Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Funny Things I've Seen Lately

1. I saw a woman who had to be at least my grandma's age wearing a RED LEATHER MINI SKIRT. I laughed out loud while I gagged!
2. I saw a guy riding a Harley in a 3-piece suit, complete with tie. It was a funny site.
3. I saw a sign that said, "HUGE LADIES RING SALE." I guess they're discriminating against all the skinny ladies.
4. I saw my cat chasing a ball around the living room and then right out the front door. When he realized that he wasn't inside anymore he abandoned his toy and ran as fast as he could back inside. He then stood in the bay window whining for his toy that was trapped out there in the scary outdoors. It was really funny.
5. I saw a car yesterday that had lots of bumper stickers. But they had two together that just made me bust out laughing. The top one said, "I Love my German Shepard" The one just below it said, "Pope Benedict XVI." So reading it all together it said, "I love my German Shepard Pope Benedict XVI." People really ought to pay more attention when they put these things on their cars! LOL!
6.I saw my niece prance in front of the screen door in only her panties while the Bell South guys were talking to her dad on the front porch. For some reason she has decided she hates all clothes besides her panties and strips down to them constantly!
7. I saw my nephew decide that he just didn't want to be in his high chair (which is one of those that hooks onto the table) So he figured out how to unstrap himself and climbed up onto the table. My sister now has two toddlers, this should be fun!
8. I saw my friend Ari ride up the road from her house to mine (a several mile trip) on a lawn mower. She said, "Just call me the water girl." Seriously I'm really glad that she let me borrow the mower since mine broke down, but it was a funny sight to see her riding that thing up the road!
9. I saw an episode of "Little House on the Prairie" where the bratty girl, Nancy, gets put into the dunking booth.
10. I saw one of my youth fall and knock over a shelf (this didn't seem funny at first, but she was fine, and I had already told her to stay off of the shelf several times!)
11. I saw my cousins Tracy and Will do the feet beat, a funny little dance where you throw your feet up in the air and slap them with your hands. I then saw my two year old niece attempt this dance. Let's just say that a two year old doesn't have much coordination which is needed for the feet beat. It was hilarious.
12. I saw a sign on my co-workers box 0f Mountain Dew's that said, "Stop stealing my drinks!" Apparently the cleaning crew has been stealing Mountain Dew's from him at night, and he's fighting back with a sign!!
13. I saw my cousin Christy's boyfriend Josh wearing my niece Raegan's green hat with a flower on it. It was him I tell ya!


Anonymous said...

Pounce! Ha ha! First!

Cool list. I'm a bumper sticker connesoor myself. (Sometimes it's just easier to spell phonetically than to look up the word)

And it's a sign of how sad my life is that I know the mean girl on Little House's name was Nelly, not Nancy. I need to get out more.

gail said...

That is so funny about your cat, I can just picture it! But our cats stay outside and I don't let them be in very often.

ribbiticus said...

haha! i like how you see things - really! my tt's up! ;)

Kelly Klepfer said...

Love the new look - BRIGHT - I should visit every morning - then I could cut down on coffee. : )

I also LOVE number 1. tee hee.

Carmen said...

my cat is scared of the outside, too!

Anonymous said...

wow! you made 2 list? i have a hard time coming up with 1 list every thursday! ",)

Jane said...

Very funny, especially the bumper stickers!!
I can't believe you keep up TWO blogs and do TWO T13's!!! Amazing.

Faerylandmom said...

HAHA! That is funny! Great TT!
Thanks for stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Those are hilarious! :D Thanks for the grins. :)

Thanks for stopping by. :)

Stacey said...

Too funny! You've seen some great stuff lately!!

Faith said...

Funny list!!!!!!! #1 is hilarious!! I didn't think anybody saw me though ! teheheh