Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Weebles Wobble, People Too

A few posts ago I did one of those MEME things, and I mentioned weebles. My niece has this obsession with weebles. Tracy seems to think she inherited it for us because we used to fight over them. Who knows, she could be right. I don't remember this fight, but apparently Tracy threw a weeble at my head. Maybe thats why I don't remember!
Anyway, weebles have come back to the limelight, and they are all the rage for toddlers. When I had weebles they didn't have all the cool little villages and treehouses. They pretty much wobbled, and maybe there was a car or something.
But my niece has a tree house with a weeble ferris wheel. It's too cool.
But the most hilarious is the weebles DVD's. My niece loves them. There's a song called "Weebles Wobble" at the beginning of them. (Which of course is updated from the boring, "Weebles wobble but they don't fall down" line of my day)
Anyway its this upbeat song which the weebles do a wobbly dance to.
My niece has learned this dance, and she stands in front of the TV and wobbles back and forth. Its absolutely hilarious.
But the funny thing is that we adults have started it. It's like we're hypnotized. Every time the weeble song comes on, we wobble back and forth. You can't hear the song and not wobble. I think its a weeble conspiracy.
Anyway, are there crazy things that you do that you can't help doing in spite of how crazy you look doing it?


Faith said...

Oh yeah! Like when someone is standing up and rocking their baby and all of a sudden EVERYBODY is swaying to and fro. ;D I find myself doing this about 20 times a day at my studio.

Peggy said...

Maggie (34yr.old) was obsessed with wee woobles when she was young. Thats all she ever wanted and cried for them whenever we were shopping. One day she decided to pocket one and when I saw her with it in the car we turned around and she had to take it back ask for the manager, and tell him what she did and give it back. She was 4 yrs old then and still remembers it to this day and tells her children this story about it being her first and last stealing episode. 2 yrs ago I bought her a wee wobble treehouse for chirstmas! thanks for bringing back a memory.

Susan said...

I can relate with Faith. A girl here has a little one and anytime she's rocking her, every woman in this office rocks! It's fun to watch! :)