Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thursday Thirteen

Thirteen Places I Want To See In My Lifetime

1. Australia

2. Scotland

3. Alaska (the Northern Lights)

4. Switzerland

5. Hawaii

6. England

7. Hong Kong

8. Iceland

9. Bahamas

10. Italy

11. The Amazon (no, I'm not going to canoe down the Amazon)

12. Israel

13. Canada

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Susan said...

Great List! Maybe I will do that one next week. :)

My TT are up!

Jane said...

I hope you get to every one of these places.

My list is up.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you on all of those. One of these days, I will go someplace other than home and the office!

thanks for stopping by!

Lingerie Lady said...

It seems like everyone is into wanting to be somewhere else today. I think I have seen four TTs on the same subject. :)

My Thursday Thirteen are up.

Kelly said...

Yes yes to all of those!

Happy Thursday!
Mine are up.
Diary of the Nello

Ardice said...

I want to go to Alaska too but right now I'd give anything to be laying on a beah in the Bahamas. Thanks for stopping by my TT. Have a wonderful day :)

Lord Swayne said...

Good list. You know, I was asked why I would want to go to Alaska. I said, "Because it's cool." Ha ha.

Mine are up here

Kimmy said...

I hope you get to see every one. I'd like to go, too!

My 13 are up!

Emily said...

i vote for anywhere warm and sunny!! please hurry Spring!
thanks for visiting my 13!

Master Enigma said...

I think travel is so much fun. I loved your list. Made me want to get out on the road.

My 13 is busy researching travelocity right now at

Sheri said...

Great list! I know where is...I could drive up there and tell everyone I've been to the Amazon and maybe get away with it...hmmm...

Mine are up!

YellowRose said...

Just got back from #9....beautiful! I would love to see #'s 2,3,4, & 10 myself!!

My TT is up!

Carmen said...

Lots of people doing the travel thing today. We must all be REALLY tired of winter. :)

My travel list

Titanium said...

Hope you get to see all those places. I have travel plans/dreams too! :)

Mama Kelly said...

great list --- seems your feet are itchin'

my 13 is up

Christy said...

Hey, I want to go to all of those places too!!! Haha. Oh yeah, I got my own blog on here now too. Check it out, it's just random stuff from my brain lol. Love ya!