Wednesday, September 13, 2006

So I Caught a Bouquet...Or Was the First to Get to It Anyway

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See that really pretty purple and white bouquet in that picture up there? It's the one I caught at my friend Leah's wedding. Well, I was the first to get to where it fell on the ground.

But I'm wondering if I should feel guilty about it. See, the second closest was a little girl. A little girl who probably would've loved to have a really pretty bouquet.

I just grabbed the bouquet unthinkingly, though. See, since I've been in three weddings this summer, I've been using the bouquets as pretty decorations in my house. Two of the weddings used real flowers which lasted a while, but this bouquet is something that I'd be able to keep, and it would stay pretty in the nice vase that I keep flowers in.

Believe me, I have no hopes that since I got the bouquet I'd be the next one married. I mean after all, I don't even have a boyfriend much less a fiance!!

So should I feel guilty that I got to the flowers first? Would you have given them up to the little girl?

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GiBee said...

No way Jose! A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do!

And don't you look all purty!

Is that the low cut dress? Cause I'm not seeing the lowness!

Kristen said...

Beautiful flowers. And you got to them first, right? In a little girls hands, they'd get destroyed. (believe me, i know....I have two little girls who love flowers....and love to rip them up!)

Dawn said...

That is such a beautiful picture. Oh and no got to them first :) I agree with the other poster, in a little girls hands they'd be destroyed...

Peggy said...

you should keep them! the little girl would tire of them soon but you will keep them and have a memory each time you look at them.