Thursday, October 26, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

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Thirteen Random Things I've Been Known Say A Lot
1. Foolishment - same meaning as foolishness
2. Schmidty - I don't know where this started exactly, but now it's something that we yell when we're going down hills on roller coasters.
3. Hawthorne Heights is for Lovers - This is something that I saw on a shirt at Carowinds. Since then, we've yelled it while going down hills on roller coasters (we like to yell random things rather than just do the boring old "AAAHHHHH"!)
4. You Stink On Yourself - This is something my brother and I say to each other as a joke, it usually goes back and forth for a while.
5. BROTHER! - this is what I call my brother usually rather than calling him by his name. If I call him on the phone I'll say BROTHER rather than hello.
6. Charlie Chill has hit the air - this is what we say when it gets cold. If you get hit in the face by a cold breeze, we say that Charlie Chill smacked you upside the head.
7. Riiiiiiiiiigghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhtttttttt - This is my sarcastic way of saying that people are lying!
8. I don't drink beer in the day - This is what I say to my brother everytime he tells people (jokingly) that I do drink beer in the day. (For the record, I don't drink beer at anytime, or any alchohol for that matter!)
9. The wheels are turning, but the hamster is dead - this is something I say to an "airheaded" person who doesn't really get things even though they're trying really hard to get them.
10. Jippity - this is our word for nothing, for example when you call and ask somebody what they are doing, they might say "I'm doing jippity."
11. Could you use your turn signal??? - this is a bit of road rage slipping in. Nothing bugs me more than people switching lanes like crazy and making me slam on my brakes because they didn't use their turn signal. I need to work on the road rage thing.
12. Jesus loves you - I say this when I'm trying to make someone smile if they look a bit down. It's true, and usually people start smiling when I say it!
13. CASH!! - When we are doing sound checks when we go to sing my brother always leans into each mic going, "Check, check, check." Finally I'll scream, "CASH!" or if he goes, "Testing 1, 1, 2, " I'll go, "3, the next number you're looking for is 3!" Yeah, we joke around a lot!!
What are some random things you say?
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Peggy said...

thanks for making me smile today! love your list

Carmen said...

sounds like you and your brother really LOVE each other. :)

Anonymous said...

We add conjunctions a lot. Where are you going to at because?

Whenever my husband and I need to giggle, I'll say "Ted Nugent". It's a private joke.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff. Every family has their own inside joke nonsense. But I'm totally gonna borrow Charlie Chill. I won't wear it out though, in Florida, I might only get to use it a couple of times per year.

My paternal Grandfather used to always ask me when we saw one another, "How's your cosmerosmerous?" It's totally meaningless, but that's how he always greeted me.

Brony said...

Great list. I wonder what things I say a lot. I should stop to think about it.

Happy TT!