Monday, March 20, 2006

Prayer Request

I don't have a lot of extra time this morning for a post, but I wanted to put a prayer request out here for my dad. He sees the neurosurgeon today at 2:00 Eastern Time.
If you don't mind, please pray that God will grant the surgeon wisdom to know what to do about dad's situation. Also please pray that God will grant us all peace to handle whatever may come next.
Thanks, and if you have a situation that you need prayer for, please feel free to leave a comment, and I'll be glad to add you to my prayer list.

Dad saw the neurosurgeon, and surgery is planned for Friday, March 31. His surgeon thought it would be wise to do surgery sooner rather than later. He has a good deal of pressure on his brain, and he will possibly need a shunt. Please continue to keep him in your prayers, and if you'd make a note to pray for him first thing on the 31st I'd appreciate it. His name is Benny Smith!!
Thanks for the prayers. I know that we serve a mighty God who loves us and hears our prayers. He brought me through this same type of surgery, and I'm trusting Him for my dad as well!


Peggy said...

Heather prayers going up and good thought heading out.

Faith said...

Heather, He is on my prayer list and I will tell my hubby to add him to his as well. Extra prayers will be lifted on the 31st.