Thursday, May 25, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Reason I Like Taylor Hicks, and I'm glad he won American Idol.
1. He's original. They've never had an Idol Winner like him before.
2. He makes every song his own. He doesn't just mimic what others have done.
3. He stayed true to himself and wouldn't let them die his hair.
4. I think he's cute.
6. He says, "Whoo!" when he gets excited! I just think its funny!
7. He has original dance moves.
8. He seems genuine.
9. He sang a lot of my favorite songs on the show.
10. I know this is mean, but I just didn't like Katherine, so that's one reason I'm glad Taylor won!
11. He isn't afraid to wear crazy outfits (like the jacket Simon called hideous on Tuesday night.)
12. He's from the south! We southerners rock!
13. He's the reason for the SOUL PATROL!!
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Shalee said...


I just can't comment too much on this one as I don't even know who Taylor Hicks is...

But I will definitely support number 12!

My TT is up, as well.

Susan said...

HEY! You changed your picture. I like!

My TT is up.

Carmen said...

It's not mean. I didn't really like Kat (her singing. nothing personal). I'm glad Taylor won. I'll admit, I think he's kinda cute with his hair and his wacky dances. :)

Simon said...
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aggiejenn said...

Too funny! I'm also a big fan of #12! (Don't tell my hubby...he's NOT from the south. But don't hold it against him!!)

Addie said...

I missed this season, but from the sounds coming from blogworld...I missed a good one! Great TT!

My TT is up.

Christy said...

Okay, I just published my thirteen and then decided to check out your thirteen, and it's practically the same!!! This is twice! Hahaha. Love ya!

Mrs. Cranky Pants said...

Another Taylor fan here.

Lauren said...

Yeah I'm happy he won too. thanks for visiting my TT at

Jessica said...

I am glad Taylor won too! :)

I think this is my first time of visiting your blog. Feel free to stop by my blog and to post a comment you'll need to register (on the right side of the page) first then click Leave Your Comment next to any blog entry and then Post A Reply in the box that comes up.

I hope to visit your blog again soon! :)

janice said...

i agree with a lot of those... but not quite all of them...

I was so happy he won though - it is very cool!!

praynlady said...

I (cringing face up) do not watch American Idol. However, (typing really fast to keep you from deleting this), chose Taylor from the beginning! I was truly happy when he won!

ps. My TT is up!

pss how do you do the link?

Angie said...

I LOVE TAYLOR...LOVE HIM! He is so cute and I am so glad that he won. I liked Kat too, but not as much. Taylor is just unique!
I am totally a southern girl too!

GiBee said...

Thirteen whole things about Taylor Hicks! Whoo!

musicalrose123 said...

Hi, what colour did they try to dye his hair?! Could you link me? My blog is I'll add you to mine too :)
Hollivander x