Tuesday, May 23, 2006

A Promised Story

Okay, I promised a funny story about being tied up in knots. So here goes.
Imagine 5 teenagers making a crazy movie. (Okay, yes, I admit it. I was one of these teens. It was fun, and it kept us from doing stupid things we shouldn't have been doing.)
Anyway, there we were with our video camera making our first ever movie. (Unfortunately my video camera was stolen, so we'll never see this movie again, and it could never be done again in quite the same way. You'll understand in a minute why.)
We had started the movie at Tracy's, but her dad got home and was ready to go to bed, so we had to move to another location. We recorded along the way, using the car scene as the "robber's getaway" with the duck statue that was supposedly "full of diamonds."
The next location was mine and Ben's garage. We made it a restraunt scene where the two eccentric (okay, crazy) old ladies confronted the robbers. See, the two ladies had tricked the robbers by switching the ducks, and the helped the policewoman (It was my friend Stacey, and she insisted on being called policeWOMAN) capture the robbers.
Okay, you're probably wondering how in the world this has to do with being tied up in knots. Well, when the two old ladies (yes, I was one of them) captured the dumb robber (there was one smart and one dumb, isn't that always how it is?) Anyway, when we captured the dumb one (played so well by my cousin Will), we acted like we were tying him up in a rope. Except Tracy was also tying herself up, and she tripped and fell on her butt. The next thing I know Will was pointing at her and going, "HA!!!"
So everytime I think of being tied up in knots, I think of that, and I laugh! Man, I wish I had that tape!!
Oh, and Aggiejenn, we used to play that game at church during youth. It was so much fun! I hope you enjoyed my funny story and don't now think I'm too weird!! LOL! Have a good Tuesday!

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