Friday, March 17, 2006

Aren't the Walls Pretty

My Bible Study group met last night at my friend Stacey's house. Now Stacey has a little girl who is almost three years old. My sister is also in my Bible Study group, and her daughter is two years old.
Let me tell you something. When a 2 year old and a 3 year old get quiet, it isn't good. Here's why.
When they are quiet it's because they don't want you to know what they're doing!
For instance, my niece, Raegan, and Stacey's daughter, Mikayla, were running around the house last night dragging out toys in their usual noisy way. Stacey's mom and dad were there, and they were kind of chasing them around.
We got involved in Bible study and Raegan and Mikayla went to play in Mikayla's room.
That's where the problem started. They were out of sight. The lesson was pretty short, so after about thirty minutes or so, we were done discussing, and we had prayed. My friend Ari then went in search of Raegan.
She peeked her head into Mikayla's room and said, "Raegan?"
Raegan peeked her head out of Mikayla's playhouse and said, "What?"
The two girls were caught. See, Raegan and Mikayla were both covered with Cortaid. They had gone into a drawer and pulled it out.
They then decided to "paint" the walls of the playhouse with the Cortaid!
Mikayla said, "Aren't the walls pretty?"
We couldn't help but laugh. Especially when Raegan lifted up her shirt and told Mikayla, "On my belly." Then Mikayla preceded to rub some on my niece's belly. This was the sight that Crystal and Stacey came up on!
I don't think they found it quite as humorous, but hey, they'll get to laugh at the crazy things my kids do someday!


Susan said...

What a cute little post! It made me laugh out loud!


Faith said...

Kids are fast . AND sneaky.