Wednesday, June 13, 2007

You Gotta Wonder Why Some Things Run in the Family

Something happened the other day that made me remember some funny times of when I was a youngster. Actually it's more about when my brother was a youngster. See, when he was 2, 3, 4 years old, my mom had the hardest time keeping clothes on the boy. It was very rare to see him in more than a diaper (or later on his big boy undies.) (Yeah, he's gonna totally kill me for this post!)
Anyway, if he could get out of mom's sight long enough, he'd lose the diaper or undies too. And then he'd run streaking through the house. His favorite place to stand? In front of our COMPLETELY GLASS screen door. Yeah, he was an early exhibitionist. Fortunately he eventually realized that showing his stuff to the world wasn't the best idea.
But he apparently passed his bad habit on unknowingly. The other night my niece came to revival and informed me that, "Buddy got nek-i-nit in his crib." My sister's translation of this funny bit of information was that when she had gone to get my nephew up from his nap, she found him completely naked. Diaper, shorts and shirt thrown over the side of the crib.
I see days of chasing a young streaker around the house in my sister's future. Fortunately for her she has chain locks on her front door that my nephew can't reach. So at least he won't be on display for the whole neighborhood like his bad example of an uncle!