Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Panty Fairy...God Bless Her

Okay, I know what you're probably thinking, but yes, that title said the panty fairy. See, my niece is potty training, well she is pretty much potty trained, but last week she had a bit of an accident.
My sister was at Walmart with my brother and my niece and nephew shopping for groceries. Well, my brother had gone off to another part of Walmart to get something when my niece informed my sister that she had to GO.
A search for my brother ensued since you can't take the buggy into the bathroom area at Walmart (what is up with that, don't they know people have little kids that are potty training) and my sister had a ton of stuff, so she needed my brother to stand with the buggy. She didn't find my brother before it was too late. My poor niece cried because she hates having accidents, though this one really wasn't her fault. Anyway, my sister lived just around the corner from Walmart, so they quickly bought the groceries and took my niece home.
My sister cleaned up my niece and was cleaning the panties and accidentally flushed them. You would have thought my niece had just lost a million dollars. She cried for an hour, screaming "The panties are NEVER coming back!". After all, it was a pair of Cinderella panties, a terrible loss to a two year old.
Well, my sister saw a pair of panties in the diaper bag just like the pair she'd flushed, so she pulled them out and said, "Look Raegan, the panty fairy cleaned your panties and put them back into the diaper bag." Fortunately my niece bought it, and she stopped crying. Thank God for the panty fairy!


aggiejenn said...

Seriously...what a girl that panty fairy is! Good thinking on your sister's part.

Susan said...

Oh my Gosh....how funny! Brilliant thinking on your sisters part!

Peggy said...

that is so cute! I would have never thought of that!

Angie said...

I bet she will remember this for teh rest of her life. What a sweetie! Pretty smart thinking!

GiBee said...

This story is STILL funny even after reading it! Wise sister!