sunday dinner at our house, and I had my mind all set for the roast, pinto beans, deviled eggs, creamed potatoes. The roast and pintos weren't a problem, because they'd been in the crock pot since the afternoon before, but I didn't get my deviled eggs!
The funny thing was that as soon as my dad pulled into the driveway, our power came back on. And Raegan said, "Paw paw turned our power back on, LOOK!"
Because apparently just working for a power company makes you all powerful at turning power back on, and all you have to do is simply pull into the driveway of the house you want to have power! LOL!
Then later last night the snow started pouring down, and we were watching it out the window (because that's what people who rarely ever see the white flakes do, we watch this rare marvel as it comes down!) And the man across the street started putting salt out on his driveway.
Raegan said, "What is he doing?" And I said, "He's melting the snow on the driveway."
Raegan almost went into hysterics. She said, "But I want the snow, don't let him take our snow!!"
I assured her that the tiny bit of salt in his bucket couldn't possibly take our snow. And we wouldn't let him in our yard with the salt. It's a shame I have to work today and miss so many silly little comments I'm sure that Raegan and Trace will be making about their first big snow!
But I plan to be home early enough to let Alaena see it for at least a few minutes!!