Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Tuesday's Treasure!

Well, today's treasure isn't something I can put a picture of, but its precious to me none-the-less. The treasure is the memory of my dad singing silly songs. We'd be travelling on a long trip, and my dad would break into, "Jeremiah Was a Bullfrog" or "Don't Worry, Be Happy" or "Great, Green Gobs of Greasy, Grimy Gopher Guts." (My mom's all-time favorite!!)
It was hilarious. Now my dad has an awesome singing voice, and I've heard him sing thousands of songs over the years, and all of those memories are special to me. But there's just something about the thought of my dad singing those silly songs to us. Why? I guess because he sang them just to see us smile. He'd do anything to see us smile. That means more to me than I can tell you!
So make someone smile today. You never know what it will mean to them!!


Kim from Hiraeth said...

My dad sang goofy songs to us, too. I blogged about it on the anniversary of his birthday last year on my blog (Dec 7th if you want to read it--you can find it in the archives of my old blog)

The song he sang to us was the Chipmunks "OO EE OO Ah Ah, Ting Tang Walla Walla Bing Bang"

Thanks for the smile this morning!

eph2810 said...

Oh, how wonderful. Thank you for sharing. Yeah - my dad was kind of like that - he was a person who wanted everyone to smile like he did.

Faith said...

How funny! What a cool memory/treasure. Thanks for sharing.

Carol said...

Awww....I love that! My dad sang like he was Hank Williams with too-tight skivvies. I loved to hear it because it really came from his heart. The last song I ever heard him sing was Amazing Grace.

There's just something about hearing a man you love sing!

Dawn said...

What a sweet memory. I don't think I've ever heard my dad sing...don't think I want to either, but I think that is so sweet!

Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

That's so sweet. Your dad sounds like an incredible person.

Kelly Klepfer said...

ummm. Nice sentiment.

I recall the hilarious car trips because of the fighting in the back seat and the very creative threats from the front.

That may splain a few things about me, eh?

Christy said...

I think he should give us a mini concert at church with these silly songs! haha. I know Raegan would like it! Love ya!