Thursday, May 11, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen of the Most Memorable Days of My Life

1. The day I was saved. The most important decision I ever made.

2. The day my mom and dad told me I was going to have a little brother. I don't remember every detail of this day because I was very young, but I remember mom, dad, Crystal, and my Grandma and Grandpa Smith being there. I also remember thinking, "What's so great about that?" I eventually learned!

3. My first day of kindergarden. I was really small for my age then, and this other little girl in my class who looked ginormous because she was like a foot taller than me picked me up. Kind of scary.

4. The first day I rode a roller coaster. I rode The Vortex at Carowinds. After that my addiction to them wouldn't be stopped.

5. The first day of my first job ever. I cried. Seriously, I worked at a food place, and they trained me on a Friday night. I got so much stuff wrong, and I was scared they'd fire me. They didn't, and I learned everything and got to the point I could handle Friday nights easily.

6. The day I went bobsledding in Schroon Lake, NY. I went on my Senior Trip. One of the funnest things I've ever done.

7. The day I had my appendix out. This wasn't the funnest day, but I remember it was a Sunday, and half my church came to see me after the morning service. My best friend Josh tried to make me laugh. I still haven't gotten him back for that. If you ever have to be cut open to have your appendix out, don't laugh, trust me!

8. The day of my high school graduation. Of course this was a pretty important day to me. I was the Salutatorian, and I had to make a speech. Where did that brain go?

9. The day I surrendered to God about His will for me to be a writer.

10. The day I swallowed a watch battery. Don't ask, just know that this was a very embarrassing day. And I'm thankful I didn't die!

11. The day that I had to have chiari decompression surgery (a surgery on my brain). Okay, well I only remember like half of this day because I was drugged for half of it, but I remember distinctly that my brother hugged me and wouldn't let me go and told me to come out of there. I also remember that it was at this point that I started crying...A LOT!

12. The day that my niece was born (January 28, 2004) and the day my nephew was born (August 5, 2005). I can't remember life without these two cuties!

13. The day my dad had to have chiari decompression surgery. God was so near to us that day!

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aggiejenn said...

Great list! I had my appendix out,'re right, don't laugh! (And, BTW, if you ever have to have a c-section, the same rule applies except it's worse) Have a great Thursday!

Carmen said...

i don't remember anything about my surgeries. I think the drugs they gave me killed those particular brain cells.

Peri said...

Hey what a neat TT,
I wish your tomorrows are as memorable as your yesterdays!!

Tess said...

thanks for sharing these with us! I agree about the day your nephew and niece were born, I will never forget holding my nephew 20 minutes after he was born.

My T13 are up

Chi said...

What a wonderful list...I am beginning to feel as I know you a little better now & believe we could be friends. *s*

Thank you for visiting my Tt today.

Joan said...

What days!! We remember crises and particular joys in so much more detail than we remember just regular days.

thanks for coming by my blog.

TNChick said...

I don't remember first day of K, rode a coaster, or some others... Thats great you can remember all that.

Leesa said...

Great list, so sweet :)

Mrs. Cranky Pants said...

Wow. Another great list.

Melanie Morales said...

You know, I never forgave my parents for bringing my brother home and never taking him back to wherever they got him - hehe. Just kidding! (some days anyway)

My list is up!

Shalee said...

Great list! I only had the c-sections, but it's the same all over I guess.

Thanks for visiting my TT.

YellowRose said...

Great list, and it's nice to remember the good days isn't it?

Happy Thursday, my TT is up!

Emily said...

yay roller coasters!!

ok, and the laughing after having an appendix taken out? OUCH! sounds horrible! my 13 are up, as well. :)

Reverberate58 said...

Great list of shares. Do you really like roller coasters? They scare me to death!!

Lauren said...

yeah, thanks for sharing...

My TT is up at

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Oh my goodness! Swallowing a watch battery! I'm so glad that you were okay. Itsn't it crazy how stuff seems to happen.

EmilyRoseJewel said...

Some good and tough memories there, I am with you on many of them-getting saved, births-my son was born on 8/5/2005-great day! and surrendering to God's will on particular things in my life. My list is up!