Monday, May 01, 2006

My Family's Problem With Keys

I'm sure this problem isn't limited to our family. After all, someone invented those alarms to make your keys beep for a reason. But my family seems to have a chronic problem with losing keys.
The first time I remember this problem occurring was when I was but a youngster. My brother had taken a set of dad's keys. (He was probably about 2 at the time.) They weren't found for like 10 years. That's right 10 years. Ben had put them in a pair of boots in the very back of dad's closet. The boots had been moved and moved, but they'd never been worn. (I don't know why they weren't thrown away. Seems my family really likes to hold onto stuff too! Or maybe we just really love our shoes. Either way, we need to change the habit!)
So mom went into a rampage of cleaning one day. She was throwing stuff out left and right. She gets to this pair of boots and just happens to hear them jingle when she lifts them. She turns the jingling boot upside down and out falls the long-lost pair of keys. We all had a great laugh at that one.
Unfortunately, that's not our only incidence of lost keys. We had one just last night actually. It wasn't quite so lost as the set of keys that was lost for 10 years, but the key was a little more important. That's right "key." One key. One solitary key. Why it wasn't put on a keyring we don't know, but it wasn't, and we were up late last night searching for it. Finally we learned the hiding place of the key (At my brother's friend's house.) We were glad, but I'm really worried that the curse lives on. For right now I'm keeping my keys close by!
So what about you? Do you often lose your keys? If so, do you have a story about the worst time you ever lost them?


Peggy said...

Its not what you would call lost but I have a bad habit of walking out the door after locking it to realize the keys are inside on the counter. I have done this so often that hubby finally had extra keys made and hid them outside so I could get back in.

Tracy said...

When I was in college I lost my keys every day. I used to swing them around while I walked, then I would drop them without realizing it. Don't ask me how you can drop something and not know it, I guess I'm just a spaz. Once I dropped them in a big pile of snow in the parking lot and I didn't find them until a week later when the snow melted.

Dawn said...

I have left the house way to many times and had to call Patt to come unlock the door to let me get my keys out of the house. It's a joke where he works if I call in the a.m., I've locked myself out of the house:(

Christy said...

I don't really loose my keys, I just leave them in my car. So I usually know where mine are haha. Daddy is bad at loosing keys though. He lost his set to the Tahoe right after we got it. He found them in the swing outside about 2 weeks later haha. Love ya!

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

One time in college my sorority sister's boyfriend got her this key chain that whistles when you clap. She was always losing her keys and this was supposed to help her keep up with them.

I'm really not sure if it did.