Friday, February 27, 2009

You're Not Taking Her!!

Well, it's been another week that I haven't posted, but Alaena and I have both been down with the bronchitis funk. No fun at all. I stayed home from church on Sunday, and I stayed out of work Monday and Tuesday. Due to the fact that I work for a company who has laid off workers this year and may lay off others, I decided I was going to drag my sick butt to work on Wednesday. So my mom offered to let Alaena spend the night with her Tuesday night so that I could get some rest.
Now this was not an easy offer to take. Alaena has NEVER stayed away from me overnight. I cried at the thought, and I cried when mom and dad took her. But Raegan's reaction was classic. She carried Alaena into the bedroom, locked the door and said, "You're not taking her!!"
So my daughter has now been part of a hostage situation. Crystal negotiated Raegan out with the promise that Alaena would be back the next day. But it was still a very begrudging handover.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Watch That Attitude Baby 'Laena

Well it is official. My child has my attitude. Send up the prayers now, would you please? And if I haven't told you lately, Mom, I'm really sorry for all that backtalking when I was but a youngster!
Alaena and I are spending some time at my sister's house, and unlike my house which is one level, Crystal has stairs. And the stairs draw Alaena like a beacon, saying "Climb me, Climb me!" So she flies towards the stairs oh about every second and a half.
I've said "NO!" about a million times. I've picked her up and carried her elsewhere. I've popped her hand and even her little backside. But still the stairs have a pull that seems to be unconquerable.
But what's worse is that the other day I pulled her away again and then turned around, and my sister said that Alaena gave me a look and mouthed toward me some undistinguishable baby talk.
So pretty much, she told me off in her little language I guess. And she's just one. Boy I've got some interesting times ahead of me. I just pray that I can keep from laughing while I'm trying to teach my little girl that it really is in her best interest to listen to me!!