Thursday, March 30, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

****A short note before we hit the 13. Dad's surgery tomorrow has been moved up to 7:30 AM. Please keep him and all of us in your prayers if you would. Thank you so much! Now to the 13...

Thirteen Things I Do When I'm Nervous

1. I bite my left thumbnail (I hate to bite my nails, but when I'm nervous it's like I unconsciously do it)

2. I chew on the inside of my lip. (This is apparently a family trait. We all do it)

3. I can't sit still (Normally I have no problems with this, but when I'm nervous, I can't get comfortable)

4. I blink a lot, and my eyes tear up (This is when I'm exceptionally nervous)

5. I yawn (My body's natural defense to keep me from crying)

6. I forget normal things (It's like I suddenly forget everything I've learned for 23 years, very annoying)

7. I hum or sing (I sing a lot anyway, so this is something comforting to me)

8. I call a friend (Somehow hearing a familiar voice makes me feel better)

9. I pray (This should be the first thing I do, but often I try to handle things on my own first, from what you've read above, you should know by now that it doesn't work very well!)

10. I read my Bible (God has so many promises of peace, again what I should do first, but I'm very hardheaded at times)

11. I watch something funny on TV or a DVD (Laughing about something meaningless tends to make me feel better)

12. I walk outside (I live in the country and sometimes just walking outside and seeing everything beautiful God has made makes me feel much better)

13. I put one hand in the air and dance (I've talked about this before, but seriously it's a great way to get your mind off of things!)

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TNChick said...

I love to do #12 - we're country too and county walks are soo relaxing. LOL @ #13!

I will pray for your Dad. I wish the best and hope all goes well, as planned.

Susan said...

Cute list! My TT are up!

Lord Swayne said...

Nice list. Usually I turn bright red and begin to sweat a little when I get nervous, plus I get butterflies in my stomach. Weird, ain't it.

Anyways, my TT is up here

Carmen said...

I hum myself when I'm nervous. Makes people laugh. ha.

My list is up
cswahoos94: just got a message from marcia. she says that in yesterdays meeting, i was assigned an action item to update the content inventory. Is that the case? Just wondering, cuz that's a big job, and it's going to be very time consuming. It took me several months to do it the first time, and that was when I was new and things weren't busy. Wondering if it's something I should work on, or maybe something Crystal can help with, or what?

Mama B said...

I hate it when i get nervous...I feel like crying!!!

Sheri said...

Hand in the air and dance around huh? I haven't tried that one. I guess I Like to stick with completely totally freaking out and giving myself ulcers.

Oh yeah, and my 13 are up.

Karin said...

#13 made me laugh! I might have to try that sometime. ;)