Monday, May 08, 2006

You Underestimate the Sneakiness

Well, Kelly was upset with me because Friday wasn't funny. I'll be sure in the future to share a funny story with my recipes. Actually though, her need for funniness (is that a word?) reminded me of a time I was grilling chicken with The Pinecones. Yes, with them even grilling chicken is an adventure. Well, maybe not the actual grilling, but the preparation.
So, there we were at the DuShane Cabin in Cosby, Tennessee (near Gatlinburg). It was time for dinner, and we had planned to grill out chicken. (The cabin was really nice and had a grill and all) The problem was this. What we had thought was a full bag of charcoal that had been left at the cabin had only about 5 pieces of charcoal and had been fluffed up to make it look like a full bag. The previous tenants had a joking nature apparently.
Well, Walmart was a good drive away, and Tracy and I really wanted to get started on supper preparations. So Scott came up with a brilliant plan. We could check out the cabin next door to see if they had charcoal. The cabin was vacant for the week, we'd already been told that, and it was owned by the same people we were renting from, so it didn't really matter.
So it was our mission impossible. Tracy pulled out the video camera. She had to get this down. The snuck through the trees to the cabin. Tracy remained hidden and tried to record Scott, but she lost sight of him for several minutes. Finally he came back, but he didn't have charcoal, just charcoal lighter fluid, which really didn't do us any good considering we didn't have charcoal, but he figured we'd need it once we got charcoal.
So, Scott and Will had to take a drive back down to the store at the bottom of the mountain anyway, but Tracy decided that she and Scott could definitely make great secret agents. (Making sure of course that they'd only be sneaking up on empty houses in the middle of the woods where the possibility of running into another person is like 1 in 1 million!)

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