Friday, October 06, 2006

Do You Get My Meaning?

The other day Laurel Wreath did the Do You Get My Meaning MeMe. She offered up the following words to anyone who wanted to play along. So here's my meaning on her words!

Daisy - Apparently the flower of choice for weddings this year. I carried a bouquet of just daisies in one of my friend's weddings, and in one of my other friends weddings, I carried a bouquet of daisies mixed with other flowers. Both were really pretty and simple looking. But just let me tell you, DO NOT forget that you have a live bouquet in a vase and let the flowers die in it. Trust me on this one!

Helpful - This word brings to mind my 2 year old niece Raegan. She wants to help with EVERYTHING. Yesterday I walked out of the kitchen for just a minute because her brother had escaped and was making his way up the steps as fast as he could go. She tried to help me by dragging a chair over to the microwave and starting it up for me. Of course she put it in for like 45 minutes, much more than my enchiladas needed. Good thing that I wasn't gone long!

Green - This word brings to mind my grass right now. We've gotten plenty of rain over the last several weeks, and my grass is green. And tall. It really needs to be mowed. My intentions were to mow it today, but it's raining again. Oh well. There's always tomorrow...or next week...

If anyone cares to play along with this one, I'm offering up these words:

Hope you all have a great weekend!!


Dawn said...

Wow rain wouldn't know what that looks like lately. My grass is turning a nice shade of grenish brown....yikes :)

Happy Friday


Amy said...

Friday~Date night with my hubby!
Crown~reminds me of the crown of thorns and that I am thankful for my salvation!
Music~anything by 4Him is awesome!
Games~Tetris is the best!

mom said...

FRIDAY- last day of keeping my grandchildren for the week....and a nice week-end with my hubby!!!(love my doodle and weedle, but I do enjoy my weekend)

CROWN- is what i'm gonna cast at my savior's feet one day


GAMES- mahjongg

Stacey said...

Taht was fun! I actually really liked doing this one on my blog, too : )