Friday, February 10, 2006

Dead Deer, Egos, and Waiting

Disclaimer: I am not man-bashing. I am simply stating my confusion about some things that men do. Trying to gain some understanding. If you are a man, and you understand these things, please shed some light!
We had a big discussion last night after Bible study about the differences between men and women. No matter how hard we may try, I don't think women will ever completely understand men. And I know men won't understand us.
I mean how could people who do such gross things understand us?
For example one of my best friends, Ari, was talking about something her fiance, Will, and my brother, Ben, had done in their younger days. They took a dead deer and stood it up in the middle of an old dirt road. She just couldn't understand why they would do something so disgusting.
I'm having a hard time grasping it myself.
Then my cousin, Tracy, started talking about a guy she likes. When he heard that she liked him his words were, "I thought she did."
Now she did nothing to broadcast this. She didn't send out the "I love you" vibe or anything. I mean how do they know? Or do they just assume that every woman who walks the planet is in love with them?
His next line was one of non-chalance, "We'll see how it goes." Well, what in the world does that mean?
Why can't guys say what they mean at the right times? And why do they say exactly what they mean at the wrong times?
As long as feelings aren't involved they speak right up. But put something emotional in the mix, and you've never seen a more quiet man.
Oh well, I guess it'd be pretty boring if we didn't have them. Plus, who would take out the trash?

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Kelly Klepfer said...

Ha - had to comment Heather.
Males and females are wired differently from birth.

One day, my son found a dead garden snake. I happened upon him as he was prying it's mouth open!!


I stated that reaction.

He said. "Mom, just don't watch."

That pretty much sums it up.