Thursday, March 09, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Things about Heather
Thirteens things about myself.

1. I love Jesus more than life itself.

2. I am short. The second shortest in my family actually. I am not a midget. There's nothing wrong with midgets, but I'm above the legal height of a midget, so I'm not a midget, despite what Will and Scott may tell you.

3. I have freakishly small hands. I don't know where they came from, but they are seriously small. They fit inside the mittens that some four year olds drew at a local daycare.

4. I love to sing. Anywhere, anytime, anyplace!! I travel and sing with my family. My daddy is my singing hero!

5. I have a "brunette brain" This may not seem unusual to you, but in our group, they are scarce!! Christy is my brunette buddy!

6. Most of my closest friends are somehow related me, and some soon will be because they're marrying into the family. See everybody wants to be in my family!!

7. I love to write! Songs, novels, devotions, whatever! My goal is to be published one day!

8. I went on a plane for the first time last year. I loved it, and I can't wait to fly again. I also would like to skydive at some point in my life.

9. My niece calls me Hedder, and I think I'll cry when she says my name right! My dad calls me Snoot, and he's about the only one who gets by with it!

10. I love roller coasters, and I hold a season pass to all Paramount's Parks. (I'd have Six Flags and Disney too if they were closer!)

11. I didn't go to college, but I managed to land a really good job (despite the fact that I complain at times!) I thank God for this!

12. I hate to shop. Don't ask why. I know I'm weird! I think somehow my brother and I got mixed up on that one because he loves to shop, but fortunately he spends the money and I don't!

13. Between my mom and I, we could start our own movie rental place because we have an addiction to buying movies (okay, so I guess I don't hate all shopping, just the kind where you actually have to go into a store and stand in long lines and deal with rude service people!)

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Susan said...

Cool list! My TT are up!

Karen said...

Yay! Another writer!

And I adore roller coasters! The more twists and turns the better!

Mine are up.

Dawn said...

You're not alone! I don't like to shop either. Get me in the store and out as quickly as possible....

Mine are up!

Chickadee said...

Hedder is cute. I hope that even when she learns to say your name correctly, she'll still call you Hedder.

I don't enjoy shopping much either. Don't know why, especially since I loved shopping when I was younger.

My 13 are up.

Ardice said...

I hate shopping too, I go on off hours to avoid the crowds. Great list. It was nice getting to know you a bit better. Thanks for stopping by my TT. Have a wonderful Thursday. Be Well..

Addie said...

What a great list. Especially #1!

I'm a singer and love writing too!

My SIL always misses the names that my girls have called her. They've both been different and both adorable. We're just waiting to see what the baby will call her.

I'd agree that only a Daddy can say 'snoot' and be endearing! You sound like you have a fabulous family. :-)

K T Cat said...

I love Jesus, too. As a part of the feline Theocracy, I offer salvation and tuna. Check out the entry "The Mask has Fallen" at my blog. :-)

Sorry for the vanity comment. Here's my 13.

Reverberate58 said...

I love to shop but only when I have money. Then I prefer to shop on line. I like the thrill of Ebay but hubby has banned me from the sight!!
Great TT.

Mine is up.

FrogLegs said...

Good list! And I HATE to shop too-- unless it's for scrapping stuff!It's my first time here! Mine are up

stacey said...

I'm with you on #s 1 and 13. Love Jesus and movies. My list is up.

Amanda said...

I am scared to death to fly! I think my hubby would have to knocl me out and drag me on to a plane! Great list and thanks for commenting on mine!

Katherine said...

I love roller coasters, too! That's so wonderful your friends are your relatives, too. Thanks for stopping by my TT today!

Katherine said...

I love roller coasters, too! That's so wonderful your friends are your relatives, too. Thanks for stopping by my TT today!

Elle said...

You want to sky dive?? Nooo!!! That's just too scarey.

Elle x

HolyMama! said...

Hedder? That's pretty cute. My sister got upset when one of my kids stopped using her aunt name, and just started using her real name too.