Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Tuesday's Treasure!

Okay Faith over at Faithful Mommy started something called Tuesday's Treasure last week. I'm gonna join in with her on this one because I loved the idea. Too often we forget to be thankful for the small things in life! If you want to join in, just post a picture of something you treasure (not the expensive things, the priceless things!)

This picture is one I've always treasured. This is a shot of my Great Grandma Apple and her "special friend" Hurley. They are both in heaven now, but the both brought a lot of smiles to my face before they passed away.
Hurley was a widower, and my Grandma was a widow. They developed an attachment that everyone thought was the cutest thing. He drove almost 'til the end, and he would drive his little red car over to her house, and they'd go on "dates." They'd go to the church softball games or out to the cafeteria. It was just adorable.
The sweetest thing was when Hurley first approached Grandma to let her know he wanted to be friends. He came to her house and serenaded her. He played his guitar and sang. "You Are My Sunshine."
Everytime I hear that song I smile and think of Grandma and Hurley. It makes me a little sad because I miss them both so much. But I know that one day I'll see them again. And heaven just seems a little sweeter to me because they are both there!


Susan said...

That is a nice post! I don't have a digital camera or I would be posting away on the Tuesday Treasure!

Glad you have good memories of your Grandma and her "special friend".

:) Susan

Peggy said...

that is so precious!

owlhaven said...

Great pix!
Mary, mom to 8

Miss Tresninos said...

That really is a sweet treasure. What a nice story behind their relationship too.

Faith said...

I love your treasure. NOW, I will think of them when I hear You are my sunshine.
Thanks for sharing. I'm loving this!o

stacey said...

That is so sweet. I'm glad that you are blessed to have those precious memories of loved ones.

Addie said...

How CUTE are they!!! You are my sunshine is one of my personal favorites! My daughters know two of the verses by heart.

They both sound awesome!

Kim from Hiraeth said...

What a wonderful picture and a wonderful memory.

I have three boys and each one of them has a special song that I sang to them at bedtime. My middle son's song was You are My Sunshine.

Thanks for sharing your treasure and in turn, reminding me of one of mine!