Monday, November 27, 2006

Just a Few Things to Brighten Your Day

Hey Everybody! I know that I haven't posted on here in a while, so I wanted to give you a few laughs for the day.
First's a link to a Pickles comic strip that I read yesterday:
Pickles Comic Strip
I thought it was so cute. Kinda reminded me of my grandparents!!
And here's a Peanut's strip to give you a little smile on this "Blah" feeling Monday after Thanksgiving!
Peanuts Comic Strip

I just love Charlie Brown!
And to really make you smile here's a little story about my niece on Thanksgiving. My grandma's table is packed out on Thanksgiving with delicious food. Turkey, stuffing, honey-baked ham, homemade macaroni and cheese, gravy, and the list goes on and on and on.
My niece however couldn't find anything that she found appetizing I guess because she went over and whispered into my grandpa's ear, "Can I have a piece of cheese?"
Man, if we all had her taste we sure could save a lot on Thanksgiving meals! LOL!
Hope you all had a great one!

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Random Thoughts I've Had This Week
1. Aren't dogs supposed to be the ones that chase cats? This thought went through my brain when my cat proceeded to chase my new roomie's dog through our house.
2. Why is it that one drop of rain turns every NC driver into a brainless person who knows nothing about driving a car? Thought this while driving to work this morning in the rain.
3. If sweating is good for you, why do you feel so icky when you sweat? I thought this while walking on the treadmill yesterday.
4. Why can't they come up with some invincible materiel that can't be scratched to make CD's with? Thought this when my favorite CD started skipping on my favorite song!
5. Why don't they give receptionists training classes on how to pronounce the names of the people that they have to page? I thought this when the receptionist paged a lady in my department and pronounced her last name "Aarvark" when her last name is actually "Admire."
6. Why isn't there a chute from my desk to the receptionist's desk? I thought this when I took like the 10th art disc of the day down the stairs to the receptionist. (But hey going up and down those steps is good excercise, so I shouldn't complain.)
7. How come that vegetable plate only cost me $4.27 tax included when the prices is supposed to be $4.99 before tax? I went to a restraunt to get a veggie plate twice this week, and both times the cost with tax was less than the advertised price without tax. I'm not complaining though!
8. Why don't cubicles have doors with locks? I thought this when my co-worker came into my cubicle with yet more artwork to take downstairs.
9. Why would the Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman DVD be in the case for Aladdin? I thought this yesterday when I was home sick looking for a movie to watch. I just watched Dr. Quinn because I hadn't seen it in forever!
10. Why haven't we come up with some technology that helps you dress yourself in the morning without thinking about it? I thought about that this morning while I was trying to find some clothes for the day when I really just wanted to lay back down in the bed and go to sleep!
11. For that matter, why haven't we come up with something where we can just think about where we want to be and be there?
12. Why is it that number 12 is always the thing that I get stuck on when I'm making these lists?
13. How come God decided to bless me with such an adorable niece and nephew? I thought about this when I was looking at this picture:
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Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Memories From My High School Days
I posted on my devotional blog about a local high school burning down yesterday. This sad event made me think back on memories of my high school days and how sad I would have been if I'd had to miss out on events with my friends. So here are some high school memories I'm thankful I can look back on.

1. After prom my junior year my friends and I went midnight bowling at a place we called "redneck lanes" because the place was run by some rednecky guy. The guy pretty much let people do whatever they wanted. Two of my friends slid down the lanes in their tuxes. We laughed a lot that night!
2. My friend Leah I (now Leah F) and I shared a lot of double dates my senior year. Her boyfriend (now husband) had an old Nova that was gorgeous. We had so much fun riding around in that car!
3. We had a Spanish teacher that was just awful. She spoke Spanish with a slow, drawn out Southern accent (slower than any other Southerner I've ever met!) Anyway, she wasn't well liked, and she was known to smell up the upstairs restroom. Well one day my friend Christa and I were in there. I was standing there waiting for Christa, and Mrs. Hewitt walked in. Christa said from the stall, "It doesn't stink in here yet today. Mrs. Hewitt must not have been in here yet." Then she walked out, and I pointed to the other stall and mouthed, "That's Mrs. Hewitt." We ran like the wind out of there, and we hid. We had different classes, but I later found out that Christa hid under the computer table in the computer lab. Fortunately for Christa, Mrs. Hewitt never found out who it was. And we have a hilarious memory!
4. There was a guy in my class that was hilarous. His name was Josh, and his fingers on his left hand were really short. (I'm not making fun of him, he said it was his mark of greatness.) See, he had held his left hand in a fist the entire time he was in his mom's stomach and the fingers didn't grow like the others. So his right hand fingers were really long and his left hand fingers were really short. In our senior year speech class we had to make a speech about ourselves in third person. He wrote about "His mark of greatness" and how when he realized he had it, that he knew he was destined to one day rule the world. We laughed so hard in that class!
5. Speech class was the class where we did the senior play, "A Hillbilly Wedding". We had so much fun. I got to be "Ma Belsnickle" a backwoods woman with five daughters (the oldest of which was terrified to take a bath and loved rattlesnakes) and a lazy husband. The whole point of the play was getting the smelly, weird daughter married off. It was a lot of fun.
6. Choir was another favorite class of mine. I got the "Female Vocalist" of the year award my senior year. The thing was that I didn't expect it. I had thought it would be another girl, and when he said, "And this years Senior High Female Vocalist of the Year is..." I mouthed the other girl's name and almost didn't hear mine. My date was like, "Get up there." And I was like, "He said MY name?" It was funny, and I was shocked!
7. I was the salutatorian in my senior class which meant I had to make a speech at graduation. I promised myself I wouldn't cry. Yeah, that didn't happen! I don't think any person has ever had more family attend their high school graduation though. Seriously my friends and family filled up almost an half of a section of the church!
8. We went to Schroon Lake, NY for our senior trip. I was sick most of the time, which isn't too good of a memory, but I was better the day they went to the Olympic Park, and I got to go bobsledding. It was SOOOOO much fun!
9. We took that trip on a tour bus. 16 hours on a tour bus. But we made the most of it. We laughed and talked a lot. We screamed for our lives when the bus driver BACKED down an off-ramp in Philadelphia when he realized he'd taken the wrong exit. Then we finally settled down to sleep. One of the guys in my class was so little that he could fit up in the luggage rack, and that is where he slept!
10. Puffy, marshmellow coats were the fashion during my senior year. My friends and I all got one for Christmas. The funny thing was that there were four of us that hung out all the time, and two of us got blue coats and the other two got pink coats. We became known as the pink and blue crew.
11. I was in the National Honor Society, and we had the lovely job of running the break room. We served sodas and candy bars to the high school kids during break time. But for us that meant we didn't really get a break, which our English teacher thought wasn't really fair, so he gave us our own break (my friends were all in NHS too.) We got to be late to English everyday. I aced the class anyway though!
12. We got to go out to eat lunch on Tuesdays and Thursdays during our Junior and Senior year of high school. My friend Leah I and I made more runs to Cook Out for an Oreo milkshake than I can count. And we'd sing along to the radio to the "evil" country music while we drove down the road.
13. We also took a trip with the entire Junior High and High School my senior year to a camp called "The Wilds" which is a great Christian camp here in NC. The Wilds has like a million steps from the bottom of the hill (where the dorms are) to the top of the hill (where the cafeteria and the chapel area are.) Well, we went every other year. So I went 8th, 10th, and 12th grade. Well, the Junior and Senior girls got the privelege of staying up in the lodge at the top of the hill! It was so fun to laugh at the guys who still had to climb the steps! I know, it was mean, but it was still funny! Another thing that was funny about the Wilds was that they would wake you up each morning with crazy songs like, "Don't Step on that Bug" or "Happy Trails to You!" Yeah, there are a lot of great memories we made there!
These are just a few memories I have!! Do you have any memories from your high school days that you'd like to share?

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Living With An Elf-Lover

This week I'm getting a new roommate. My cousin Tracy is in the process of moving in. Hopefully she'll have everything moved in by next week.
Now, Tracy is a really funny, outgoing type of person, so I always knew that living with her was going to be interesting. And fun I hope! But when I got home last night I saw something I didn't quite expect.
Standing in my bay window was a life-sized cardboard cut-out of this guy:

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That's right folks. I'm living with an elf-lover. This may be more interesting than I expected.