Friday, August 25, 2006

The Nicest Drive Thru Guy Ever...And The Worst Cook In The World

Now, I don't think badly of drive thru workers. I mean they're probably paid minimum wage to get people (who are generally pretty ungrateful) their food as quickly as possible. So at fast food restaurants I don't expect to be served like I'm at a nice restraunt.
But yesterday I was very pleasantly surprised. I got to the place where they take your order and instead of hearing the ususally half-mumbled, "Can I take your order?" I heard a very chipper voice that said, "How can I help you?"
I gave my order and drove up to the money window where I was greeted by ANOTHER very chipper person. This Burger King must have been paying their employees right because they were all so nice, but to top it all off I got to the window to get my food, and I met the man behind the voice on the intercom. He asked me how my day was then he asked me if I was wearing contacts, and I said no (because I'd forgotten to put them in yesterday morning, don't worry my eyes are only like 20/30, so I'm not blind without them or anything.) Anyway, he said you just have beeee-autiful eyes. That was all I needed. I mean I almost tipped the guy. I have a new favorite fast food joint. And guess what, I didn't even have on mascara or eye shadow! How awesome is that?
Now to go from the best to the worst, I'm gonna tell you a little story about my brother and his meager cooking abilities. Last night I called him and asked him to put two pieces of chicken on to boil because I was running a little behind, and I wanted the chicken ready to throw into the pan with enchilada sauce when I got home.
So he says, "So I put the chicken and water in a pot and put the pot in the oven right?" He swears he meant to say stove rather than oven, but seriously, I'm glad that I'm the one cooking for him and not the other way around!
Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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Faith said...

Glad to hear that you will be doing the cooking!!!