Monday, March 06, 2006

She's At it Again

Okay, remember my cousin Tracy, (AKA T-Ray, the white rapper girl)? Well, she's at it again. This weekend she informed us, that she needs to get "gear."
"What is 'gear'?" you may ask. Don't worry. I had to ask too! Apparently "gear" is what she will have as "rapper wear."
See, she has a new goal. She wants to be the very first white rapper girl "Idol." But she thinks that her preppy clothes won't be convincing as a rapper.
However, she has a dilemna. "Gear" is expensive. Oh well, I guess that dream has gone down the drain! Unless of course she picks up a sponsor! (But if they hear her rap, that won't happen!)
So don't worry. You won't have to be listening to a white girl with little rhythm in the next season of "American Idol."
If you won't to hear her, I guess you could send a pair of baggy pants and a hoody to McLeansville for her, oh, and maybe some sneakers with no laces! But trust me, although that Chris guy on "American Idol" is from there, not every person from McLeansville has musical talent!!!

1 comment:

Tracy said...

McLeansville is a fountain of undiscovered talent. One day I will turn the The Great Steaks Market into my recording studio, and I will let eveyone from my town record a demo for free, but all the rockingham county people will have to pay 3 million dolllars.