Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Wednesday's Word

Okay, I'm gonna start something today and try to keep it up on Wednesday's. I'm gonna pick a word that I like the sound of and explain it!

Today's word is "jingle-jangle."

Actual definition:
1. make a sound typical of metallic objects

Meaning as told to me:
1. The evilness of any music that has drums (apparently the metallic object)

I never knew that "jingle-jangle" was an actual word until I decided to look it up in the dictionary. I always thought it was just the way that a little old woman that I knew described any kind of music she didn't like (which was anything faster than the song "Amazing Grace.")
She was actually a good Christian woman, but she was closing in on 90 and set in her ways. And her ways made no room for drums.
No, her instrument of choice was an accordian. As a young girl, I learned to hate the accordian. I never understood it. Plus, I figured if she was going to give me evil looks for clapping my hands to the beat of a song, I was not going to enjoy her accordian.
Of course that was a very wrong attitude, and as I grew older, I came to understand her more, and I grew to respect her strong stand for the Lord. But I never did take on her opinion of "jingle-jangle" music! (And I didn't mind it too much when she laid her accordian down either!)


HolyMama! said...

make a joyful noise unto the Lord, Heather, and jingle jangle away!!

Pam in Colorado said...

That is too funny. Glad you outgrew your "narrow mindedness" too bad she did not. But hey, if you make it to 90, perhaps you have some wisdom we should at least ponder! ;)

I hope that did not sound rude. I actually truly appreciate our elderly population. That is where our history and so much wisdom lies. So many stories going untold. So many lives becoming "invisible" in our seperating, hurry-up world.