Monday, March 27, 2006

Baby Headbanger

My nephew Trace has decided that he will not be outdone. I've told you before about my niece Raegan's dance moves. If music is playing the girl is moving. Well, Trace has decided that he wants part of the limelight.
His dance move? Headbanging. He is shockingly good at keeping time with the music. He stands there on his wobbly feet and shakes his head to the music. Raegan has even noticed her brother's newfound love for dance and has started holding his hands and dancing with him. (Though this may be a ploy to turn the attention back to herself!)
It's really cute though. I guess music is just in my family's blood. I just pray they can sing as well (okay better) than they can dance!


Faith said...

Too cute. I love to watch my little man and my grandsons dance. IT WILL CRACK YOU UP!

owlhaven said...

Headbanging-- ouch!


Christy said...

Haha, it was so funny to watch him! But he was doing more than headbanging, he was moving his feet to lol.
By the way, we need to get together so you can show me how to use this blogger thing haha.
Love ya!

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

Super Cute! Aren't nieces & nephews great--yours sound just adorable. Aren't chi's the best dogs! I'm always glad to meet another chihuahua mommy.