Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I Am From...

I saw this at Susan's site and I couldn't resist trying my own hand at it. It's a great little excercise. You can check out how to do your own at Fragments of Floyd. Hope you enjoy...

I am from porch swings, from Kool-aid and Kraft Macaroni.
I am from the green, growing fields and great fishing ponds.
I am from the tall pine trees, the solid oaks.
I am from Bible reading and dark hair and shortness, from Grandma Smith's temperment and Grandpa Smith's sermons and travelling to sing with Heavenly Vision (my family's group).
I am from the singing and writing.
From hearing you aren't too old for your wants to hurt and I love you's every night.
I am from an indpendent Baptist Church where Grandpa wasn't afraid to tell it like it was.

I'm from the Piedmont of North Carolina. From Mom's broccoli casserole and Grandma Smith's Biscuits.
From the times Ben, Crystal and I couldn't wait to leave our room on Christmas morning, or the times we spent boring hours going through Cade's Cove while blaring Gospel music, and the times I've spent dancing with my niece and nephew.
I am from lots of pictures displayed on the walls of our house and tons more pictures stored in digital cameras.

That's where I come from.


Susan said...

I LOVED this Heather. You did a great job! :)

Michelle said...

Great job! I did one on my website as well and linked to you.