Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Wednesday's Word

Today I am going to talk about one of my favorite words. This word is actually the name of a month. It's actually the month that will start tomorrow. Today's word is "June."

Actual meaning - the sixth month in the calendar year

Meaning to me - The month of my birthday

That's right. I have a birthday coming up. On the 25th of June. I have always said that I have the perfect birthday because I was born exactly six months from Christmas. It's perfectly spread out so no one can have any excuses about not buying me gifts because it's too close to a major holiday.
I will be 24 this year. Nothing really exciting happens at 24, but I'm gonna enjoy my birthday anyway. So anyway, that's my word for the day. I'm sure I'll do a really big post on the 25th (or sometime near there), but I really didn't know what to post about today.
Let me know what month you were born in. If you're a June baby, we can celebrate together!!


Faith said...

Happy birthday MONTH!!! I'm all about celebrating all month!
Mine is January 25th. Exactly ONE month after Christmas! It never caused any problems with gifts though, my family was very small - they had no choice! ;D

I thought about you all the way through NC on my way to and from VA. I kept wondering how far I might be from where you live!

Emily said...

NO WAY! my birthday is june 25th. seriously! way crazy. and one of my favorite things about having my birthday then is that our half birthday is christmas! lol.

small world, i tell ya.

Susan said...

Well, you should celebrate ALL MONTH like Faith said!

You'll be 24?

aggiejenn said...

Happy, Happy June! My birthday is in December...I know, pretty close to Christmas! My mom's bday is June 30. How cool that your 1/2 birthday is Christmas!

Peggy said...

Mine is in March but my oldest daughter's is June 30th