Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The Good Ole Days!

Okay, I'm only 23, (24 next month), so the "Ole Days" aren't so, so long ago, but I miss them none-the-less. You know the days where I was in kindergarden, and I had no responsibilities. Things like that!
But what this post is really about is "Galaga." What's that you may ask? Well, it's the best arcade game of all time. See, I'm not really into the games of today. They're either about sports or killing. And since I really don't watch a lot of sports on TV (except for Tarheel basketball) and I don't particularly like the idea of killing people, I don't go for the more modern games.
But "Galaga" is a great game. It's a space ship, and you shoot these bugs. (I know, there's shooting involved, but there isn't blood or gore or anything like today's games!)
Well, at Ham's they have an old arcade game with "Galaga" and "Donkey Kong" and "PacMan" and lots of other old school games! It's so much fun. It reminds me of when I was but a youngster, and my sister would play and play and play, and I'd never get a turn because she was so good! Now I'm better at it, and I can play and play and play!
How about you? Is there anything that you miss from your youth?


Overwhelmed! said...

Guess what, I love Galaga too and I've found a local pizza joint nearby that has this game inside!! I'm so exicted.

I miss the river that I used to live near. My siblings and I would walk the mile to the river, picking mulberries along the way, and then jump from the train track bridge into the river and swim! It was heavenly!

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Susan said...

I remember Galaga, I think. Do you remember Frogger? I LOVED that game!

Dawn said...

I didn't really get into the games, but I do remember them.

Let's see, my youth was so long ago, but I miss the summertime! Our neighbors had horses and we'd ride bareback to the creek and spend all day playing, then at night the fireflies would light the way home!

One Scrappy Gal said...

I'm 28 for the fifth time *cough* and I love those old arcade games too!! I also miss the cartoons from my youth!! The way cartoons look today...oog...the animation just isn't the same anymore. :(

Susan said...

I tagged you for a meme! :) Check out my site for details!