Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Norm the Gnome

Peggy, over at Hidden Haven had this idea to send around a little gnome named Norm to several of her friends. We're all to take pictures of him around our house and our towns so that people can see a little bit more about where we all live.
Well, Norm has spent three days in Ruffin. Here's a few pics of what he's seen so far.
First off, Norm received a rousing welcome from a dog friend.

Here's a picture of Norm with my real dogs. Princess (the lightest one), Peanut (the tan one and the only boy!) and Lexi (the black one!)

More pics to come of Norm's adventures! Including pics from Valentine's Day!


Nicole said...

I love your blog.. I can't wait until Norman gets to me... (giggle) it's so much fun!

Peggy said...

Behave yourself Norm and don't forget to say thank you cause it looks like you are really having fun.

Tracy said...

Hey, when are we going to take Norman to the Gibsonville Caboose? I think he really wants to see it!

ms*robyn said...

ooh, Norman wil be the most well travelled gnome in the world! hope his passport is getting stamped each time he visits somewhere!