Friday, March 10, 2006

Don't Touch My Butt!

Okay, the title isn't something I said. (Though I'm not inviting people to touch my butt.) It's something my niece said. And it's not just something she said at home. She said it in the middle of church the other night. Funny as it was, it was a pretty inopportune time for her to say it, and her mom didn't appreciate it. And I can't go against my sister's parenting skills, but as soon as my niece was escorted from the church, I busted out laughing!
I also felt pretty guilty. See it was kind of my fault!! She was standing in the pew, dancing to the music, facing the back of the church. I stuck out my arm to make sure she didn't fall off the pew. You guessed it, my arm touched her butt, and she didn't like it too much! Hence she tells me, "Don't touch my butt!"
Or maybe it's her daddy's fault. He's probably training her early to keep all the bad guys away! Whatever it was, it was funny.
Have any of you got stories of funny things that happened in not so perfect places?

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Pam in Colorado said...

Hi, it's Pam again. Here's my not so funny at the moment story. Okay, I'll share two.

1. I have had acne of different sorts since I was a young teen. When my second child was about 3, I was in the grocery store with him and his older sister who was almost 6. There was this little girl standing in an aisle staring at me. I smiled and said hello. She smiled in return and asked me if I had chicken pox?. To say the least I was embarrassed, but was able to see the humor in it. I wonder if she or someone she knew just went through it?

2. My above said son said something in a store when he was about 4 (he is now 14). I was shopping for personal items when he shouted out "Mom, do you need any toopons?"

Thankfully that sounds like coupons, but he meant tampons.

I was thankful that at the time he had a speech impediment and it made it a funny thing. No one else figured it out (except his sister, who didn't give it away.)