Monday, April 17, 2006

A Little Traffic Jam Fun

Well, I hope everyone had a great Easter! I did (for more info on the awesome Easter service we had yesterday morning at my church check out my devo site!)
Anyway, I had a lot of fun times this weekend, both in and out of church! As I said Friday, I went to Carowinds. Lots of fun. I went with my brother, his fiance, and my cousin Tracy (yeah, the one who thinks she's a rapper, this made for a lot of laughs!!)
We rode all the roller coasters and all that and had a great time. But the most laughs we had were actually on the way to Carowinds. If you don't understand this, you've never ridden anywhere with my brother. He can actually make traffic seem fun.
Well of course with it being Easter weekend, there was bound to be a wreck on 85 South. So we're sitting here (admittedly a bit impatient to get to Carowinds), then my brother decides to make the people in every car around us smile. As we're slowly rolling past car after car, he leans out the window and says, "A little traffic jam fun. I'm thinking of a number between 1 and 100, what is it?"
Now this may sound crazy to you. Believe me, I was ducking in the backseat at first out of embarrassment. But you know what. Every person he asked started smiling. And all of us were laughing our heads off. So the next time you find yourself a bit perturbed at stalled traffic, lean your head out the window and ask the perturbed person beside you what number you're thinking of.

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Jane said...

What a great idea.....when presented with lemons, make lemonade. Glad you had a great Easter, so did I.
Now, you have been tagged. Go to my blog for the details.