Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Children, Wedding Boutiques and Scary Bathrooms!

Last night I had the pleasure of going shopping with two of my best friends from high school. It was a lot of fun. The goal behind the shopping trip was to help my friend who is getting married in September pick out bridesmaid's gowns. (Thank God she has good taste!)
So we went from shop to shop, looking at tons of satin and chiffon dresses. Some of the dresses weren't so pricey, but there were some that I was afraid to touch.
Which brings me to the funny part of the story. On the door to the last "boutique" we visited was a big sign that said, "Parents, please watch your children."
See, I always thought that was a given. That's what parents are supposed to do. I mean especially in a store like that. I probably wouldn't even take a child there, but if I did, I would hold their hand the entire time. Maybe I had an overprotective mom, but she certainly never had to read a sign on the door to be reminded that she needed to watch me. It was pretty much a no-brainer.
After we left the shop, we went down the road to a Chick-Fila. I went into the restroom and ran into a parent who didn't need to be reminded to watch her child. The little girl was upset because she thought the bathroom was scary, and she didn't want to use the potty anymore. The mother was trying to reassure her that it was just like any other bathroom.
It gave me a good feeling that all parents out there aren't idiots who need to be reminded to watch their children.
How about any of you. Have you seen warnings or reminders that anyone with common sense should know?


Faith said...

I see all sorts at my studio. Moms seem oblivious to their children destroying the place. Some even bring the kids lunch to spread all over the place. It amazes me everytime.

HolyMama! said...

i don't think this is what you mean, but it's what came to mind. Back in the 80s and the land of the Big Bangs, when I got my first curling iron i was soooo excited that i read all the instructions that came with it. It read, "Do not operate while sleeping."
Huh. So I didn't.

Tracy said...

When I bought an iron for the first time there was a warning that said, "Do not iron clothes on body." Wow. I am glad they told me or I may have scorched my arm off.