Monday, April 03, 2006

I've Only Played for a Week

Well, like I said, dad came through his surgery fine. But even with a successful surgery, a family spends a good deal of time in the waiting room, especially when the patient is in ICU, and the number of visitors is limited to two at a time. So me, my sister, and my brother spent lots of hours in the waiting room while mom took one friend or another back to see dad.
Fortunately, we have good friends who were willing to sit with us and help us pass the time. Most of our time was passed by playing Rook, one of my favorite card games. Now, my brother Ben doesn't play Rook because he never really could grasp the concept, and he's not much for sitting still for any period of time, so it was me, my friend Melissa, and my sister Crystal who wanted to play, but we really needed a fourth. There just so happened to be a kid in the waiting room whose ears perked up when we said "Rook," and he asked to play with us.
Now the kid was only 12, so my sister partnered him up with me (of course) She said it was because Melissa was just learning, and the kid was just 12, so it wouldn't be fair for us to be together on a team against novices. But I knew it was really that she thought she'd be able to beat me because she put me with the kid.
She was WRONG!
This kid was good. He knew when to throw the right cards and when not to. Pretty much we stomped Crystal and Melissa into the ground (250 to -140) I'm not bragging, I just thought it was funny!
The funniest part was when Melissa said, "Well, I just learned today, so I'm just a novice. That's why we lost."
The kid turned to her and said, "I've only played for a week!"
After that the Rook cards were put away, and no one mentioned playing again. I guess losing to a smart-mouthed 12 year old makes you lose the desire to play Rook!


Pink Chihuahua Princess said...

That's funny. I used to play Rook all the time in college. Its a fun game. I'm glad that things are going well.

TNChick said...

I haven't played Rook in a long long time. We like to play Phase 10. It's a long game... but fun. Atleast you had a way to pass time. This time last year I was sittin' in the waitin' room while my Papa (grandfather) was in the ICU and we all had to take turns. His 4 kids, myself & family and my brother. I didn't have any cards as I drove in from an 8 hour drive to be there (we weren't in TN at that time) and it was just us, Kristy Kreme's and my kids to keep us busy.